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Will we win a single medal this time ?

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Indians also generally lack the work ethic. No better example than marathon national record: Shivnath singh - 2:12  set in 1978. Considering the improvement in nutrition all around and general craze of fitness that even seems to be spreading in India, this record remains untouched. 

And long distance running doesn't require superman genes, all humans beings have ability to a varying degree. Just requires work.  

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For Olympic glory certainly huge amount of money and investment in sport infra and coaching is required.


You don't expect countries like Somalia or Pakistan to get 10 medals.


in the top 20 medal, either countries will have a  very good per capita or large country with a large GDP


countries like south korea and china have increased competitiveness in Olympics with increase in GDP.


While india has attained a large GDP in the last 25 years, we are still lagging several times behind's china.


china got more out of its population per GDP but they are also a different beast


The next decade is a promising decade where huge investments in sports can take us to 10-15 medals with 5-8 gold medals .Again even this cant be achieved without good policies and execution.


if a country has to establish itself in a sport, it has to create strong school teams, league teams and number of decent coaches

has to be spread through the length and breadth of the country.decent infra is a must.


its like constructing 15000km of highway,..it can be done but we need more quality administrators. 


you need money...investment in infra,coaches and sports programs...then glory will come..


even concentration in 4 major cities can be of help....for all the talk about cricket, our superstars are pretty much from the big cities with a exception like dhoni...we are still not getting batting superstars from the tier 2 towns...and there is a reason why

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to make matters worse wrestling weight divisions were curtailed, so narsing yadav and Sushil kumar had to compete for same weight range, Sushil called out Narsing for a bout which he did not comply so only Narsingh competing in 74 kg range, else we would have had a medal prospect in 65 kg in which Sushil used to compete. I think India needs to review certain categories which have lots of gold medals and focus on them not stick of wrestling/boxing/shooting/archery that we do now.


Shiv thapa was high ranked wonder how he got 1st seed in opening bout.

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What about the event itself? Any idea how it is to shoot, let alone in an Olympic games?


Let's not belittle his achievements and question his social status and tie with his performances. Being rich alone won't yield much, unless our athletes start believing.

that's why I said...Even he buckled under pressure and there are lot of Athletes who doesn't know what they will do if aren't able to perform.There is no security being a sportman in a country like India.

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