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Documentary : Crossing the line (Sandpaper Gate) by SuperSport

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4 hours ago, putrevus said:

A  biased view as far documentary is concerned but I still cannot believe no coaches and bowlers were not invloved.

They all knew it,you cant tell me Starc cant tell the difference.I will go as far as to say they have been doing this for a long time even in India,the proof is Starcs drastic reversal of fortune since the Sandpaper gate.

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6 hours ago, maniac said:

Lol sandpaper gate got a documentary. If someone had to make a documentary on Pakistan’s history of ball tampering we would be saying “baa abhi bhi zinda hai”

I don't think Pakistani bowlers tamper the ball anymore otherwise you would have seen them win at least one match in SA series which they wont.

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