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Congrats Babar Azam: Joins the list of fastest batsmen to 1000 ODI runs

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10 hours ago, Pollack said:

Rich man's Rayudu . God send for Pakistani team though.

Lulz Rayudu  comparison came to mind as well,apne runs maaro aur nikal lo ,good player yet to see a good innings against a half decent side but when you are part of a **** batting side you ll obviously look gold

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4 minutes ago, Nate said:

No way you can compare players that way

Smith number 1 in test but NOBODY in t20i

Virat not successful in tests same as ODI(near 9000 runs)

Virat averages close to 50 in Tests. I'd like to see what your definition of "successful in tests" means ?

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16 hours ago, Ishantboyz said:

good player but he is no roHIT sharma

So glad he isn't. That guy is very unconsistent. Babar on the other hand plays with the whole flag on his shoulder.

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On 10/17/2017 at 12:48 PM, mancalledsting said:

I think he's best batsmen to come out of Pakistan since Asad shafiq- still some way to go before he fufills his potential 

He;s better than Shafiq who is extremely inconsistent and scores mostly in losing causes.

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These new GEN. pak players are bringing back the excitement pak was heavily missing. Glad to see they went with the out with the old, in with the new strategy. Hopefully their head stays grounded and does not wonder off like Shezad or the Akmal brothers. 

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