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Tips and suggestions to stop the CSK juggernaut

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Since the days of Aus and Wi or during my youth years of watching Don bradman Australia vs England, have I ever seen a team that is such a well oiled machine and just mows down opposition.


Is there anything out there that can stop this CSK juggernaut. 


The yellow invincibles are unstoppable looks like.


Any tips or suggestions?

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Dhoni himself will do it as he appears to have conditioned his team and fans to think in terms of black and white: 


a) To score runs, you have to play slowly. If you try to play fast, you get out 

b) Goal of the team is to take it deep and then hope for the best. If you try to finish it early, you lose 

c) Winning and having a great NRR can be mutually exclusive 

d) You need the right surface to strengthen your ordinary bowlers. If the surface is sporting (or even batting friendly), other team will score runs and finish the game quickly 

e) In PP, you can either preserve wkts or score runs quickly. You can’t do both 

f) and so on .... 




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