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ICF Premier League

ICF Premier League  

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ICF Premier League 2015 - IPL 2015


Rules for Team owner

1. Applicants for team owner shall pay me non refundable ownership fees of 100 billions. 2. The maximum number of teams allowed is 5. 3. In case of more than 5 application, I will chose 5 randomly using online random selection tools. 4. The team owners shall not be auctioned of course, they will be bidding at the auction, buying players. 5. The winning prize will be shared in the ratio 1:1 between owners and players of the winning team. 6. The purse of spending on players will be 1T. So user shall have 1.1T ICF$ for being a owner. 7. Team formation ( 1 Owner + 5 Players )
Rules for retention:
1.Max 3 players out 6 can be retained. 2.Each player can be retained at 250B 3.If you retain two players, You will be left with 500B to buy 3 more players for your team
  1. PAA-G ( Owner : PAA-G )
  2. JaFanatic ( Owner : JaFanatic )
  3. The Seven Ups ( Owner : Scarface )
  4. The Dark Horse - ( Owner : ForeverIndian )

Rules for players and non-owners.

1. The non selected owners can be up for auctions 2. There is no registration fees for players to get their names in auction. 3. The purse of each of the teams is 1T bn ICF$, and the team owners are requested to arrange for the funds before the auction commences
1.I don't have 100 billion to buy the team, How can i be a owner? You can ask other ICF members for Joint-Ownership or borrow 100 Billion from ICF members. 2.How does this game works? After each Team Owner buys ICF Members from the auction pool and each team owner will have to form a team in ICF Super Selector or Cricinfo Fantasy League, Team with highest total points wins the game. 3.What's the difference between this auction game and Nanda's auction started by gaurav92? In this auction, Team owners will buy ICF members from the auction pool for their team to compete with other teams. In Nanda's auction game, Team owners will buy real cricket players(Kohli,Raina,Maxwell) from the auction pool(Like IPL Auction) and will form a team. 4.Can the team owner also participate as player in the game? Yes. 5.My name didn't come up in the randomize list for ownership, Can i join as player? Yes, you can but you need to register as yourself player before itself. If you name comes up in randomize, you will be allotted to your own team or you create a team without you. 6.Where will this game be played? Mostly we will be using Cricinfo Fantasy league to create our own private league or ICF SS. 7.How do players get paid? You will be given the money from the highest bid plus the base price from the auction. Winning team prize will be shared among the members. 8.How does the auction work? Each player will be auctioned in the ICF Chat Room based on their base price + performance from the last game.(Base price not yet decided) Example: Lord base price is 10 Million :giggle: Each team owner will bid for Lord and the team with highest bid will get the player. Team owner who won the bid will have to pay the player - Base price + bid amount) Players can be bought for base price too if there is no bid( Example : zakk and India-KXIP fan ) Team owners can create their own Team Name, Logo, Thread and help your players with strategies, how to play, how to save subs etc. 9. Why do team owners need 1T after paying 100B? 500 Billion is just a virtual amount, that will be the purse amount for the auction and you will have to pay your players after you buy them from the auction. Some player are in high demand :secret: You need to buy all the players within the 500B limit.
The Dark Horse Purse left - 500B for 3 Players
  • Forever Indian (Owner)
  • SidSuhail (Retained at 250B)
  • sscomp32 (Retained at 250B)
  • roshanrocks (Bought for )
  • Sid_Suhail (Bought for )
  • Robin (Bought for )
  • Pagalpanti (Bought for )
The Justice League Purse left - 250B for 2 Players
  • JaFanatic (Owner)
  • Sourab10forever (Retained at 250B)
  • 30markhanreturn (Retained at 250B)
  • Cricket_Hacker(Retained at 250B)
  • skindia (Bought for )
  • BleedBlue (Bought for )
  • VS319 (Bought for )

The Seven-Ups Purse left - 250B for 2 Players

  • Scarface (Owner)
  • Straight Drive (Retained at 250B)
  • StriKe (Retained at 250B)
  • Raghavender (Retained at 250B)
  • adi B (Bought for )
  • Sunnyji_2k (Bought for )
  • Sage (Bought for )
The Seven-Ups Purse left - 500B for 3 Players
  • PAA-G (Owner)
  • gaurav92 (Retained at 250B)
  • chammakchallo (Retained at 250B)
  • zakk (Bought for )
  • BlueBee (Bought for )
  • puneet28 (Bought for )
  • nanda14792 (Bought for )

No code has to be inserted here. Reserve players - @Reserve Players... Join our league like everyone else, you might be added to a team if needed. Donations bulbul zakk gaurav92 Spreadsheet with Scores http://goo.gl/LjbOHe Credits: gaurav92

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I'll join as a player. Don't mind retention.
I'm in...as a player of course
:nice: ICF Fantasy Premier League ? :hmmm:
Yeah' date=' sounds cool :two_thumbs_up:[/quote'] Mods, Edit the title :nice:

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Im In.
I will be player
Can I get my own team :hmmm:
Yes, FI and you will go into randomizer for 5th team @ 100B or you can buy -"The Dark Horse" Team for 600B. You can retain the players or go fresh into the auction.
Seven Ups will continue the winning trend in IPL as well with as many players from current team as retention rules allow :orderorder:
I am in as a player' date=' don't know whether people will buy me though.[/quote'] :two_thumbs_up: :two_thumbs_up:

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