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Who are you supporting England or New Zealand?

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1 hour ago, nsareen said:

My vote is for New Zealand, If people say India were arrogant, i feel England is way for Arrogant & hence i hope New Zealand wins the cup!

Arrogant players?

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46 minutes ago, nsareen said:

Many forums found Indians to be arrogant and hence could not justify the arrogance with performance.

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I don't think people find Indian players arrogant just stupid Shastri and his comments. As are the English players  not arrangant just confident in the way they want to play ODI cricket .

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England should win and talk of country who  gave birth to 50 over cricket never won will end .It will also shut the mouth of all the cocky Indians .




Woman : WC Champion 

Men : WC Champion ? Sounds good 

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Don't care.

Kevin Williamson is so freaking calm and likeable guy. NZ winning will be a good sight.

English cricket fraternity is arrogant. Let them choke once again. Still won't be sad if they win because they would be deserving winners.

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1 minute ago, Pollack said:


English cricket fraternity is arrogant. 

New Zealand winning won't do much ,but if England Wins WC it will be fun ride for sub continent teams :giggle:...Go England Go ...Win it.

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