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Kailasavadivoo Sivan: an inspiring success story

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We have had ISRO chiefs before, we will have many in the future. But rarely someone beating the odds like Dr. Sivan, a great Indian success story. To see this man head one of the foremost space agencies in the world is a cause for celebration. 


To summarize:

- born in a remote village (Tarakkanvilai) in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu

- his father a marginal farmer

- tilled father's field, worked as labourer in nearby fields

- worked in mango orchards during blooming season 

- govt school product, vernacular medium

- used to be barefoot all the time, first time he wore slippers was in engineering college

- minimal wardrobe, dhoti clad student, first time wore trousers in college

- first graduate in his family

- BE in Madras Institute of Technology (Kalam's alma matter), ME IISc Bengaluru, PhD IIT-B...aerospace engineering

- joined ISRO in 1982 in its PSLV project

- architect behind the mission where we launched 104 satellites in a single mission (PSLV C37)..a world record that stands till this day

- one of the leading brains behind Mangalyaan

- primary developer of trajectory simulation software SITARA 

- primary developer of 'Day of Launch'- a wind biasing strategy that has enabled all weather launches

- known as India's 'Rocket Man' because of his contribution in developing cryogenic engines for our space program

- many many more such accomplishments, suffice to say a legend in his field and an outstanding innovator...links provided below


Dr. K. Sivan: From Indian farmer's son to top ISRO scientist


An inspiration to many, Kanyakumari is all cheers for hometown boy K Sivan


From "Barefoot" At Mango Orchard To ISRO Chief: Inspiring Life Of K Sivan


K Sivan: A humble farmer's son's journey to ISRO top job


India's 'Rocket Man' K Sivan: Facts on the farmer's son who went on to head ISRO



'Indian First, Then Tamil': ISRO Chief K Sivan's Old Interview Viral Again after Chandrayaan 2



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