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Even Pakistan’s lower order >>>> India’s

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but is not picked for WC.
Asif Ali in world cup squad I think. If not, surely will be picked based on this performance. Till 23rd May teams can change their squad. Hope India also includes Pant and Saini/Ishant before that.

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19 hours ago, zen said:

Which is extremely difficult to do for him on current capabilities vs. major teams .... so that ends the story .... either play normal cricket or make way for a younger batsman 


PS Talking about random numbers, 165/3 after 15 > 165/3 after 35 overs. MO is likely to get a higher total in the first scenario as it can play itself in :winky:

how many times have we seen 165 in 25 in a 50 over match.  You dont go by improbable situations.

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7 minutes ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

Asif Ali in world cup squad I think. If not, surely will be picked based on this performance. Till 23rd May teams can change their squad. Hope India also includes Pant and Saini/Ishant before that.

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No, he isnt.  Squad has already been picked.  Aamir is excluded as well.

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1 hour ago, jusarrived said:

So our openers play without any intent cos 9 batsmen following them are useless , then why do we hate Dhoni who comes in at 3 or 4 down and starts blocking ? Does it get easier with only 5 useless bats to follow ?

I could also argue that our middle order is made to look worse than they are cos of our poor top order which sucks the momentum out of the innings and cos of poor lower order there is always pressure of being a wicket away from collapsing. 


As for comparing with Pakistan , have you seen their middle order ? bunch of unknowns followed by Sarfaraz  ..we are giving some lame excuses for our top orders

NOt blocking 50/0 vs 70/2 may not mean much for other teams. But for India that is huge. The reason is our middle order is not exactly good enough to either rotate strike or play big shots either. Our middle order cannot be made to look worse or better. They have been exposed to different scenarios. They did do jack. First and foremost reason is India was constantly telling us Rayudu was going to be our no.4.  That is where things started falling apart. He bullied Afghanistan, Hongkong and went AWOL against better teams. Till now we don't know who is going to bat at no.4. We tried KKD, Pandya, Rahane, Yuvraj, Dhoni, Pandey, Rahul, Jadhav, Pant. A crucial position that is being held by guys like Taylor, Shaun Marsh, Morgan for other teams. Taylor has made 1830 runs at an average of 76 at no.4 position in the last 2 years. Rahim, Morgan always average well over 50 during that period raking up over 1000 runs at no.4. 


Then we have Dhoni. You cannot possibly spoil Dhoni anymore. He was not exactly setting the world ablaze in 2015 world cup. We were hoping that was going to be his last world cup. But inept Kohli needs someone to hold his hand. We had to accommodate this old man. 


Next is Jadhav. Jadhav has been presented with many different scenarios over the last couple of years. 40 innings grand total of 5 fifties. Lot of low scores. You cannot trust this guy one bit.


You cannot ruin these guys by batting slow or fast. They are already crap. Pandya is the only one guy who makes the most of what he gets. He showed in the IPL even in 7 or 8 overs he could change the game on his own. Karthik's strike rate at no.4 is slow even by 1970s standard. It is like 71. Pandey's strike rate 57. Rahul's strike rate at no.4 is 59. Rahane 76. Dhoni 78.  Even the aging Yuvi had a strike rate of 86 at that spot. Better than these guys. We backed the wrong horses to begin with. 


Other than Pandya all our batsmen operate at 75 to 90 strike rate mostly. They are not going to play any different if our openers get 20 extra runs in the power play. If anything they will go even slower.  Part of the reason is extremely weak tail. I don't blame our middle order or top order not taking too many risks because we could go from 250/5 at 40th over to 270 all out in no time.  


We are not a strong batting side anymore. High time we realize that. SUre we have dynamic, dazzling players in domestic cricket. But we can play only XI players. 4 bowlers/2 all rounders/ 1 keeper/ 4 batsmen. We cannot win a battathon. Only way we can win a battathon is when the top 3 goes big. In each 300 plus successful chases atleast one of the top had to go big.  Gun batting sides don't get fazed when they lose the openers. Our team will. If Kohli also goes we are pretty much done.

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