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India Vs Bangladesh Dubai International Stadium on September 21.begins at 5 pm IST

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2 minutes ago, Laaloo said:



100 more runs and Afghans will be favorites. Start making Dua...

Haha, that's fine yaar. we are not good in chasing we all know. Anyway still I cheer for you guys today. :cantstop:

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19 minutes ago, beetle said:

Boobie naam ussi ki meharbani hai...:((

Uski ko sun kar bhuvi boobie ban gaya icf mein.


Bhuvi is too malnourished to have any kind of ‘boobie’.:phehe: 

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1 hour ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

Wondering why likes of Gavaskar dont get vocal about this injustice on Rahul? He was busy bashing Fakhar Zaman for wearing cap wrong way but cant speak on real issues :facepalm:

1 hour ago, Switchblade said:

He is part of the same Mumbai mafia.

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You must have the record of using the same smiley for every post.
Bore nahi hote?:roti::roti:
I access ICF through Tapatalk and some of those smileys don't seem to render properly. I keep reading it as "cantstop"

Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk

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