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    Pakistan se haar kar gadhe ki tarah he he kar raha tha aur yahan itna gussa!!
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    MSD is a gun Kaptaan!

    He is also a gun batsman these days... When he bats, you want to shoot yourself with a gun
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    @Gollum @Jimmy Cliff @Ankit_sharma03
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    Shameful but according to Ashwin, today he took the revenge.
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    I think Ian Chappel got his phrases all mixed up. Not 'bite the bullet', its more like 'dodge the bullet'.
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    Tears in my eyes . @velu @Laaloo @maniac @Gollum @Pollack @Switchblade @SK_IH @Lannister @speedheat Thoughts?
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    Mangaluru Dragon has taken flight Go back to hiding OP
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    Couldn't check the fielders because he was busy checking the nonstriker...
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    Dhoni has a fetish for taking things right to the end, he's become a voyeur who enjoys the journey to the climax rather than the climax itself. And in the last few years he tends to shoot his load well before the climax anyway but that seems to matter less to him than enjoying asphyxiating his own team mates with fake thrills. Dhoni the finisher is dead, Dhoni the asphyxiater lurks menacingly instead.
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    We can also read the table velu...
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    Lovely at the bottom

    Updated staff list
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    http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8552/scorecard/66061/india-vs-australia-3rd-match-titan-cup-1996-97 1996, Bangalore. After the Titan Cup victory over Australia in Bangalore, that Srinath and Kumble pulled off batting at the end, I met Srinath at a local medical shop. I was ten years old and couldn't believe who I was looking at! I immediately had the shopkeeper get me a Srinath crikey card, had Srinath autograph it, and handed it back to him, which of course he thought was weird, but kept it. I went away beaming to my home, which was just walking distance away. For all these years, it has been a mystery to me why I did that because I had forgotten the details. Tonight, after watching the match highlights on youtube, I remembered! I was exhilarated at what Srinath had done in this match, with expert Dhoni-like guidance from Kumble. 30(23)* !!! I had asked Srinath to sign the card, and then pointed not to his bowling record, but his batting record, and told him that in that moment I was a fan of his batting, and he should also remember and recognize his batting talent, so he must keep that card as a souvenir. O Lordy! One of Life's mysteries solved for me!
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    World Idli Day

    Today is World Idli Day. Never knew we had such a day LOL but it is trending at top on twitter. Never liked it tbh but when I am sick no better food than Idli soaked in Milagu (Pepper) Rasam. Personally like the Chennai version more than Bengaluru/Hyderabad ones, mainly because I enjoy their sambhar and molaga podi (gunpowder) side dishes. Idli Fry and Chilli Idli are even better though not that easily available near my area Time to celebrate @velu @vvvslaxman @Real McCoy @Detonator @maniac @Lannister @gattaca @nikred @sarcastic @coffee_rules @Jimmy Cliff @Stan AF @speedheat @The Dark Horse @flamy @Zelig @Vilander and other Southies including secret sambhar loving Southie @Laaloo and Chennai lover @Mariyam And to Northies those who love/like/tolerate Idli in all its glory. For the love of 'idli': Bengaluru orders the dish the most, followed by Mumbai; San Francisco, London also have a soft spot for it Why Indians' love for Idli never ends These 10 facts about India’s popular breakfast item will blow your mind Amazing Facts About Idlis
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    CSK - Only Undefeated team so far !!!

    Csk vs RR will be a slow plodding 120 type last ball thriller Dhoni vs Rahane must be
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    Since that other thread won't die, I think it's about time to start a counter thread. Ashwin, you taught the run stealer Buttler and his ilk a lesson he will never forget. Good job!
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    And Kohli the genius opted to field first against them on a baking, hot day in London with zero cloud cover, pancake pitch and no chance of dew later. This after thumping them by 120+ runs in the group stage, going against coach Kumble's insistence that we bat first. Wanna make fun of Pakistan but IPL time is also Kohli bashing season, so....
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    A batter is supposed to be warned before getting him out, but a bowler gets no warning for overstepping, plus the batter gets a free hit. A bowler has to inform the umpire and the batter if he is going to switch arms, or sides of the wicket, but a batter has SKILLZ for not warning the bowler when is going to switch-hit. A batter can sweep by going down on his knees on the pitch, but a knee-bend by a bowler (Kedar "Slider" Jadhav) has to be scrutinized. A bowler is supposed to just shut up and bowl, the fielder is supposed to fetch the ball, while the Lord batter has fun hitting around what he can hit. Serve up some tea and crumpets while you are at it, boy!
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    Ashwin's "smarty" acts

    that full sleeve brought about a revolution, all chuckers who were plying their trade in the name of mystery off spinners were chucked out. His biggest contribution to world cricket.
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    Poor guy can’t even complain about the spirit of the game
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    Your fly is open, dude!
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    If they had taken a mild dig and moved on nobody would have had issues. This act of treating Ashwin like criminal is increasingly becoming annoying. He didn't show finger to crowd or used explicit words against opponents or used any lllegal of gaining advantage. Change the law itself. Until then these guys should zip up. Change the rule into "Batsman can have head start as much as they want before releasing the ball"
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    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    Meanwhile, this is how the Universe Boss does it

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