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Singh bling

South Africa vs Pakistan 2nd T20

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6 hours ago, Singh bling said:

Streak Halaled :phehe:

It wasn't really much of a streak in the first place. For starters, Pakistan are the only team to play T20Is at full strength (outside of ICC World T20). The rest of the teams usually use them to try out 3-4 non-regular players. Look at the current SA T20 team lol. No-one else cares about T20I results. Apparently India were (are?) also on a 8-9-10 or whatever series winning streak. No-one even knows .

 On top of that, Pakistan play minnows far more often in T20s than other teams. This "streak" included a number of matches vs West Indies D or E (the main players didn't play as the games were held in Pakistan) and Zimbabwe.

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I see a much better pak team nowadays . They do not give up that easily nowadays .

See specific improvements in:- 

1. Fielding .

2. Skillsets of pace bowlers and run denying deliveries . Most of them bowl very good yorkers .  Even Faheem(who almost their 4 th -5th bowler) bowls very well at the death . Just watch 50th over yesterday by him. Very very good death bowling for his pace .

3. Lot more steadyness by the top order though bit slow . 

4. Very good batsman in Babar Azam .


Whatever may Pak followers think of Micky & Flower , but i see a marked improvement in their approach , if you compare them for the last 5-6 years.  



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