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    not because their bowling is better or batting is better. It is because they are such a crappy team no one takes them seriously and ends up paying a heavy price. They play for respect as they don't even get a full series. India on the other hand have a bullseye on their back because they are no 1 team and they get everyone's best shot. Everyone brings their A+ game when playing India and just regular game playing pakistan. I guess that is the price of success and no 1 ranking that India has to pay.
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    That 30 year old body has a 19 year old birth certificate
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    We are the champions [ 2018 ] !!!

    @Rasgulla @Garuda @The Dark Horse @Zelig @UnknownGenius @StriKe @Vilander @Austin 3:!6 and some die hard msd fans as well @sscomp32 @Sidhoni @Shunya @Suhaan thanks for your support guys .. we got 1 year time to troll all these bambis
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    Even Stuart Binny had a spell of 7 wickets for 10 runs. Does that make him a good bowler. Even broken clock is right twice a day. Jadeja is that clock. He played 150 plus matches yet only one of his fifty came in a match winning cause. You give this many chances to any player, they will score as well. Afridi, Who we all make fun of, had more match winning days than Jadeja in half the games Jadeja played.
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    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

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    How about young wicket keepers mr dhoni? Did you see any young wicketkeepers shine ...like Pant, samson, kl rahul?
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    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    world cup is an important event .. cant cancel that for IPL
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    Outstanding from Pakistan. This is a side in transition yet have put fear in the minds of Poms, will most probably still lose this but appreciate the fight. Such a paucity in talent on the batting front, yet they have shed their ego and played test cricket the way it was always meant to be played. Our maharathis would have slashed and driven on the up, showed bucketful of intent only to end the day at 80/5. In the first 30 overs in SEN countries well left is the most important shot, don't know how many generations it will take before an Indian coach drills this piece of advice into the minds of our rockstars, the land of Gavaskar has been completely corrupted by egoistical showboats masquerading as top order batsmen. And kudos to cash crunched PCB. Playing 3 warmups, having a test against Ireland (neither pushover nor a major threat)...this is how you prepare for overseas tests. They did the same in 2016 and drew the series 2-2. We OTOH arrived 4 days before the 1st test in SA, didn't play a single warm up, didn't have a single outdoor session, spent majority of the time shopping and entertaining the WAGs and kids....the world's no 1 team folks . What happened a fortnight later? We surrendered our pride and the series in 7 days of cricket...BCCI the so called richest board , Kohli the so called tough leader with a thirst to prove himself overseas yet proceeded to schedule his wedding 10 days before the tour thereby compromising our chance at making history. Less said about his team mates the better: they wanted to attend the wedding and rub shoulders with B'wood celebs instead of dashing to SA and honing their skills. We will never change, kitna bhi paisa de do Indian cricket will never be a legendary side like WI/Aus inspite of everything going its way, a team that won't push boundaries in pursuit of excellence will never be a world beater.
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    We are the champions [ 2018 ] !!!

