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Most overrated word in Indian cricket is EXPERIENCE

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Like "We need to stick with Dhoni because of his experience." 


Experience of what??? Playing tuk tuk 50 SR innings that take team nowhere?


The one thing that we never learn from is past mistakes.


We played with our most inexperienced team ever in 2007 World T20. With first time captain, senior players resting, etc.  And we ended up winning it. So, what did we learn? Zilch!


Not saying that experience doesn't count, but our selectors and captain use that to justify selection of players way past their prime who can barely contribute anything. We did the same with Yuvraj and now with Dhoni. 


We are more interested in giving our old players a happy retirement plan with multiple years of screwing the team than actually picking a team that is capable of winning. 


Rant over.


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If looking for experience at-least go for players aged 30 or below who can field well. Don't pick oldies who can neither bat, bowl nor field well.

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It's not that they need experience that they include Dhoni. They just come up with words to cover up such inclusions. It is experience now, could be variety or x factor for someone else.

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