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WI vs Eng - 3rd test match

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7 minutes ago, YCCC said:

The real Windies are back. :facepalm:Something other than medium pace trundling in and they're crap

Got to give credit to Wood. He just bowled sublime spell their. Windies fatered after actually losing two quick ones to Moen. Then Wood bowled just a brilliant spell. 



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11 hours ago, Nikola said:

They can claim we won 3rd test in SA which was dead rubber too. 

People claim everything. It's all about keeping perspective.

Nah for real well done to England to come back after being bullied in the first 2 matches.

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Shows once again how critical Holder is for this WI team. He is the real leader and perhaps him not being there weakens the WI strength by 25-30%. The same thing happened in BD as well when Holder was not available for the ODI leg and Windies just crumbled.


Props to England for coming back well though. With a weak top 3, the next Ashes could be an interesting , even without Smith and Warner.

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