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    Austin 3:!6

    Umar Akmal, WTF!

    Umar Akmal should go back to cinema. Don't forget, prior to cricket he was a background dancer in bollywood movies. 'Tu Cheez Badi hai mast mast...saani dha...saani dha' Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Let's all laugh at ourselves

    This is what happens when ur boss is on vacation and no control
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    https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/news/in-modern-day-cricket-its-ok-to-go-for-runs-shardul-thakur/articleshow/74185178.cms "It is OK to go for runs. As a bowler, you can't end up bowling extraordinary spells every time you go out to bowl. The idea is that if I am going to go for 20 runs in a particular over, then I should be able to bring the runs down to 16, 14 or 15 in the next over." "Certainly I have my eyes on World Cup. The positivity that I bring into the game and the amount of confidence I have, the way I am passionate about the game will help the team to win the World Cup or at least do the job fairly,"
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    Cos he plays for average, not for wins. Phoney in white ball cricket, legend in tests, TM confusing formats. for the last 10 years now.
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    Austin 3:!6

    That over is end of Dubes career

    Amazing farewell scenes of Dube Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Congrats to Man of the Match Thakur

    Thakur in the final over
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    Here comes my insomnia therapist...
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    He lost his virginity to Imran
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    If Dhoni were the captain then the pacers would have been Mohit Sharma and Shardul. So Bumrah could not have bowled the super over.
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    Greats teams have always had great bowlers and great fast bowlers. Have not seen any exception. In test matches, the only way to win is by taking 20 wickets. Even if the batsmen score 1000 runs, if the bowlers don't take 20 wickets then a team cannot win a single match. In LOIs, the easiest way to win consistently is by taking opposition wickets at regular intervals or in bunches ... and take them quickly. This is because it takes just 1 good ball to dismiss a set batsman. But a batsman has to put in a lot of effort to put up a winning score. Let's take yesterday's ODI for example. Kuldeep and Shami were bowling poorly but both changed the course of the match after bowling 1 good over each. While Smith could not win the match after batting well for around 100 balls. Who says it is a batsman's game ? Why do people become fast bowlers ? For the thrill and adrenaline rush.
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    Sipahi @Austin 3:!6 we need you to invade the BD forum and teach those bokachodas some manners.
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    express bowling

    Let's all laugh at ourselves

    ODI bowling averages ---- Shami. 25.4 Kuldeep. 26.2 Shardul. 51 3 ODI ERs ---- Kuldeep. 5.1 Shami. 5.6 Shardul. 6.8 Can't fault anyone for playing Shami and Kuldeep ... anyone can have occasional bad matches. Shardul's case is different. He is always expensive.
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    Jaiswal smokes Abbas for a big six. His 2 kids will be disappointed.
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    Stop derating team india under kohli

    Ok shastri
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    "Give us Kashmir, else we'll do terrorism" "Play cricket with us, or we'll do hijdaa dance and threaten World cup tournament". Neither of these tactics have any chance of working.
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    Makes too much sense which is precisely why it won't happen.
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    Yes .. Even his running between the wickets is stylish . He walks like John Travolta in Saturday night Live when batting . His cut shots are like slicing the birthday cake smoothly with a samurai sword.
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    My playing 11 1. Gill 2. Mayank 3. Pujara 4. Kohli 5. Rahane 6. Vihari 7. Pant 8. Jadeja 9. Saini 10. Shami 11. Bumrah ---- Gill is in red hot form in the Unofficial Tests in NZ. Just scored a century as an opener after his 204* and 83 in the last game. He should be one of the openers. ---- Saini should play ahead of Umesh ... he is in excellent form and Umesh is unreliable in tests in SENA. ---- I prefer Pant in tests in SENA. He catches well to pacers and is a much better batsman than Saha. This is needed in SENA. ---- This is a very strong batting line-up till 8 ... 3 top quality genuine fast bowlers ... 5 bowling options including Vihari.
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    Two of his daughters look like mother of two, didn't know this 16 year old is father of two mothers
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    @Stuge nobody is bothered about this crappily staged sh!t .. news sounds obviously fake unless you are a liberal jackass with IQ in mid twenties
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    I would take these match fixer and Boot licking senior cricketer words with pinch of salt. I would concur with them when they show some ball against senior cricketers. Kohli use obnoxious language and gesture every other day. Who can forget his middle finger to crowd.
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    The Dark Horse

    Thakur is alright.

