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Prashant Kishore: The amoral political dulla in the Indian political scene

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Prashant Kishore has been a "political consultant" to BJP, Congress, Shiv Sena, YS Jagan Reddy and JDU chief advisor.


This political dulla who has no moral qualms about consulting sworn political rivals is an enemy that BJP must look to take down.


...Not because he has any political aaukat. He would not even win a panchayat election. But because he is trying to drive a wedge between BJP and its NDA allies.


Most people have no idea that it was this dulla who poisoned Shiv Sena to play hardball against BJP and ask for shared CM post. Result is we have a trioka of enemical politcal parties in coalition in Maharashtra, all competing to loot India's richest state.




And it is this dulla again who is inciting JDU against BJP.




I know for a fact that Amit Shah does not think much of this dulla and booted him out as advisor.


It is time to make this dulla jobless or face political chaos in the country as more state elections come up..


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54 minutes ago, coffee_rules said:

He is advising Mamta too, He is still JD(u) state VP or something, he will definitely flip Nitish


advising stalin is a big task .. he is worse than pappu , but atleast stalin listen to others


freaking 450 crore for polishing a turd :lol:





translation of the heading - "bihar brahmin PK soon to become DMK leader" :lol: 

( poking DMK here for their anit-brahmin  thingy )



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he is a gun for hire.


Will goto the highest bidder. If BJP give pay him, he will work for them as well.


See he is effective, but he is not a miracle worker as they portray him to be. His aukad was shown in UP 2017 with the whole UP ke ladke bs. 


The shiv sena to be fair always had ideas to play hard ball. I doubt he had anything to do with it. 

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