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PSA - News Sources (LOC situation)

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Unless you want a migraine - 

Don't read and/or post Liberandu media stories

Don't read and/or post thugbandhan soundbites

Don't read and/or post Gora media stories on Kashmir (Bakistan is still an adopted child of the west lest you forget)

Don't read and/or post links to gungadeen think tankers (they exist merely to parrot what their gora bosses tell them to)

Don't read and/or post any think tankers - Most vacuous,  self important, overqualified, undereducated clowns occupying the zeitgeist today (next to media members, ofcourse)

Don't read and/or Post Jihadi media stories (Bakistani and otherwise)


Now here are a few links to get your news fill on (I will add more later):





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