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Why was Jadeja n Ishant Fighting on-field ??

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2 minutes ago, coffee_rules said:



Ishant wanted to finger fcuk Jadeja. Kya bachpana, players getting frustrated over losing. Ishant has a big ego for an average bowler, fcuking spearhead.

And Jadeja thinks of himself as some Rajput warrior :phehe:

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What was said between Ishant and Jadeja?

Originally picked up in Hindi, this is a translation

Ishant: "Don't wave at me, okay? If you need something..."

Ishant: "He is telling me from behind to go fast."

Jadeja: "Even I don't like it. I am also a part of the team. Why are you talking so much?"

Ishant: "Don't wave at me. Don't show me your anger. I will take your anger and shove it up your arse."

Jadeja: "You keep yours to yourself."

Ishant: "I will shove your anger up your arse."

Jadeja: "Don't give me this b******t."

Ishant: "You also don't talk to me."


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