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INDIA A vs ENGLAND LION in India { 5 ODI & 2 UN - Official Test } Jan - Feb 2019

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9 minutes ago, nitinbwj said:

Rahul scores just 89 when a bunch of unknowns have stroked a 200 and a 100..:phehe:

Hardly unkowns


Yes if only thing you follow domestically is IPL then unkown.  But if follow rel domestic cricket in all formats these guys good


Panchal is proper.  Personally I think in tests he shoud be in squad as back up opener.  As pure opener in red ball cricket he might better then Raul.  Not a white ball player prospect so lets not confuse matters, although he no blocker and can ping ball in to row x


Bharat imo in terms of glove work is much better then Pant and Kishan, one of the better ones on the circuit.  Batting wise not as good as pant.  But maybe good back up in tests, a saha type but younger and better with bat

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14 hours ago, express bowling said:


More than that,  it is important to set some benchmarks for Team India pacers and those who are near selection.


They must have the ability to put a high percentage of deliveries in the right areas while bowling at good pace. They must have the ability to extract life out of the pitch. They should be fit and have the ability to sustain intensity.


Pacers who are doing the above should be persisted with and praised.


Pacer who are unable to do the above, for a decent length of time, should be made to work on the weaknesses they have developed, rectify them and then come back if they perform at FC / List A level again.


We should not have any permanent favourites or dump anyone for ever.  It an issue of adhering to benchmarks. As long as the basic ability is there, it is about attitude, fitness and ability to work on weaknesses.

Great post as usual express bhai.  Unfortunate that some 'fans' can't appreciate the nuanced discourse from fast bowling aficinafos like you, shame that they resort to juvenile mocking when they have nothing substantial to say

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1 hour ago, vvvslaxman said:

KL Rahul has to score much bigger at this level. 80s in Indian conditions against an England A team? It is a start. But need to go beyond this.

Nevertheless good start....


Some runs under his belt, he will get his confidence and then he can score runs against against any opposition. What he is going thru is a mental block.

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Good draw for the lads although not sure what the pitch was like. Hopefully they take a lot from it. The senior side would have shat the bed if asked to bat out the day for a draw.

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