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Will we see a brand new winner in WC19?

Will we see a brand new winner?  

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  1. 1. Will we see a brand new winner?

    • Yes (Eng, NZ, SA, BD and AFG)
    • No (Aus, Ind, WI, Pak and SL)

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  • Poll closed on 05/30/2019 at 03:00 AM

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In the recent past, I have usually considered Aus and Ind as favorites to win major LOI world tourneys because these teams play good cricket under pressure. Teams such as Pak, SL, and WI if playing well in a particular tournament could compete. This time, it appears as there may be an opportunity for a brand new winner.  Quality teams such as Eng, NZ, and SA that suffered from stage fright in the past appear to be getting better at handling the pressure. These teams have leverageable strengths as well for e.g. Eng's batting, NZ's AR depth, SA's bowling (Steyn, Rabada, Lungi, Tahir, ....), while their other departments are quite competitive as well.  


Therefore, the question is will we see a brand new winner this time? Discuss and vote. Poll closes on 05/29. 



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Last time all 3 of Eng, NZ, and SA were in SF was in 1992, which also featured the round robin format in the group stage .... Let's see if this time, they could do one better to have 2 of them in the final 

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If there is a new winner, it will be England.


But I said no cos I expect Australia to win - because they (almost) always win, and Langer is probably a better coach at the shorter formats than first class cricket/tests on all available evidence to date*.


* This is not to say that Australia cannot retain the Ashes - of course they can.

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Poms most likely. Wouldn't mind them winning the cup given their fearless approach. Would want slightly neutral wickets in a knockout game to separate the FTBs from the champions.


It could also bring more interest in cricket among youngsters there, that goes for WI as well.

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This cup is interesting 

to go to top 4 u have to perform well in all 9 games



Australia will reach semis


west indies likely will be the fourth one in 


now regards winners - semis and finals are two games . Hard to predict but feel wi and eng final with Wi lifting the cup 

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