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To be honest, Test cricket is dying: ICC chairman Shashank Manohar

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22 hours ago, velu said:


even i hate him ..

but obviously he knows about the finances of cricket more than anyone else here 

Test cricket is far from dying at least not now or in near future. So, he knows nothing. 

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47 minutes ago, Pollack said:

Test cricket is far from dying at least not now or in near future. So, he knows nothing. 


unless he is telling something to get more attention as somebody said , he surely knows the ground realities more than anyone else here  :p:


he said in financial  point of view 


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6 hours ago, Soorma_Bhopali said:

It should be the other way round . They had just one broadcaster-Doordarshan and believe it or not, DD used to charge BCCI for the 'priviledge' of broadcasting games on the national network . Gate money receipts were miniscule. That is wy , past cricketers including in the 1980s used to have a job with bank or PSU to supplement their income during off-season .


Now, they are getting millions from broadcasters and advertisers and playing Star & Sony in the bidding game every five years to extract a better TV rights contract.


I think Test cricket is not marketed well so far. If they give tickets for Rs.200-250  per 3 hour slot and sell it based on morning /afternoon/evening session along with going to schools and giving a nominal package where schools can bring students for free as part of their co-curricular activity periods , they will atleast get half-full or 3/4th full grounds .No one says that Gold tournament lasts for fifteen days and no one has time to follow it. Test cricket will mostly be enjoyed in bits every day.

You cannot polish turd. No one has the time to watch test cricket. I get impatient at microwave oven, do you think I can watch a crapfest for 5 days. No way.

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On 2/11/2019 at 2:34 PM, Stradlater said:

Watch India's test matches in Australia when we used to tour them in the 90s. The stadiums were barely 20% full. 

Now compare that to the last boxing day test where we saw a crowd of almost 80K on the first day.

* Manohar.

Most, or at least in disproportionate numbers to the total Australian population, of those 80k will be Indians/people of Indian origin.

The stat you cite says more about Australia as a immigrant friendly nation for the educated Indian classes than it does about the alleged increase in popularity of test cricket.


A better metric would be % of the total BCCI/ICC revenue pie that comes from Test cricket or TV rights of test cricket.

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