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    Do we really need new threads every time a Phateecharstani cricketer spouts bollocks about India or Indian cricket?
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    Tweeted same day when modi took over office in 2014 as prime minister of india.
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    Waisay...follow your own wife...kisi aur ki biwo ko mat follow karo
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    He will be always in news for something but most of the time for his good things. Supporting transgenders, adopting martyr families, donating his organs after his death, Rejecting the IPL contract money etc etc. But now I'm sharing another news about him. I don't know this was old but I felt it should be shared with u guys
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    Ohh now Bangar is the bakra when everyone knows that it was amrapali singh who didnt want to go in early. His PR is out of the world. In morning news of his nd Sakshi amrapali mess news came in and in evening news of him going to border with army came in. India is fast going Pakistani route where your sins can be washed by just being nationalist or showing something of army closeness
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    Guy didnt take single penny last year in IPL after he failed as captain and dropped himself and there is that Fraud who said "No CSK,NO IPL" and played for RPSG for money and now doing Army gimmick but wont miss single match in IPL.
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    Many might not knw but those who grew up playing Cricket in Delhi in the late 90s would know and would easily remember that Gambhnir comes from an extremely rich family and when he wasn't picked in the late 90s for the under 19 World Cup, his dad was asked to deposit certain some of money to get him into the World Cup squad. Back then ransom and stuff was common, but the Gambler family refused that route. This was a very popular event since his selection was definitely expected. The guy was in brilliant form but failed to get picked and thanks to his family, they taught him the right way of earning the spot. They could have easily given the said some of money to get him on the plane to Sri Lanka for the squad. From showing up as chief guests to random government schools to support them, to the cult generous status he posses, he is one of a kind. Ethics run deep in that Gambhir family.
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    Imran Khan meltdown

    what a dumbass, and I was thinking he was just a bhikhari. Modi has scarred these Pakistanis for life, what a time to be alive. Say hello to Pakistan's daddy and chachu.
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    In 1971 we attacked so many tree logs - we created a new jungle. Want one again ?
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    Congrats All Indians !

    Checking in, a temporary break from ICF sanyaas cos the occasion demanded so. Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Vande Mataram, integration of JK is now complete !!!!!! Greatest day in Indian politics. I take some of my harsh words about Modi/Shah back.....blessed to be alive to see this historic event. For all its faults only BJP could have pulled this out. Fukc Congress, fukc the traitors who are doing randi rona over this...many will be exposed now just like during Balakot. Now such SOBs deserve Xinjiang treatment RIGHT NOW, no dilly dallying. Bam Bam Bhole, Amarnath shrine board can now be officially ours with no more pesky interference by jihadis. Special remembrance for our fallen jawans and KP brothers and sisters. Thanks to the people of Jammu/Ladakh and few sensible ones in the valley for their allegiance during difficult times.
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    Congrats All Indians !

    35 A removed. Congrats Women of Kashmir . You no longer are second class citizens. 370 on the way out . Ladhakh no longer a part of J and K. Ladhakh is a union Territory. Jammu and Kashmir also a Union Territory. A new day for India. Congrats all Indians !
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    New guy

    India vs WI 3rd T20

    Pant has now crossed Dhoni's highest score in T20s. Pant also has two 50s now in 18 matches compared with Dhoni's 2 50s in 98 matches
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    It's about time someone with stature speaks out against the undeserved clout Kohli enjoys. The kind of freedom that Kohli has enjoyed, is only justified if he delivers results to back it up. "Speaking of lame ducks, the Indian selection committee appears to be one. After the reappointment, he (captain) gets invited to the meeting for his views on the selecting the players for the team. By bypassing the procedure, the message that goes out is that while the players like Kedar Jadhav, Dinesh Karthik get dropped after below expectations performance, the captain continues despite much below par expectations where the team did not even reach the finals," the stalwart wrote, taking a clear dig at the powers that Virat Kohli currently enjoys in the system.
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    We all know that this leech is the biggest culprit in the history of Indian cricket. I am saying this again, this is one of the smaller scams he is a part of which has been found out now. This man is swimming in murk. Right from corruption in CSK to team selection, to a whole lot of scams at every level! https://www.outlookindia.com/website/story/india-news-amrapali-diverted-homebuyers-money-to-ms-dhonis-wifes-company-auditors-tell-supreme-court/334759
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    This whole coach selection process was a big farce.
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    Imran Khan meltdown