    Baba to Thakur
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    Worst kind of torture for Pant

    Pant should have been released from the squad to play in the A games and get some useful match practice and improve his game. This pathetic team management is out to ruin his career by making him sit on the bench.
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    Pak-Chin bhai bhai

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    What pisses me off is that they played Jadhav for last three years continuously before the World Cup. He kept performing with average over 40 and strike rate over 110. But the most important game of last three years, the wcup semifinals, Kohli dropped him and picked Karthik and Pant out of blue. If you can drop Jadhav after investing 3 years in him, what’s the point carrying him now.
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    India u19 smash Pakistan u25 by 10 wickets
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    A world T20 event where everyone's having a party in India while our destitute neighbor look on with envy? I am in.
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    From the time Jadhav praised bhabi's acting skills in Sui Dhaaga, he was not dropped since Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Cricket bat used in a wrestling match

    Missed the target just like Rayudu, wonderful GIF material. Better than this one that I had been using so far to describe his batting
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    With this TM Sky is the limit Bench is the reality
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    Worst kind of torture for Pant

    5 T20s 3 ODIs Not once did he make playing XI !!! Are you kidding me? I am not on the ICF hype brigade yet but feeling so bad for the southpaw, is this the way to treat a talented youngster? This is a horrible TM group when it comes to grooming youngsters. T20s ok fine, Rahul the keeper/opener might be a killer move and they tried Sanju for a couple of matches. But in ODIs Pant did very well against WI in some tricky situations, seemed to find the right tempo for the format. We had a terrible day at Wankhede against Aus and Pant did ok (but suffered concussion), since then not a single game while we invest time in a 34 year old who is never going to make it to 2023. If they had decided not to play him why not make him play against NZ-A, would have been good practice for the test series, and he could have kept himself occupied. Got some keeping practice if nothing else. 22 year old kid folks, getting his confidence ripped to shreds by insecure, petty, malicious men.
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    BJP lost , u19 team lost, senior team got blanked......
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    one of the worst threads in ages i have seen.....srsly respect the standards users keep here and dont post such crap
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    Let's all laugh at ourselves

    couldn't defend almost 350 Picking up same mediocre Thakur 29 extras Strike spinner going at almost 9 ER
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    Umar Akmal, WTF!

    Umar Akmal facing punishment after misbehaving at fitness test Umar's behavior fell short of the mark during the skin-fold test, when he exposed himself completely in front of the trainer and is said to have asked him "Where is the fat?" According to Kamran, Umar did it in mischief and said it was simply a "misunderstanding".
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    ICC t20 Rankings as on 3rd feb 2020

    Pakistan is the best T20 team in the world. Babar Azam is the best T20 batsman in the world. Earth is flat. Mia Khalifa is a virgin.
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    I too got morale admission into IIM Ahmedabad but they didnt let me inside the building
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    And with that wicket all rounder Shardul is on the way to the T20 wc
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    Javagal Srinath wanted to retire after he thought that he was unable to bowl as quickly as he did earlier on the slow Asian surface ( although he thought that he was still quick enough for outside Asia stints ) Ganguly coaxed him to continue till the 2003 World Cup ... where he was still bowling 135 k to 143 k with bounce and bowling really well. It was amazing as many of the young trundlers those days were still much slower than the " Wanting to retire " Srinath. Srinath went out on a high with people wanting him to play more. Nothing but respect for this gentleman cricketer who retired because he lost pace at age 34.
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