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Zakir Naik exclusive interview: 'Won't come back to India if BJP is in power'

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The controversial Islamic preacher spoke exclusively to THE WEEK


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UPA made him speak in National Police Academy, Hyderabad twice..2009 and 2013 :omg:

Long interview.


Sad news for libtards, peacefuls and pidis...Aayega toh Modi hai meaning Zakir Mian no come back to India to set right satanic Yindoos and show troo path of Allah Tallah


sad cry GIF by ciervo-blanco


Evil/fascist/intolerant/extremist/cow piss drinking Khooni Darinda Modi, shame on Hindus and Hinduism jo hamesha Musalmanon ko darate rehte hai

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Pak jihadis getting slaughtered in their own soil, full backing to armed forces, zero major terror attacks in Indian cities, 300+ ISIS jihads/sympathizers arrested in preemptive ops, Urban Naxals hounded, Burhan Wani gang eliminated, Zakir Naik afraid to come back to India.


But hey * all this ****, let's talk about PM's lack of knowledge about radars and cameras, trillion times more important than safeguarding the country from terrorism right? Rather have a PM who is triple Ph.D. in radar tech, so what if we have weekly fidayeen attacks in our financial capital and 1000s of our civilians get pumped with bullets annually. Priorities of libtards :adore:

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