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Rohit should be dropped.

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19 minutes ago, velu said:


mostly for :p:

but his recent tuk tuks and lunges testing my patience these days :fear: 

He will still do well when he is given complete freedom, Like IPL. He is one hell of strategist.

In national team, I dont feel he has same liberty now, Also to keep 50 overs and bat at 4 wont be easy.


Think of a game where India bats first, he is in to bat within first 10 overs with Kohli. And they bat till end and then Thala gets groin issue while keeping. We will be done unless DK is playing

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1 minute ago, speedheat said:

Dk is there to make dhoni look good.. But ironically dhoni is making dk look good nowadays.



One may interpret this as Thala is true patriot. He cant let Indian team to go down even if he is physically down

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20 minutes ago, velu said:


poor fellow :rotfl:


DK is there as a backup keeper to keep pant put :lol: 

@mishra guess this is what you meant ? 

You have to be blind not to see.  The way everone ( Shashtri Kohli ) bent after that series winning performance clearly means Thala is in high chair. Rest all are simply renewing their vows

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Please, FFS, I really hope the OP is clickbaiting and not being serious.

So we want to do a Pujara like intervention about strike rates in the first PP to Rohit?

Rohit settles in while Dhawan attacks in the PP1. Then Dhawan consolidates while Rohits speeds up in PP2. If Rohit is still around in PP3, then its carnage Kill Bill style.


Why change this template?  And, particularly when our #4 and #5 can at best shore up early losses but not blaze away to set a total?

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