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Australia tour of UAE, 2nd test at Abu Dhabi, 16-20 October, Match thread

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18 minutes ago, rtmohanlal said:

seen a lot of messages in padosi passion site   mocking Sachin w.r.t how selfish  he was in slowing down when approaching a 100  and so on. Now I think they realize as to how pressure of expectations can do its dirty trick on a batsman even if he wishes to play normally while approaching a 100. Poor Babar couldn't handle the pressure  of expectations of  even getting to his first 100. That being the case , these posters should  realize as to how difficult it was for Sachin to control his mental composure during those moments   having destined to cope with the pressure  of expectations of several  folds

hmmm, bol do unko yeh bat...

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Mir Hamza to SE Marsh, OUT, bowled him! What a seed this is! This is a jaffa. Angled in towards off, perfect length, it pitched and went away a fraction off the seam, beat the outside edge as he defended and clipped the top of off stump. Magnificent piece of bowling.

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1 hour ago, Vk1 said:

This current Aussie batting unit is a joke. Mitch March at 4? Lol. We should actually aspire for a clean sweep if we can negate their bowling.

Won’t be surprised if we screw up despite Smith and Warner’s absence won’t be surprised if we help an unknown commodity in becoming a star just like we did with Sam Curran.

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