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Kuldeep and Chahal should always be in the starting XI in ODIs. 

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We need to keep supporting and backing these 2 wicket-takers.


They are one of the biggest reasons why India has been a very successful team in the past year and a half. We won our first ever ODI series 5-1 in South Africa because of these guys. 


When both of them bowl in tandem, their effectiveness goes up a very long way. We should not sacrifice this strength of ours. 

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6 minutes ago, Kannadiga said:

Chahal is overrated. Can't bat, can't field and now can't take wickets. He is another Buvneshwar Kumar in-making, who works on the economy instead of going for the wickets. 


This is his average for last 3 series,



he has had 1 bad series and 2 so-so ones. that does not mean he should be dropped. once hardik pandya returns, he can become the second spinner since he's still better than jaddu as a bowler. hardik will swap for jaddu at 7.

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1 hour ago, Jamadagni said:

It all comes down to Pandya+Chahal or Shami+Jadeja... The latter looks better. 

this is assuming that bhuvi is the opening bowler, but shami is better than him. I think the choice is between pandya+chahal vs bhuvi+jaddu. In Eng, I would rate the latter as the better for batting (but with lower SR), and the bowling seems roughly the same.

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Can't believe I have to type this.


Jadeja is a waste. he will let the team down with both his bowling and fielding. Have you guys forgot how awful he was until he was dropped from the squad after CT 2017??. He & Ashwin couldn't pick wickets even if you held a gun to their heads.



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