    This guy , till a few years ago was rubbing kaali dal on his genetalia , is giving gyaan to the world now. Chutiya kahin ka, has spoiled kaali dal for me , cannot have it anymore. https://www.mansworldindia.com/in-the-moment/imran-khan-genitalia-kaali-daal-excerpt-reham-khans-book-tmi/ On a day in November, I’d walk into the bedroom to find my new husband lying naked on a white sheet, rubbing kaali daal (black lentils) all over himself. He laughed in embarrassment as he rubbed them on his genitalia. He then stood up and shook the lentils onto the sheet for Anwarzeb, the home help, to take away. I stood there in shock. Imran explained that Ahad, his brother-in-law, had brought a man with him who had recommended the treatment because he believed someone had done some black magic on Imran.”
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    he plays test cricket over 3 formats unlike steve smith so thala gets my vote for sure.
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    Modi is killing innocent terrorist

    omfg ,I thought Pakistani were dumb but, this take chewtiyapa to a whole new level.
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    Whole process is flawed..Why let the current coach to apply for future as well, If he was good enough then let him continue and extend his contract, atleast this way other applicants wont atleast try for that..
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    Greats teams are made when the captain, the coach and selectors show a certain vision. They are very clear about what types of players are needed for super success. They are ruthless about dropping dead weights or players who don't have long-term value. These aspects are largely missing with the current captain and selectors. They are neither ruthless nor have sufficient vision. Changes happen only after major debacles and sometimes, not even then. - Why does Rahul retain his test spot after repeated failures ? - Why is Rohit back in the test squad ? - Why is Umesh selected for a test series outside Asia ? Why not Saini. ? - Why is Mayank dropped from ODIs without a single game? - Why does Jadhav retain his ODI spot. ? Why not develop a young finisher for WC 2023. ? - Why is Pandey in the T20 squad ? - Why are there so few power hitters in our ODI and T20I squads. ? Is this a joke. !! - Where is Shubman Gill. ? - Why are there so many trundlers in the T20I squad. ? The only selections that interest me are Saini in ODIs and T20Is and Rahul Chahar in T20Is.
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    Time to quit Indian cricket , honestly not worth the time I spend following them . I don’t mind supporting a weak team with lack of resources , but we are the exact opposite. Nothing exciting about our cricket anymore .
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    They repeatedly tried to stall parliamentary proceedings. Their spokesperson fervently asserted that Kashmir wasn't India's internal matter and was in fact a UN disputed territory. At this point I don't see any difference between them and Pakistanis. I hope this party implodes from within and finished for good. For too long we have allowed these aasteen ke saanp to roam free amongst us.
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    This is the image in Cricinfo news articles. Appropriate 100%, as if Kohli and Bewda having a laugh on all of us who had 1% belief that coach will change!
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    https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/pakistani-netizens-unsubscribe-indian-youtube-channels-after-scrapping-of-article-370-kashmir-2266501.html #UnsubscribeIndianYouTubers is now the top trend in Pakistan, with several Pakistanis declaring how they've unsubscribed Indian channels and have urged fellow Pakistanis to do the same so that they can take revenge.
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    Ladakh has Buddhists and Shias who will rather die than joining them. Jammu division has 10 districts. It is 70% (Hindu+Sikh) and 30% Muslims. And those 30% Muslims are majority non-Kashmiri muslims who are fiercely loyal to India with so many of them into Army and JnK police. That leaves 10 districts of Valley division. Out of which Budgam is again Shia majority district so it hardly sees any uprising or militancy. Then there are 4 districts of North Kashmir - Baramulla, Kupwara, Ganderbal and Bandipora. This part is adjacent to LoC and major infiltration from Pak happens in this region. Also Kashmiri militants crossed into Pak from this region for training. Late 90s and early 2000s when this area was infested with Pakistani or Pakistan trained militants we used to suffer casualties on daily basis. However after 2004 we started to get hold of this area. The militant network collpased. The fencing dragged the infiltration down to very low level hence the training camps too became irrelevant. Last year Baramulla was even declared as militancy free district. While I still think it is not completely militancy free, the support for militants in North Kashmir is very low. Srinagar is the capital and the youth here have progressed due to access to good education and very rarely I see anyone joining militancy from here. That leaves 4 districts in South Kashmir Kulgam, Anantnag, Shopian and Pulwama. Most of the local militants are from this region (But in terms of numbers they are not even 10% to what it was in North Kashmir in late 90s to early 2000s). But to badluck of Pakistan not even a single district is adjacent to LOC to build a network here. It is a lost battle for Pakistan and they can't even take a centimetre off it by force. While I understand they feel a moral obligation towards Kashmir but they tried in 48,65 and 99 but the local revolt was completely missing to their help. They send their "mujahids" but half of Kashmiris are informers or policemen who kill them. Also If they think they can hold India back by dragging this issue then that theory has also been punctured in the last 15 years while their own economy has fallen into a pit. They should use this opportunity to move on from this obsession which is completely foolish.
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    Dhoni does it again

    Tahla chased down 370
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    Indians on social media are really embarassing. They make the remaining sane Indians too look like douchebags.
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    And there is the other fraud who leads his team to the bottom of the table year after year and still takes a big, fat paycheck.
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    First he retired Kumble. Then stopped Dhoni from retiring. Now Shastri. This cant get any worse for haterz like me
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    Dangerous to change coach as Shastri and Kohli complement each other: BCCI Official Kya hoga? Kohli will have fits ,roll on the floor ,grimace ,use all his fingers and tongue to abuse.....what else?
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    Everyone is empowered - Kohli

