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Making the series interesting

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Now we know why the team management selects has been in the team.

To make the matches more interesting.


Due to our middle order of Dhoni, Rayuddu, Manish, Karthik, Jadhav our odi matches are becoming interesting.In the final of the Asia Cup against Bangladesh the match went to last ball.


Total paisa vassool.


Shardul,Kaul, Chahar, Unadkat, are selected so that the matches doesn't become one sided, boring.Teams like Hong Kong,UAE , Bangladesh, Afghanistan should be encouraged to make records against them.


If we select Rahul, Pant, Khaleel,Saini in the odi the matches will become onesided like the test match against Windies.


The selector should select Odi squad for the 2nd test so likes of Braithwite,Dowrich,Chase can score & revive test in West Indies.

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20 hours ago, tweaker said:

We should rest Rohit, Dhawan & Virat against West Indies.It will be fun series.

Bowling should be spearheaded by Shardul, Kaul & Chahar.

WI is a decent LOI outfit unlike a SL or Zimbabwe. There is no harm in fielding a full strength squad against them. One tournament that our key players need to rest from is next year's IPL, which is right before the world cup. Injuries and or fatigue could ruin our already limited chances. 

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