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    Title says it all, bhu -kha is a shytier version of kul cha and should be no where near the t20 format, especially kha.
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    Well it took SL 21 years after 1975 to win their first and it will be 20 years since Bangladesh made their World Cup debut in 1999 in England!. Can life come full circle and Bangladesh win the world cup 2019 in England? They have become a good ODI side, become a force at home, whitewashed Pakistan, beat India, beat SA. They have many things going for them: - with all the rage about all-rounders, they have the best AR in the world in Sakib - A bowler in top 5 - The Fizz - An opening batsmen to rival one of Rohit or Dhawan in Tamim Iqbal - A pocket rocket keeper, probably current the best wicket keeper batsmen in Rahim and dance moves to put the West Indians to shame - A Saurav Ganguly clone in Soumya Sarkar - Kohli's nemesis Rubel will charged up and give 110% as ever - A captain who now has REAL political power - Reached QF of last world cup - Reached SF of ICC CT in England!, only to be denied by rulings to favour India - Nearly came close to beating India and causing a historical upset in the recent Asia Cup - And....contingent of hair-raising fans with emotions and tears to flood the plains of Brahmaputra
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    Dhoni using all his strategic might to plot the downfall of a No.11 bat of the team reeling at 157/9
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    Well, Shubhman is also more good looking than you. Lololololol Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    These guys already know a bit of hindi because of playing in IPL lol
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    Shami in 2019 ODI's

    He shud be ahead of bhuvi now
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    Shami is second behind Bumrah

    Everytime someone will have different opinion, they will be labelled buffoons?
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    Too many feathers.
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    Ind could play 3 ARs

    Jettisoned means discarded Zen bhai. Thoda angrezi mein dhokla-fafda ho gaya
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    Dealing with hacks in WC 2019

    Well we have a bowling coach in the field, don't we?
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    40/3 - Thala/Biriyani batting 100/3 - Thala/Biriyani batting 140/3 - Thala/Biriyani batting 170/3 Thala/Biriyani batting :)
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    Rofl Choke job by Pakistan

    Were crusing at 140-1 lol and fked up the chase. How can they lose this. lost ths series too rofl :bhangra:
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    Disclaimer :not a troll thread. I have seen a lot of Dhoni fans probably most of them millenials or CSK fans usually comeback with how Sachin or even Mumbai Lobby for the matter of fact be it (Gavaskar, Rohit,Ravi Shastri etc) are selfish. They say if you repeat a lie enough times it becomes a fact. All of a sudden every guy who joins this forum initially as a cricket lover starts parroting the same line especially if he is a CSK fan or a Dhoni fan. Nothing wrong loving your favorite franchise or having a favorite player to defend ( guilty as charged) but why do you go the “Sachin is selfish” argument route to defend Dhoni? For arguments sake let us say Sachin might have have played for a few personal milestones he set for himself like being the GOAT batsman and acted selfishly in the process, what is the reason one uses that as a crutch to defend Dhoni ? the opposite of selfishness is selflessness isn’t it? What exactly are examples of Dhoni’s selflessness? I have never heard about any charitable causes or public service announcements from Dhoni. The whole army thing looks like a marketing gimmick as well. I mean couldn’t he have joined the army and written the NDA exam instead of taking a railway TT job when he was making the transition? Obviously there are “benefits” of working as a TT in Indian railways Now don’t think I am a Dhoni hater, I am a huge fan of what he represents that is a small-town boy from a middle class family becoming a cricketing mega star and a very good player. A Indian success story. However isn’t the hero worship of Dhoni becoming the same as most people have accused Sachin fans over the years? Even on the field, his batting at his own pace is costing the team in a game that has evolved. He lets guys like Jadhav and DK do the hitting in the guise of holding one end. 2 guys who are establishing themselves in the side,by getting out over-attacking the numbers may work against them. How is that selflessness? The guy has never played for the match situation in recent times unless blocking away during a top order collapse which he would have done regardless of the situation. isn’t this whole Dhoni worshipping getting a little tiring. I am sure as tired about pointing out his flaws. About time we ask questions of players who are just not good enough as Indian cricket fans and move forward. Time we put an end to this. Dhoni is just another selfish cricketer holding spots of other deserving youngsters and hogging undeserved limelight. Any examples of his selflessness? Honest question, I am ready to listen and change my mind
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    India. Pakistan. Chennai. 1999

    This was the time when Sachin fans could genuinely believe that the guy can deliver miracles. He came so close. Desert Storm in Sharjah, 2 single-handed back to back victories against Aus. And add another one in Dhaka(?) with a 5-fer in another ODI. The 155 and dismantling of Shane Warne - preceded by a FC double playing for Mumbai in the warm-up game. Here was a batting genius, a 5'6" colossus who indisputably dominated the world stage. To me, this innings, and the 175 in an ODI chase against Australia - are classic examples of Tendulkar's unfulfilled potential as a "matchwinner". All those morons who argue this myth with a straight face, who haven't seen in-prime tendulkar bat, and only have the latter day shadow of himself to go by, along with archived scorecards, are the ignorant ones who missed out.
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    Match awareness comes when you play games consistently at international level. In and out doesn’t help.
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    Jonty Rayudu's fielding history

    Needs some more effort in the field à la Mishraji
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    He is Biryani alright, just happens to be Kauwa Biryani.
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    I'm tired of writing this over and over again. This guy needs to be sent in at the 30th over or so, and he will deliver more often than not. His gap-hitting style is perfect for that powerplay stage, only 4 outfielders.
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    That is why DK was dropped after that innings
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    Pandya Brothers are club level cricketers - 6 words
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    Pant's T20 SR is 163. That's about 40 more than the team's requirements. So, he will have to sit out.
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    DK is Just a cameo player

    He is strictly a T20 finisher, playing him in ODIs makes no sense. 90 ODIs ke baad avg 31.6 (despite 21 not outs), SR 73.8, zero hundreds... this guys won't fit in our 70s, 80s, 90s crap ODI teams. If Kohli expects to win a damn WC with guys like DK and Rayudu in the middle order, he needs medical assistance.
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