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Singh bling

23,000 dollar-millionaires have left India since 2014

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Times have changed and the world is changing.

Moving out for work ,study or live are options that were not so easy earlier.


People with money always have more options.


Govt jobs are no longer what they used to be.They are no longer a magnet for rich people 


No govt pension ...low pay. The only thing they offer is job security which the rich do not consider most important .


There are more people working outside India and getting money into the  country than there were earlier .....





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lol, and yet remittances to India keep growing every year.

from USD 2 billion  in 1990 to USD 70 billion in 2018!!


there is higher degree of complexity with "millionaires" leaving the country in terms of capital transfers and assets held in India that generate income for others. There are so many NRIs who have factories and services in India.



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8 hours ago, Singh bling said:

Rich are leaving legally with all their money , draining India of its capital. 

People leaving the country for better opportunities is nothing new , only thing new the article seems to suggest is that there are some who are leaving cos of corruption drive ..no loss there , as most of the money they take along with them was never part of the system

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