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Undeclared civil war in Pakistan?

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The PTM movement has been protesting and demanding civil rights for residents of NWFP and FATA, Pashtuns in general.  Few days ago, an unarmed  University Professor was killed by police because he dared participate in a non-violent protest march.  Now another Professor - a Punjabi by ethnicity, PhD from Cambridge, has been arrested because he participated in a public protest demanding an investigation into the murder of his colleague.  


How can these Pakistanis willingly tolerate being slaves to a mafia gang simply because it wears a uniform and claims to be patriotic?  








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Islamist nations have not learned. Lakhs of people have died and continue to die in middle East wars. A lot of their population is wiped out to American bombing or internal civil wars in middle East. Pakistan too is in a mess. Are people still dying there due to bomb blasts every week ?Surely they cannot afford a civil war which will add on to the death toll in their country as well.

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