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2nd ODI: South Africa v India, Durban |1:30 PM IST|

2nd ODI: South Africa v India, Durban |1:30 PM IST|  

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good op. slicr lets see how lucky ur this time.
A tough challenge for the team and Slickr
Toughest one thus far. :ohyeah: -Voted for SA. Din't create a match winner bet. Ultimate jinx :antijinx:
Nice OP:two_thumbs_up:
what a cracking op slick!! excellent
Sexy OP! Heart says India but mind says South Africa.. Hope our batsmen can get some batting practice before the test series begins..
Top op as usual SLICKA :bow:
yup nice op:two_thumbs_up:
Only good thing about this thread is going to be OP :cantstop:
As Usual Top OP. :hatsoff: Hope we win today :pray:
Great OP....:two_thumbs_up: c'mon guys...rearrange steyn's face today!!!:yay: Why can't these guys stick to cricket man.i hope they don't turn this into Mandela mourning match. Great man :hatsoff:but get on with the cricket.
Thank you. :icflove:

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Jason Humphries ‏@JasonH1973 17m Another inspection at 10.40. I can't see conditions improving in 20 minutes but there you go. #SAvsInd #SSCricket That is what i thought lol. If the conditions are bad now.. how will it get better in a matter of 20 minutes :hysterical: makes no sense.

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