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To talk about greatness  of a film in absolute terms relatively, there is The Greatest Film thread. Here, we discuss our favorites (which can be great as well) and guilty pleasures. The list can include films from various genres and languages. To avoid reading like a laundry list, restrict the list to your Top 5 (favorite five) to Top 12 (the dirty dozen)


Below is my English films list (the dirty dozen) in no particular order except the order of release in most cases (note that the below can change w/ time or anytime :p:): 


  • A Charlie Chaplin film. One from The Kid, City Lights, The Gold Rush, Modern Times, The Great Dictator, .... 
  • Rebecca. Film Noir. Its has that haunting gothic feel to it as well.  
  • Black Narcissus. A Powell-Pressburger masterpiece. Something about nuns in a beautiful location and impacted by a palace that uncovers hidden desires. 
  • Vertigo. Another Film Noir by Hitchcock. A great use of colors and an excellent score by Bernard Herrmann. 
  • A Bond (007) film. My favorite series. 
  • Doctor Zhivago. An epic by Lean but w/ more "masala" in it relatively 
  • Suspiria. A brilliant gothic horror film. 
  • An Indiana Jones film. One from the Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Temple of Doom and the Last Crusade
  • Lethal Weapon. Gibson and Glover = double fun. 
  • The Mummy. A wild ride in Egypt. 
  • Inception. Oh boy, a dream within a dream within a dream! 
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel. Stunning! 




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Favorite 12 from Bollywood. Will list "masala" films as that is why I mainly watch Bollywood for. Many of the great films, along with the classic rona-dhona ones, from 50s-70s, the golden age, could be ignored here: 



  • Ram aur Shyam. Dilip Kumar x 2 
  • Jewel Thief. Some of the Dev Anand's old films are timeless
  • Johny Mera Naam. Dev Anand! (said with my neck in convolution) 
  • Sachaa Jhutha. Dil ko dekho, cheera na dekho :hmmmm:
  • Deewar. Billa 786 (though the kids growing up part is boring)
  • Sholay.  "Gabbar Singh, mein aaaa raha hoon"
  • Sanyasi. Manoj kumar is funny! Has some great songs as well!
  • Don. Aare Diwano!
  • Qurbani. One of the slickest Bollywood films! Aab Jama? 
  • Vidhata. Dilip Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar and Amrish Puri. 
  • Coolie. Has some great sequences. Though the songs could have been better - what is "tamboo mein bamboo" :rolleyes:
  • Karma. Har karam apna karenge  
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