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Shubham Gill or Shubman Gill ?!?

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Just now, sandeep said:

For a guy who's relatively well read and comes off as a bit smart, you're quite the thin-skinned one aintcha.  

thin-skinned ? Dude it was a joke.....

i quite literally spelled your name in a dyslexic way, which is how Shubman reads ( dyslexic version of Shubham)....

relax yaar...i am checking because i don't know of it personally - isnt that any rational, moderate person supposed to do ??

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12 minutes ago, UrmiSinhaRay said:

Shubman is actually a pretty common north indian name

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Yeah, actually a general knowledge thing.  This thread reminds me of Alia Bhatt jokes after stupid answer she gave to common question :giggle:



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I used to think it was pronounced Shubmaan (auspicious person); just realized last week (while watching this video) that it is Shubman (auspicious mind).  Pretty cool name.  


I really liked the name Prayas (as in Prayas Barman) too.  We don't honor effort enough in our society.  

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