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CCP is scared, and it ought to be.

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The one biggest fear that  the Chinese Communist Party has always had, since its inception, is fear of a threat to "social stability" - i.e. a threat to the regime's power and control over the country.


Its cluster* of converting what should have been a localized outbreak of a coronavirus, into a sub-national, and subsequently a global pandemic, has opened itself up to a clear and present danger.  The global pandemic has by now, converted into a global economic disaster, in addition to the loss of life and health.  It is an absolute given, that the post-Covid19 future will see a significant review of supply-chain risk by the developed countries - no government and bureaucracy in their right minds will accept a scenario where 80% of the manufacturing capacity of critical supplies - gloves, masks etc, is under the absolute thumb of a hostile, or at least non-allied totalitarian regime.  Once a genuine review of logistics and supply-chains begins in the US and the west, its extremely unlikely to just stop at shifting to local production of only masks and gloves.  I.e. A whole lot of manufacturing is going to say goodbye to China.  The economic consequences of this are going to be massive.  And simply inevitable.  Economic hardship, coupled with the raised expectations of the average Chinese citizen, is going to translate into a major threat to the CCP's continuing domination of that country. 


This fear of survival is what has triggered the lashing out by CCP mouthpieces globally.  From attempting to blame the US military for starting the virus, to blaming the hapless Italians - all of this is designed to provoke the rest of the world.  The inevitable backlash, when it occurs, will be conveniently cast into "racism", and "anti-China" by the CCP, and push the Chinese citizens into a defensive mindset against the percieved "attack" by foreigners.  Conveniently allowing the CCP to escape blame and responsibility for the disaster it has unleashed on not only its own country and population, but the entire world.  


This is no conspiracy theory - folks who study history would be well acquainted with the xenophobia, paranoia, that dominates CCP strategic thinking, especially at its highest levels.  This is an organization that murdered millions of its own citizens in the "Great Leap forward" with disastrous economic policies, and then in order to avoid accountability, unleashed a "Cultural revolution" to murder and exile nearly all of its own intellectuals and educated class.  All to ensure the survival of the CCP regime.  The Tiannamen square massacre in 1989, where the CCP murdered thousands of its young educated college students, simply for daring to organize publicly for basic rights,  is a minor footnote compared to that. 


Apart from spreading scandalous propaganda against the US military, the CCP is busy spreading fake videos about "riots" in the USA targeting Chinese Americans - something that is completely fiction.  



Another example of CCP's fear driven hostile tactics - naked attacks at India, attempting to show that its "democracy" is an inferior alternative to the CCP. 




TL;DR - The CCP is ****-scared of a threat to "social stability" and its trying to get on the front-foot to try and ensure its survival.  


From a foreign policy perspective - the knowledge and understanding of this fear and desperation can be useful if applied appropriately towards specific objectives.  In the near term, Indian Govt should "hold its fire" from official criticism of the Chinese - milk its desire to avoid criticism by continuing 'discussions' and pushing them to provide access to urgently needed supplies - purchased, not gifted.  The CCP disrespects the Indian nation, its govt and its people as weak and ineffective. But its yet aware of the clout that India can exert in global forums, UN and beyond.  Interesting times ahead.  

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