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Yogeshwar wants deceased wrestler’s family to keep London Olympics silver medal

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He will in anycase lose his bronze medal as same will be given to south Korean who lost against Dutt in bronze medal match.

I don't understand why creating issues further in this regard.He will end up being medal less if does this.

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After Silver, Yogeshwar Dutt's Bronze medal from London Olympics might turn to 'GOLD' – Here's how!


A source told Hindustan Times on Friday that Yogi will likely get the gold medal after the winner in his 60kg event at the 2012 London Olympics tested positive in a doping examination.


The source also told the newspaper that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is yet to officially communicate the news of gold medallist Toghrul Asgarov’s positive dope test to the United World Wrestling (UWW).

The fans will have to however wait as Dutt’s samples, taken during the 2012 Games, will also be tested before confirming the upgrade of his medal to gold.

:pray: Gold 

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He is just a hero and will remain that even if doesn't get a gold. Getting silver medal in India with the circumstances that Indian Athletes faces is actually commendable. We just need to compare the resources that the Athlete of this nation get and the Athletes of countries like China and USA are getting. Cricket and hockey are not only the games that are to be considered, after all in Rio Olympics we were not competing for Cricket World Cup Trophy.

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