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What would be an "acceptable" scoreline for this NZ tour?

Anything goes by  

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  1. 1. Predict the test series?

    • 1-0 India loses
    • 2-0 India swept under the rug
    • 1-0 India win
    • 2-0 Kiwis fold

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Leaving aside the LO leg, for a team trying to build a legacy what sort of a victory (or defeat) margin would be good enough? I know cheers leader will have his excuses lined up, but going forward genuinely we need to see improvement here!

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4 hours ago, express bowling said:

For me ....


Only 1 -0.  or 2 - 0 is acceptable in the test series.


0 - 0 is unlikely.


1 - 1 is passable but not desirable.

Yes, only 1-0 or 2-0 win is an acceptable result for a #1 team.

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1 hour ago, NameGoesHere said:

I'm assuming it's an NZ fan here who voted : "2-0 India swept under the rug"  as an acceptable outcome?


And if you're an Indian fan, welcome to ICF Ravi Shastri.



Kiwis are rare on ICF - apart from a temporary invasion a few years back.  Gotta be a greenbro.

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