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    Oye Hoye Trophy!

    http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/25291501/oye-hoye-most-bizarre-trophy-cricket Biscuit Trophy Ke baad, Kya Oye Hoye! They are running out of ideas.
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    now BCCI will sue PCB for legal expense
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    Austin 3:!6

    Kohli ki kismat

    He wished Indian womens team and they got knocked out yesterday in semi finals Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Lost odi series 1-4 ,just saying.
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    No water, no Pepsi, no soda, no virgin Pina colada etc. That's a lot of no already. Just
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    How about making Bumrah his role model ? Khaleel was a fast bowler who now idenfies himself with a medium paced swing bowler !! This guy seems to have the mindset of a trundler.
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    If Rahul is good enough he should be able to figure out to how to bat anywhere. Don’t need to accommodate him for one of the greatest no.3’s of all time. It’s different if a slot opens up and a talented player is tried in that position but why change Kohli’s position where he has singlehandedly won us games?
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    This horrible trundler need to go, no need of such lazy bug with no effort. This guy single handedly brought back 'virus' of Indian bowlers loosing pace after debut. 'Virus' which was treated efficiently to death by doctor umesh and Aaron. Kick his butt before it infect others.
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    Rofl, at lunch they needed 40 odd with 7 wickets in hand. What an entertaining session.
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    Oye Hoye Trophy!

    Next up Chockaa trophy
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    Do we have to play more warm ups? No Do we have to play guys not in my clique? No Do I have to leave my wife behind on tours? No And so on..
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    Is Sreesanth innocent?

    We all know that there was one player who didnt like him. This player openly used to speak against him, mock him. I smell a rat. This person Sreesanth had a tiff with, was and is powerful. I am talking about Dhoni. If he isn't involved in all this, I would be very surprised. I reckon Dhoni is the one who played this game to get him out. I know people are going to jump at me with this conspiracy theory. But who throws a match for 10 lac rs? Thats chillar for any cricketer.
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    So refreshing to hear genuine credit instead of having to give credit to dhoni.
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    Aussie fans at the SCG right now
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    Khaleel went from “Bowling fast is my strength and I think my left-arm pace can be beneficial for India. I feel my pace and the extra bounce that I can extract, that has given me plenty of wickets in the domestic format and I believe that can be a reason behind the selectors showing their faith in me. Khaleel said while addressing the media on Friday.'' https://m.dailyhunt.in/news/india/english/gyanhigyan+english-epaper-gyaneng/my+left+arm+pace+can+be+beneficial+for+india+khaleel+ahmed-newsid-99618805 To wanting to become a swing bowler in a space of 2 months
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    They would rather show news on what color Tamiur pooped for the day Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    Atleast in T20s. First Nidhaas final and now this match.
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    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Those were great batting conditions with the pressure off with a substantial lead. All of Curran’s innings came in back to the wall situations.
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    DK-the T20 legend Fan club

    Did he shag you?

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