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Hardik Pandya Solution to India Allrounder Woes.

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On 05/03/2016 at 4:05 AM, adi B said:

Pandya has really impressed me ,a good find for lois at least.all those saying he's a slogger should remember this is t20 and his role is clearly to go out and smack the ball from the go  and not show full fledged solid defense to a spinner or a pacer.

He'll change his game according to the format I am sure ,as I said before he will have to change his game after a couple of years and go the dhoni way in one days (from a hitter to a sensible finisher playing to the situation).

His bowling is good,he can crank it up a lot if he rectifies his action a bit (falls too much sideways which takes out the accuracy and 3-4ks)

On his way ,already adapting to various formats 

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