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India vs Australia | 1st ODI | Sydney Cricket Ground | Jan 12, 2019 | Match Thread | 7.50 am IST I

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Just now, Yoda-esque said:

Lol this is both sad and hilarious

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Nope, only hilarious. It was sad 4 years back, this team is worth jack precisely for backing certified hacks & OTH CSK mafia gang members :whack2:

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4 minutes ago, vvvslaxman said:

I want Indian top order to fail in all matches to expose middle order

Our top order is overrated. Good bowlers can always find a way to dismiss them cheaply. 

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This Indian team is crying for influx of young blood. New style new personalities. If it will take a drubbing to take me there I will be happy to take one. I don't understand Dhoni and Rohit now they should be able to pinch singles as bare minimum.

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