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SA v Pak 2nd test

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Re: SA v Pak 2nd test Very strong post there Dhondy and i agree with a lot of it. Back in the 80s Imran was the one who brought in the fighting qualities that you see in these Pakistani cricketer e.g in that famous series against WI in 1988 Imran told his players that any one who backed away while facing the likes of Malcom Marshall and co will be sent home. He himself led by example and captained the team brilliantly through out the late 80s and off course in that all important world cup. It is a shame that Imran's hardwork was undone by the politics of the mid 90s but the team back then was so talented that even through this nonsense they continued to produce decent results.... how ever now the team is perhaps not as talented as the one in the mid to late 90s but Inzi and Woolmer have worked extremely hard and have brought the fighting qualities back to PAK cricket!

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