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Srini mama back on track

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3 minutes ago, Stan AF said:

How is this A$$$$ss$$$$hole still in the scheme of things?. Isn't he automatically disqualified on the grounds of being old as ****(70+) and served maximum terms as president?.


Trump is over 70. Gandhi family has served enough maximum terms as PM. Maximum terms is just another arithmetic and sums. Srini can phix it. Srini is just getting started :dance:

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Dark times that this cretin is still power man in indian cricket and looking to be top man again.  Cancer in indian cricket.  Will do all to promote his crappy csk etc


Of course fools on ICF get all excited that he throws the dogs a bone by being rude to ICC etc while he throwing the dogs this bone to make them beat their chest in oter hand is sgtabbing in indian cricket in the heart.



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13 hours ago, Jimmy Cliff said:

I, for one, welcome our new Chuski overlord. F*ck the Lauda Committee and f*ck the CoA.

Agreed.Mama is like that barber who will give you a great haircut as long as you buy a random useless hair care product (in this case MSD)



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