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    Gambhir always calls a spade a spade. And has very good eye for talent ... and knows which types of players succeed in international cricket. And can fight for young talent ... as he showed in the Navdeep Saini case. He is an ideal candidate for becoming a selector.
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    Our very own...Sanjay Manjerakar. What a legend Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Forum’s reputation > Pakistan’s reputation
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    Do you know that there was a partition? Do you know that it was demanded by Muslims? Do you know that they got two separate countries? Do you know that presently there are two Islamic republics in the subcontinent? So we are to give up land and resources in 1947 for Muslims, then we also take in illegal Muslim immigrants from these Islamic republics. What are we? Fools?
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    Virat wants to experiment in LOIs

    But he has been doing that since 2017. It has been a ongoing process ever since. With no results to boot. No idea who is the no.4 No idea which is the best spin combo No idea who is the all rounder No idea who is the 5th bowler No idea who is the late order hitter No idea who is 3rd seamer or is it the batting/bowling all rounder Sometimes it is Rayudu, then Jadhav, then Vijay Shankar, then DK, then Pandey, then Pant, then Iyer, then Dube. It's fair to say he is by far the worst Indian captain in a long time.
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    Tell that to Amrapali homebuyers.
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    May he go even further downhill in 3rd term
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    Greats teams have always had great bowlers and great fast bowlers. Have not seen any exception. In test matches, the only way to win is by taking 20 wickets. Even if the batsmen score 1000 runs, if the bowlers don't take 20 wickets then a team cannot win a single match. In LOIs, the easiest way to win consistently is by taking opposition wickets at regular intervals or in bunches ... and take them quickly. This is because it takes just 1 good ball to dismiss a set batsman. But a batsman has to put in a lot of effort to put up a winning score. Let's take yesterday's ODI for example. Kuldeep and Shami were bowling poorly but both changed the course of the match after bowling 1 good over each. While Smith could not win the match after batting well for around 100 balls. Who says it is a batsman's game ? Why do people become fast bowlers ? For the thrill and adrenaline rush.
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    express bowling

    No central contract for Dhoni

    Is that game available now ?
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    No central contract for Dhoni

    Even Dhoni's job isn't safe in the face of economic slowdown ;)
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    This time in county cricket!!! https://www.bbc.com/sport/cricket/50903679?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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    True test for aus starts now. Kohli hates loosing bilateral series more than icc tournaments.
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    Twitter messages

    Cricketers celebration tom and jerry version
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    You arent secular if you continues to give in to demands of mobs/aggressive groups. Thats called being weak and that is the exact thing that defines Those self proclaimed secular parties today, they offer veto power to one certain community group.
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    India's T20 WC chances
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    ODI team 1. Rohit 2. Dhawan / Rayudu 3. Rahane / Pujara 4. Kohli 5. Jadhav 6. Dhoni 7. Jadeja 8. Shardul 9. D.Chahar 10. Ashwin 11. Bhuvi / Unadkat ---- Batting till 11 ---- Opposition batsman won't get any pace to hit ... no delivery will be bowled above 138 k. ---- We will enter the Guinness book of World Records because 100+ knuckle balls will be bowled by the " pacers " in every single match. ---- No wrist spinner ... so we get more control. ---- Our over rate would be very good as no wicket will fall while we are bowling. ---- Dhoni will be there with priceless guidance and instructions like " Seedha daal ", " Aur slow daal ".etc. ---- BCCI's costs will come down as most of these players will get " Senior Citizen Discount ". ---- Our batsmen won't get hit on the head and body in the nets, by pesky bowlers like Bumrah. Saini and Shami. All injuries pre match will be during football sessions only. ---- Cost of security guards will come down. Rahane can be one of them as he has a black belt in Karate. ---- Youngsters won't be led astray by Bewda ... as none will be in the team.
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    Wishing all icfers a happy 2020

    Wishing all icfers a very happy 2020.
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    Twitter deleted this tweet tweet of the decade
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    Imagine the condition of a poor Hindu if well off people like Kaneria were being treated this way by those Jahil Pakistanis. And we have chutiye protesting against granting citizenship to those fleeing refugees.
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    Old school full and fast in swing Yorkers at the death Well done team India
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    No central contract for Dhoni

