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Harsh Thakor

All time test match XI of most naturally talented or gifted cricketers?

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This is my all-time XI of the most naturally talented or gifted cricketers and not neccessarily the best overall technically or statistically.Thus team of 11 geniuses.

1.Virendra Sehwag/Barry Richards
2.Victor Trumper
3.Don Bradman (C)
4.Rohan Kanhai
5.Brian Lara
6.Gary Sobers
7.A B Devilliers (W)
8.Keith Miller
9.Malcolm Marshall
10.Wasim Akram
11.Abdul Qadir

12th man Viv Richards

Abdul Qadir was the hardest spinner ever to read,virtually a mystery.Foxed batsmen more than Warne.Wasim took bowling wizardry to a realm never reached before like a magician.Marshall took pace bowling craft traversing dazzling heights like no right hander,mastering the skidding delivery.Miller was the ultimate embodiment of agression with both bat and ball.Devilliers was simply the Viv Richards of his day with his infinite imagination which surpassed even Gilchrist for creativity.Sobers simply took al-round cricketing art to regions of the divine,never traversed before.Lara took bating creativity to regions of the sublime surpassing any batsmen for pure prowess.Kanhai surpassed everyone for pure creative genius taking bating art to another dimension..Bradman was the closest to a cricketing machine even if unorthodox whose scoring rate reminded one of hare running.Trumper was the ultimate genius on bad or wet tracks.Sehwag took attacking agression to a crescendo noone could do in his day and age.Barry Richards was closest to the perfect batsmen.

Bradman would lead this team while Devilliers would keep the wickets.

In my view Lara by a whisker had more natural talent than Sachin or Viv executing strokes that wee surreal.Similarly Miller had more natural ability as a batsmen than Imran Khan or even Ian Botham.

Those who just missed out here were Viv Richards,Sachin Tendulkar,Imran Khan,Ian Botham,Ray Lindwall,Denis Compton ,Grease Pollock,Virat Kohli,Chris Gayle and Adam Gilchrist.

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58 minutes ago, New guy said:

How is a 17 year old Sachin smashing fast bowlers around overseas not naturally talented?

Greatest possibility but not the most naturally talented.Lara and Kanhai had more flair as well as Viv,

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