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Teams for ICC Events

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It is duh to say this but we should be sending our best combination from those fit and inform / potential for the ICC events. The squad should ideally be chosen considering the available options (form + fitness) around the time of the tournament 


Since 2018, we have been reading comments that slots are already booked. Earlier, people used to play 8-12 LOIs in a year so it is understandable that you would plan relatively ahead. In today's age where players play a lot of games, including high quality domestic LOI tourneys, why would you limit your options and decide on slots for a tournament that is going to be played in 2019 in 2018?


If a Gill or a Pant or a Shaw has a 500+ runs IPL, would you not want to leverage on that form? Our bowling attack too with likes of Bhuvi, Khaleel and Jadeja is going nowhere (and probably regressing). Would you not consider inform bowlers if the option is available? In the past, new or relatively new players have played in ICC events and made major impact for e.g. Sidhu in 1987, Yuvi and Zak in 2000 CT, etc., .... At times, I feel like some kind of a cartel or exclusive membership club is being formed when cricketers say that spots in the squads are already booked. At the moment, there is no way many of the guys currently in the LOI squad should be on the plane (automatic choices) to Eng for the WC .... Your squad is booked based on the best available options around the deadline to submit the squad to ICC. Till that point, you are seeking to work towards finding the best combination available through a variety of channels including bilaterals  




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Nope, You are talking about salvaging a situation created by TM. Our team management is riddled with infighting

Srini vs Manohar


Dada vs Shashtri

MSD vs Kohli (Kumble vs Kohli)

Kohli vs Rohit


Sad thing is, its career of young players and aspirations of Indian fans which is going down the drain

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