    Devoid of a 'central contract' if Dhoni were to be selected now, does it imply that he gets to represent India pro bono? Can't think of a bigger act of patriotism.
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    How dare you speak like that about the besht ever Indian captain? Gill and Shaw have to relaunch themselves as middle order batsmen if they want to play for India. Poor Kohli is just doing the best with what he's got. In fact India punched above their weight to make it to the Semis because of Kohli and his buddies.
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    It does not matter to score runs against Sri Lanka, Shikhar Dhawan is nothing in front of KL Rahul: Srikanth Team India's left-handed veteran opener Shikhar Dhawan is back in the 3-match T20 series against Sri Lanka following an injury. After Dhawan's injury, KL Rahul got an opportunity in Team India, who left no stone unturned to capitalize on the opportunity. Quadrilateral Under-19 Series: India beat Zimbabwe by 89 runs on the basis of Divyansh's century and Yashasvi's half-century Former Indian cricket team opener and chief selector Chris Srikkanth says that if he were currently the chairman of the Indian Cricket Team selection committee, he would not have chosen Shikhar Dhawan to replace KL Rahul for the upcoming T20 World Cup. <! – -> Srikanth said on Sunday that he would like to keep Rahul in the team instead of Dhawan for this year's T20 World Cup. Dhawan is returning to international cricket after a long period. In his absence, Rahul has emerged as a strong contender for a spot in the opener in limited-overs cricket. INDvSL, 1st T20: India-Sri Lanka match rained Srikanth told Star Sports, 'Runs against Sri Lanka don't matter. If I were the chairman of the selection committee, I would not have selected Dhawan for the T20 World Cup. There is no competition between him and Rahul. The Indian team will play the T20 World Cup in Australia in October-November this year. Before the World Cup, Team India has to play 15 T20 matches. Link -https://ourbitcoinnews.com/it-does-not-matter-to-score-runs-against-sri-lanka-shikhar-dhawan-is-nothing-in-front-of-kl-rahul-srikanth/
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    Deep Dasgupta saying that the 3rd pacer slot should go to a really quick pacer ... 145 k+ ... and Saini is ahead in that pecking order. Manju objecting and talking about Chahar or Bhuvi for that slot.
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    Well.... Saini looks class apart when compared to thakur.... Sad thakur was ahead of saini in pecking order all this while Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
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    Yes .. Even his running between the wickets is stylish . He walks like John Travolta in Saturday night Live when batting . His cut shots are like slicing the birthday cake smoothly with a samurai sword.
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    Team India’s Test vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane is again in the scheme of things in the ODI format and is line to make a comeback soon. As per a report in Mumbai Mirror, Rahane’s name was discussed by an important member of the team during the selection meeting. Although the selectors decided against naming the squads for the New Zealand ODIs and Tests.
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    No central contract for Dhoni

    Ab ja ke Kaleja thanda hua....
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    Promise Delivery
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    Gambhir - he has had impact in ODI but not in t20, he has not done anything in t20s @Khota -
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    Hopefully not too tight. Sperm count will decrease and he might not have the luxury of passing on the awesome legacy of so called talent ...
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    Must be some high quality stretch jeans. Do they help him pivot ?
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    Seems like smashing tv is a tradition in Pakistan. On a serious note, the treatment with Danish Kaneria and now this open bigotry from Afridi, imagine what normal hindus go through in Pakistan. And then when our govt passes a bill to give shelter to those hindus, our liberal brothers protest. What a shame. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Very Happy to share my Happiness with you guys....Greetings people!!
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    Whole nation has their panties twisted in knots over how can a lowly country like Bangladesh could refuse to tour the ultra safe, sound, beautiful country where the whole world is waiting to rush to !
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    Forget about other teams, even the Pakistani cricket team will rush to tour India immediately if we grant them that privilege.
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    most probably think tank shot this video after the auctions got over
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    We all are, except this guy
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    On peepee forum ,you have written biggest upset in pak history and here you are writing greatest win for India. Wah reh Harsh thikor
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    Hello everyone! On this day 30 years ago, islamic extremists and terrorists, massacred and drove out Kashmiri pandits from the Kashmir valley. Faces with the threat of conversions, rapes and death they have been treated as second class citizens in their own country by living in camps like refugees. Please join me in hoping that this government can restore some kind of happiness in these people and make them live with their head high, which they have been unable to do for the the last 30 years. Indian youth ( esp hindus) have no knowledge or care about this incident. I am doing my bit in the UK to inform and educate people on this event but please do your bit in India as well. We have to give our Pandit brothers their rights and one day return them to their ancestral land no matter what the cost.
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    Kohli Fake sucking up to the Aussies now for brand, now time to switch on Pakistani YouTubers fake sucking Indian’s for subscribers.
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    Isn't Kane Williamson bit overhyped?

    Yes, Just because Pakistani hyped him to the Moon and has a good boy image doesn't mean he is great. Kohli and Smith are in top tier in test and than daylight, moonlight,tubelight,redlight, yellow light,greenlight,nolight....and than nobody.
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    Was expecting a "Say sorry to Shardul Thakur" thread from the OP. I am disappoint .
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