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Match Thread: India Vs Hong Kong | 4th Match| Group A, Asia Cup at Dubai | Sep 18 2018

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2 minutes ago, Adorable Fan said:

Love the aggressive fast bowler attitude of Khaleel. But looks too fragile. Need to put on some pounds. Shastri should take Khaleel as his eating partner for some time. 

Only that he doesn't convert him into his drinking partner...

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Just now, Yoda-esque said:

Question, if we lose tomorrow,are we out?

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not if we win this .... if we lose this and tomorrow, ofc, we are out 

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I have no idea how the quality of the rest of the HK batsmen is .... but the target is achievable 


B Kumar 6 0 33 0 5.50 23 5 0 1 0  
KK Ahmed 7 0 37 2 5.28 26 5 1 1 0  
SN Thakur 4 0 41 0 10.25 10 4 1 1 3  
YS Chahal 7 0 25 0 3.57 23 1 0 1 0  
Kuldeep Yadav 9 2 31 1 3.44 33 1 1 1 0  
KM Jadhav 7 0 28 0 4.00 25 1 1 0 0

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5 minutes ago, Switchblade said:

Bhai please yar Har chiz me Dhoni ko na credit do i used to like him but he is finished if he cannot see his failures then I don’t know what to say.

Offcourse he is finished. I am complaining about mediocrity of our internationals to understand cricket basics. Hayat likes inside out. So he should not be bowled over the wicket by khaleel. Khaleel should go back to his original side

Edited by mishra

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