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CWC match no.28: India vs Afghanistan Southampton 06/22/2019

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3 minutes ago, WorldCup 2019 said:

no longer we are friend koz AFG requested AFG PREMIER LEAGUE in india ( 20/20>> 5 teams take part including Bravo/Baz/Gayle etc ) BCCI SAYS NO.

We usually help in “non-monetary’ ways... T20 League is BCCI’s bread & butter... So no compromise there...

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4 minutes ago, Frustrated said:

We hv our longest tail today.   Kuldeep, Chahal, Bumra, Shami.    If we lose early wickets,. Kohli & Co might press the panic button.   Hope our batting goes fine.

your user not makes me panic because our first 3 minus  Dhawan scored enough ODI century to beat so many timid team in the world.


track not support Afg spinner as much in asia but our spinner can ruins any batting combination of 8 world cup teams.


Fasten your seat belt-- 80 meter bountry line not bother New daddy

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14 minutes ago, WorldCup 2019 said:

we do not need him but vs england we need him.he will play in 2023/2027 and 2031 world cup

He has slight chance of playing in 2027 but the 'Rat might still be around then with DK as the "safe" wicket keeping choice or maybe KLR as a makeshift keeper. So Pant will likely have to wait till 2031. Or, he can start practicing underarm or sidearm spin and get into the team after the experienced Kedar retires after 2023.

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