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The Return Of Ipl Game | Game Thread

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game mast tha :good:
:agree: The concept and game is really good since it puts you in owner's seat and tests whether you can buy a best performing team. Much different from SuperSelector where most selectors go for common picks with 1 or 2 experiments. But it needs some modification in rules and better involvement from organizer too.
per agar start se hi koi clear winner banjaye to phir kaisa maza :sad: Scarry ne itni lead nahi leni chahiye thi :headshake:
lo ab ye bhi mera galti hai :facepalm:

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Congrats Scarface for winning this. Very well played indeed :hatsoff: Others, thanks for participating and making it exciting. I am sure you all will participate next time round too :)

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Results https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11KtjXrs0Z9dJ2UnUpaMDVAZQfijvSD_kaAR1DtD-04E/edit?usp=sharing No code has to be inserted here. Won by 800 points :aha: PS: Gaurav, transfered 20 tril for Kohli top 3 bet :(( But he finished 5th so I guess the point is made :icflove:
Wah Scarry wah :hatsoff: Congrats :two_thumbs_up:

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asia cup ke liye bilkul bhi nahi  :nono:


world cup chalega ya phir sirf IPL bhi chalega  :dance:


continuously 3 series ke liye same game khelne se utna maza nahi aayega  :winky:

Even for world cup we should start the proceedings now with a separate thread. Whoever knows this games rules should start the thread, so that we can get the participants in a week or two.

We don't have $

It was only for spice things up a bit, these games will still be fun enough with banters dude.

We can still do it but we need something as a reward or prize before starting the game. 

Winner becomes a mod :woot:

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