    Well played boys ( dads to be precise ) We got bragging rights for another one year and 1.5 months !!!
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    I know people would argue and make a case for Kapil/Imran/Botham/Kallis etc. But I have not seen a more effective all rounder than Sri Sri Unadkat. I mean, are those guys even all rounders ? All they did was bowl fast/medium and bat, I mean they didn't even bowl spin like Sobers. Sir Unadkat on the other hand bowls so many slower balls, that's as good as spin bowling. He also smashes fours and sixes like its some terrace cricket at the highest level: e.g. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8048/scorecard/1136609/kolkata-knight-riders-vs-rajasthan-royals-49th-match-ipl-2018/ One should also consider the fact that before IPL came along, cricket was played by amateurs who were fat and did bank jobs when not walking slowly around the cricket field. Look how cricketers are now going to gym and pumping iron like Salman Khan & Hritik Roshan. It is shocking to note that none of the above all rounders except Kallis were good enough to ever play the IPL!!! Look at the money flow to tell you the real facts: His Holiness Jaydev Unadkat gets 12 crore a year for performing at the highest stage, no other all rounder listed above comes close. It is such a shame that a century on debut against SA did not do much for his test career. The mighty Sri Lankans were recently humbled by his performances and that earned him a man of the series award. As i write this, Sir Unadkat seems capable of another half century against KKR Sent from my wherever using computer
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    They lost 4 matches. Pandey was part of it in all 4. Moment they dropped him they won. Hope they realize what a waste of space this guy is.
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    30 year old bodies are supposed to have 30 year old minds
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    If Dhoni had some brain cells he would shift to Chennai permanently. There is a huge political vacuum and Kamal-Rajini are quite old. 10 years investment in TN politics will make him a CM and he may even have a backdoor entry to India's PM post (TN has 39 Lok Sabha seats !!!!). Politically modern day Tamils seem like subservient people who allow outsiders to rule over them, all MSD needs is a pearl white shirt/lungi, a decent moustache and vocabulary of 10-15 Tamil words (he already has 2-3 I guess) which he can repeat ad nauseam amidst a whole lot of political gibberish. Luckily for him there is also a heavy influx of Biharis into TN, so another vote bank that can be cultivated. Besides in Jharkhand he is never going to oust Koda and Guruji, TN will be an ideal retirement home. After him Sakshi can be the new Puratchi Thalaivi and after her Ziva can get to be Tyaga Thalaivi....future of his family set. P.S: j/k...Tamil posters bura mat maan na
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    When Rashid and Mujeeb rip out the touring teams arses on spinning tracks, then I dont think anyone will call them practice matches
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    Now who else can change a test in a session for us
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    This hurts as bad as the CT final

    Also @Gollum I visited Boston the other day and in front of the stadium they had a statue of a Ice Hockey player(not even a global sport) who hit a crucial goal in some random NHL game. pretty sure fans not living in US/Canada even know what that is ,unless next gen of posers have started following NHL in India now like they do with ‘phootbaal’and even NBA. Cricket and international cricket is a Colonial game ....IPL is purely an Indian product....if you make the argument that it still is derived from cricket then sure cricket probably was derived from gilli danda too...we can keep going back in time to trace its origins.So yes don’t give a * about international cricket anymore leave alone boring fking test cricket....so nothing wrong in being passionate about the IPL...Infact I am proud that people take IPL so seriously, it is about time we start believing in the validity and credibility of a swadeshi product especially when it has international competition. So yeah I take this pajama league seriously just like all my CSk brethren who get personal with their attacks and probably would kill for Dhoni their thailava or Laloo who is still throwing up from the CSK Victory yesterday...taking IPL seriously is equal to nation building and we are all are the architects Random Rambling Rant of the day
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    We are the champions [ 2018 ] !!!

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    But he’s very smart... Whenever he gives any interviews, he doesn’t forgets to mention “Mahi Bhai helped me a lot etc.”... I’m sure he’ll make his way in the India team as he knows he’s the right connections...
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    IPL Vs Tests; Festival Vs Funeral

    Test cricket isn't meant to be watched every ball, people can enjoy watching a couple of sessions or when there is some interesting context going on between a class batsman and a class bowler, this alone is greater than 40 overs of t20 trash and even 50 over bilateral borefests. Test cricket is the most enjoyable format of the game and I am not even a purist who hates other formats, I love all formats of cricket but I will gladly watch an exciting session of a test match over 100 exciting limited over games
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    IPL Vs Tests; Festival Vs Funeral

    Baaghi 2 vs Newton-> Festival vs Funeral Transformers 5 vs Dr Zhivago-> Festival vs Funeral Salman Khan vs Naseeruddin Shah-> Festival vs Funeral Honey Singh vs Manna Dey -> Festival vs Funeral Chetan Bhagat vs Vikram Seth-> Festival vs Funeral Justin Bieber vs Mozart-> Festival vs Funeral . . . . . .
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