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India World Cup squad to be announced on April 15

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I said top 3, ideally KL should open especially with the form he's in but then neither Sharma nor Dhawan would come down the order or will they?


Our batting order is anyways messed up, Kohli @4 is only like a band aid for a rotting corpse. I'd be really surprised if we make it past SF with any possible 11, from the current 15, we field out there.

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Man to man this squad is better but we also punched above our weight in 2015, I think someone like Nehra in form would've been better than Mohit Sharma. Remember Kohli was out of form & Dhoni was already fading, the biggest problem for us was the fielding restrictions that made the WC a batting shootout on flat pitches!

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Jadeja ,the free loader again gets the cut

They should have gone with Saini instead

Jadeja is a wastage of a spot,sf would be a huge struggle,

F Q selectors,it was rather on expected lines ,  msk.and co..the name is enough ,you cant expect them thinking out of the box,that jadeja on featherbeds of Eng ....carnage !brace yourself fans..

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2 hours ago, VT87 said:

I can't understand Rahul's fan logic. What kohli did wrong  to demote himself for GOAT Rahul.is Rahul better  player  than  kohli for number 3 spot :facepalm:

its not for KL , but I feel Virat is actually best suited for No4 . He can win us more games from there .


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On 4/8/2019 at 10:17 AM, bowl_out said:
Rohit   Chahal
Dhawan   Jadeja
Virat   Rahul
Shankar   Pant




That's the most likely squad

Called it a while back. Pant vs DK was always going to be a 50-50 call. 

Frankly, I don't mind either because neither will get to play unless Dhoni is injured

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15 hours ago, bowl_out said:

Called it a while back. Pant vs DK was always going to be a 50-50 call. 

Frankly, I don't mind either because neither will get to play unless Dhoni is injured

Think we will see only two specialist pacers + Pandya + 2 spinners as bowiling options.

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On 4/13/2019 at 7:17 PM, mani sha said:

Three extra fast bowlers 


prasiddh Krishna 

ishant will be travelling 


final team






pant / karthick 

pandya h









b kumar / Saini 

Pant/ rahul 


feel pant will miss out  to rahul 

but toss up between him and karthick for enforcer - karthicks better outfielding will get him in and pant might be our reserve batter like three reserve fast bowlers


last wildcard is k pandya . Better bat and bowler . Dunno if he too get a shoe in for Chahal 


praying for dhoni to get banned for cheating , playing when old or playing when incompetent . Any clause fine . Team balances out then 



Got it right didnt I ? Just felt though Saini on current form is better match winner . 


Now pray for dhoni to get injured . Pant as wicketkeeper would make it a very dangerous team

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If we lose an early wicket, then Vijay Shanker should come at 3 and Virat at 4. Vijay Shankar is better at playing swinging ball then K L Rahul.


Also KL Rahul should come at 5 as the ball is not swinging by then. K L Rahul is very good player but sucks in swinging conditions....by continuously sending him up the order in swinging conditions, his confidence has been destroyed. But he is better then Jadhav if the ball is not swinging as he can hit sixes and time the ball while Jadhav has to really hunt for the gaps with unorthodox and risky shots. Also Jadhav cannot hit sixes easily. So I would try out the following combo in our warm up games


1. Rohit

2. Shikhar

3 Vijay Shankar ( seems to have decent technique for swinging conditions)

4. Kohli

5. K Rahul ( power game better than Jadhav if ball is not swinging)


7 Hardik

8  Any spinner based on condition

9 Bhuvi

10 Shami

11. Bumrah

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