    This mofo is now no longer a hungry ambitious cricketer He is an enormous world wide brand that uses cricket as a marketing tool for that to grow Full of fake empty motivational nonsense/politically correct platitudes
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    India vs WI Tour Squad Announced

    Same old Indian management thinking Fecking morons haven't got balls to implement change: - Dhoni "rested", just say he has been dropped - a$$ hole mothafecker Kohli is still captain in all formats -Rohit back in Tests , Rohit couldn't play the moving white ball and cost India WC SF and expect this mo fo to succeed in Tests after 6 years of failures, Pujara was dropped after just 1 failed series - KL Rahul, Kuldeep and Bhuvnesh Kumar all picked after miserable WC, these three are epitome of mental midgets - Hardik Pandya as usual missing from these bilaterals from lame injury excuse, thus guy needs to play more cricket esp ODIs and Tests Until Kohli is not sacked, India will bathe in mediocrity, whilst Kohli will preach sermons to the gullible like a Bangladeshi captain that the fans should not expect the Team to win everything and lower their expectations because he and his mates are also busy with shopping trips and stripping for undie ads - this is same moron who can't even qualify for IPL playoffs
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    Good things that Pakistan has given us

    26/11 KP genocide, exodus Mumbai local blasts Parliament attack Pathankot, Uri, Nagrota, Pulwama Death by 1000 cuts their motto 1000s of our braves martyred because of the jihadi menace Daily cross border firing Wars, betrayal in Kargil Huge % of our GDP wasted because of them, which otherwise could have been used to uplift our poor Drug trafficking to destroy youth of Punjab After all this damage we are discussing what good they have given us, seriously? Music and songs, am I reading this right? Tomorrow if a neighbor without any provocation kills your family members, rapes the women, throws grenades in your garden, vows to wipe out your family, claims your property as his...will you fondly reminisce about good old days 20 years back when he gave you Alpenliebe or shared a plate of snacks? Nah Pakistan has to pay for her sins, and will pay. No dosti or good memory, blood of our martyrs is still fresh, families of martyrs struggle every single day, jawans pay with their blood every single day because of enemy's nefarious activities.
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    He is under the mentor ship of Dhoni, as per official statements. You can’t expect him to do any different.
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    Don't stop there. Change your store names overseas as well by removing the word Indian and stop hiding behind being classified as South Asians.
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    I had so much respect for Virat Kohli the batsman earlier, but this chutiyapa on the field and faltu ki showbaazi, Anushka has turned him into a dhobee ka kutta, he neither belongs to cricket nor bollywood, nor Jumbo Circus !
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    Lets keep a count on the number of blunders they do which we can visit post another Wc disappointment ... This would include Selections mainly as i dont wanna include much of on-field tactics (coz i beileve those also involves execution part) but still we ll add up those strategies which wud be foolish on Diff level Starting With Ind-WI LOI series To start with Kohli going for LOI series has basically taken one spot for no reason which cud have been given to a youngster like Gill ....now iyer, rahul cant even get a spot in XI Selection inconsistencies - why am i putting this on captain as well coz its his vision as well and he is the one with impatience problem Gill goes on NZ tour plays 2 games ...gets dropped in Aus series Mayank goes in WC ...warm benches and gets dropped from Next series Rahul plays in Whole Wc and next series in t20 which is his most powerful format ...he gets dropped Dhawan, Jadeja, Manish pandey selection in t20 format which has been their weakest over so many years Baffling selection 3. Baffling Final XI selections- Lets says for a second if selectors have messed up but what about playing XI Manish pandey, dhawan over KL rahul - This is the single reason that KL who has been going through techincal issue has been put under insecurity which doesnt help any players mindset Benching a leggie like Rahul chahar
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    India vs WI 3rd T20

    Glad Pant doesn't believe in last ball thrills. Congrats guys!
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    Sundar getting praise from Virat Kohli!

    rat is like bhasmasura .. whoever he praises , their career will be burnt
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    The Ashes (2019)

    With Smith this Aussay side would have smoked Virushka led slaves xi down under later last year
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    Rohit & Virat Issue Post Worldcup.

    told this in 2017 itself .. make hitman our LoI captain .. people who follow IPL and have some decent cricket acumen knows that rohits is a far better captain than kohli .. would rate rohit can be a better LoI captain than dhoni .. rohit is damn good in defending low scores
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    Everyone is empowered - Kohli

    Consistency in losing knockouts is boring ...true. Consistency in failing in important crunch matches is boring ...true. Consistency in piling centuries in bilaterals is boring.... true. Consistency in hearing b$ coming from his mouth is boring .....true
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    He can't lead without Dhoni's help and he won't let anyone else become skipper. He is turning into a curse!
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    Has to be Dhoni, Jadeja was at the world cup from day 1
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