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  2. Afgahnistan is in the world cup because they qualified for it and beat teams like Zim, Scotland, ireland.
  3. R!TTER

    21 Indian cities will have zero tap water

    Not every major city has rivers or lakes to do this, lots of them rely on ground water!
  4. Vilander

    Inzamam broke the law?

    nope. skull cap is religious, should be banned for public spaces. Keep your religious practice private. skull caps, burkas etc should be banned in public.
  5. R!TTER

    Australia will win world cup 2019

    Well tbf if Bangers somehow fluke this, then they'll probably make it to SF & who knows from there
  6. maniac

    Australia will win world cup 2019

    You missed the sarcasm :)
  7. R!TTER

    Australia will win world cup 2019

    This - https://espncricinfo.com/series/8039/scorecard/65196/australia-vs-scotland-4th-match-icc-world-cup-1999 Nope -
  8. Sgattick10

    Australia will win world cup 2019

    Fitte muh Fitte muh Fitte muh.. Koi sharam hoti hai koi haya hoti hai
  9. Hope for their sake they don’t dig such a big hole that their depth is tested
  10. rkt.india

    Australia will win world cup 2019

    did they lose to Scotland in 99?
  11. And yes when it came to strike rate and being a special player for that era Sehwag is talked about. I am not saying Rohit is greater than say someone like Kohli as a odi bat but this attribute of hitting 180+ scores takes special skill levels and that is something we need to be in awe of
  12. Haarkarjeetgaye

    Who's responsible for Rashid Khan's pathetic performance in this WC?

    Hype. Afghanistan is in this wc because of and for money
  13. Sehwag has more 290+ scores in Tests. Tendulkar + Kohli have 90 ODI 100s b/w them. Viv Richards has hit 2 180+ score in that era People have accomplished far more than what you want to feel proud for here
  14. people are missing the context. Boult winning a 100m race cannot be called a less accomplishment than say a 100th ranked player winning a grand slam against all odds. Sure it makes for a better story at the end. Boult is Boult because he is ahead of his peers in certain abilities. Hitting 200s for fun is equivalent of that
  15. Bangladesh bats very deep ..infact very deep ,but they have a mountain to climb.
  16. That is exactly the point of my thread. Regardless of what has changed or what you factor in how much is that being accomplished by the rest ?leave alone 3 times by the same individual. You can never compare across eras but base someone’s brilliance and genius off of how ahead they are if their peers in certain attributes.
  17. Haarkarjeetgaye

    Which were the best innings ever in a world cup semi-final?

    Micheal Bevan in 96 and 99 i think the best two semi final knocks
  18. Stuge

    Australia will win world cup 2019

    Cricket will the real winner at the end of the tournament
  19. Starc is like a much upgraded version of Amir. Won’t take wickets against top order if you don’t attack him. Only difference is Starc can run through tail with his sheer pace. there is a reason Starc is mediocre in tests. Cummins is the much better allround bowler
  20. Asim

    Inzamam broke the law?

    Shalwar-Qameez is National dress of Pakistan and totally normal to wear anywhere, at any event, for every profession; from a Laborer to prime minister and if your above 'judgments/remarks' are just because of that cap, its not anything abnormal either, usually people who regularly offer prayers (or sometime bcz of their cultural background) make it a part of their regular dressing but nobody (with any reasonable education) would judge them like that bcz its neither Mullah specific dressing nor any particular religious/jihadi display... (One of my uncle runs a multi-national software-house, visits worldwide and almsot all the time had same outlook, same attire... I just wonder whether he ever face such remarks? may be not bcz I think he's never been to india) on actual topic: issue should only be whether a selector can visit pitch/ground before match? if rule says NO, then ICC or whoever should ask him! but dressing can't/should'nt be an issue since he is not a part of team/coaching staff...
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