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Cricket on grounds like Lahli are fun

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Look at the bat vs ball competition here in Lahli where Bombay-Haryana playing. The game goes on usually the most 4 days or often ends in 3. We should start throwing a tes tmatch here or some of these small grounds too. It's in major city like Haryana, very close to Dlehi too, so people would turn up. Just like ground in Faridabad. We need more of these pitches and grounds. Another I can remember is Palam ground in Delhi. Picture of the pitch and grass somes it up. 2rrl.png

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It just highlights that the BCCI and these state associations need to make ranji more sexy for the people to attend. I have attended a mumbai ranji game a few times at the new BKC ground and its surprising that not many people turn up. You can watch a good game of cricket for dirt cheap prices. In a way its sad sachin is calling quits. I has hoped he would play for mumbai for a few more years and bring the crowds to local domestic cricket. This is where the English game is more sound. Counties even though they are subsidied by the the ecb still have their own business plans , which involve supporters coming to watch local games in the 4 day format. Maybe the ranji teams need to have a compulsory 2 foreign players policy to draw in the crowd (somewhat) i am sure they can afford to pay these foreign players about $100,000.

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