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11 minutes ago, maniac said:

COnvert 2000 runs please :pray:


Done. 5450 runs were converted. It's better to convert maximum runs to Rupees so that your requests are not frequent. Welcome to ICF Economy :thumbsup:


7 minutes ago, sscomp32 said:

Convert 5000 runs for me. 

Done. 6150 runs were converted.

6 minutes ago, SLICKR392 said:

I want to convert all of my runs to moniez. Thanks!

Done. 1940 runs converted. Welcome to ICF Economy :thumbsup:

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6 hours ago, zakk said:

ab mere pass kitne paise dikha rahe hai?

You can check in your economy dashboard.

The Economy Dashboard is located here and in the drop down menu at top right section of the forum

You can also access it on mobile site in the Main Menu > Apps > Economies.
4 hours ago, Mosher said:

I want to convert all my runs to money. Thanks.

Done. Welcome to ICF Economy :thumbsup:

3 hours ago, sandeep said:

Why can't members convert it on their own? This is a self-inflicted overhead and bottleneck.

Anyway, Kripayaa convert 1000 runs.

Done. 2070 runs were converted. Welcome to ICF Economy :thumbsup:

We do not have an automated system right now. So have to do this manually :frown:

Conversion requests are allowed twice a month, so accumulate runs and request conversion for whatever runs you have. This way you won't have to request frequently and it reduces the "self-inflicted" overhead. Think of it as monthly salary you get in real life and manage your spending of ICF Rupees accordingly.

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