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India vs Australia | 2nd ODI | Adelaide | 15 Jan 2019 | 8.50 am IST |

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1 hour ago, velu said:

Probable Team:-





Rayudu :pray:

Dhoni  :aha: :eyedance: :dance:

DK  :wall:


Bhuvi :Cry:


Khaleel :wall: 




i think thalai is back @Stan AF    :eyedance: :music: 







Aus  beat southafrica by 7 runs in ODI HERE in Nov.2018.Stoinis star with 3 wickets.we will miss bumrah on 

VasiUtran ( kite day)

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Good catch 8.50 am because last one is 

7.50 am at Melbourne (3)


If India loose tomorrow, It will be their 4th series defeat in 7 year in Australia 


हम राजा India मे 


I wish we win tomorrow without 

जैसी and पंत 






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3 minutes ago, SK_IH said:

Dhoni gonna score a 100 and Ind gonna lose. Latter will be a result of former

Rohit hit last 4 century vs aus and each time India beaten 


Last time aus beat soa by 7 runs at Adelaide not long ago.whoever bowl well 

Will win tomorrow.


You can not predicts in ODI because 10 years ago par score were 323-360 at Adelaide in ODI 

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Dhoni is not a bad batsmen to have to control the damage but his days of winning a match are over.


We cant carry players like Karthik, Raydu and Dhoni in the team. There is place for only one of these clowns.

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What an eyesore of a performance today by the blue tigers, what an anti climax after the first match, so near yet so far, only good thing is SC has resigned.


Man I can't even sleep, hopefully Indian team would ease bit of the pain tomorrow morning.


See y'all. Good night :((

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It is important that India lose every toss before the WC, it is great practice for them to have the worst conditions to try and win the match.

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5 minutes ago, nitinbwj said:

I don’t like how Kohli sounds. Looked scared on losing the toss. I thought he liked chasing. He has already given up.

Not when the other guy scores 54 of 116 balls

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I think this team selection is good. Applying game theory, Kohli is not able to drop dhoni, but he needs alternatives if dhoni fails down the stretch and is forced to retire , so to play safe DK is played here today . So will gauge if dhoni or DK will aboard the flight to England. Pant to me looks a certainity as primary/backup for WC.


Now coming onto Rayudu, this is a conundrum, but guess he might fail here .and I am thinking Kohli still feels number 4 could be a toss up between Rayudu and Karthik .  Hence pitch them together in the same match to see their performance. So only one of Rayudu /Karthik will board flight.


If all 3 fail here, then pant, Gill, Jadhav,pandya,jadeja,kuldeep,bumrah and shami will make the 11 along with top 3.



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