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Harsh Thakor

Who was the best batsmen from the sub-continent on bad wickets?

Who was the best batsmen from the sub-continent on bad wickets?  

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  1. 1. Who was the best batsmen ever from the sub-continent on bad wickets?

    • Vijay Merchant
    • Gundappa Vishwanath
    • Sachin Tendulkar
    • Majid Khan
    • VVS Laxman
    • Rahul Dravid
    • Sunil Gavaskar
    • Mohinder Amarnath
    • Saed Anwar
    • Salim Malik
    • V.V.S.Laxman
    • Vijay Hazare
    • Virendra Sehwag
    • Inzamam Ul Haq
    • Aravinda De Silva
    • Kumar Sangakaara
    • Mahela Jayewardene
    • Sanath Jayasuriya
    • Younis Khan
    • Hnaif Mohammad

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This is my list of the best batsmen in order of merit on bad or broken wickets.On flat tracks most were were overshadowed by some but on pitches with cracks they were masters.


1.Majid Khan-I have not seen a batsmen surpass his 156 on a broken wicket at Swansea.Artistry in regions of the divine.Bishen Bedi ranked Majid as the best batsmen on a bad wicket.



2.Javed Miandad-The ultimate street fighter who even if not technically perfect was master at improvisation with a genius of his own kind.Ultimate cratfsman who could farm in a desert.



3.Gundappa Vishwanath- Master of touch art with wrists of steel which enabled him to cope and dominate bowling in the worst of conditions.Reminded one of a surgeon.Overshadowed Gavaskar on bad wickets like in Wellington in 1976 or at Madras in 1978-79.



4.Vijay Merchant-No batsmen has equaled Vijay Merchant in 1936 and 146 on wet English  wickets since the war.Technical skill in regions of the sublime reminscent of an architect or engineer.



5=.Sunil Gavaskar/Sachin Tendulkar -Epitome of technical batting perfection and both had colossal concentration powers.



7.Rahul Dravid -Determination personified with most refined technical adjustments on bad wickets.A medley of Gavaskar and Vishwanath.Proved it at Leeds in 2002 and in KIngston in 2006.



8.Aravinda De Silva-Technical mastery and artistry which would enable him to tackle tracks with great unevenness of bounce.



9.Mohinder Amarnath-grit and determination personified being the ultimate one to bat for your life.Batting in West Indies and Pakistan in 1982-83 is a testimony to this,where he played great fast bowling arguably better than anybody ever.



10..Salim Malik -Proved his prowess on a wet Leeds  pitch both in 1987 and 1992 as well as on a bad pitch at Trinidad in 1988.



11.V.V.S Laxman-the best ever in a 4th innings run chase who could manipulate a ball like a magician.



12.Saed Anwar-Posessed a majestic touch which enabled him to dominate in the worst of conditions.




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