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    Lots of debates going on about his style , his tuk tuks etc.I think we can have a comprehensive debate ,consolidating everything in this thread.I will not touch upon his wicket keeping and intangibles like advises/general mentoring on the field because its just the batting that polarizes opinion about his place in the side. Note : Not bothered about stats,just the style of batting and the attendant positives and negatives. Dhoni , the batsman: Positives: I think in the last two series ,its apparent he is needed in the side.He has always been a master of ODI format and knows how to remain in the game and not throw it away.The chases in SL albeit mediocre totals ,once gain emphasized the importance of Dhoni in this side ,because deep down even the critics knew till he is there we are in the game. Coming to yesterday's game,watching the match I was also infuriated when he was playing those dots but eventually we reached a fighting respectable score.It was majorly thanks to Pandya's assault but when got out at the score of 205 ,it was still way below par.But once again the style of playing till the last ball of the innings helped and fighting total was reached Combining both 1st and 2nd point,one quality that one can ascribe to Dhoni is the art of building partnerships in Limted overs cricket.his sole aim in any limited overs format is to build partnerships and take the game deep and give himself and his team a chance.This attitude dates back to his 1st tournament as captain,WT20,2007.Remember the game vs Pakistan,when we were tottering at 20 odd for 3, he build a partnership with Uthapaa ,Dhoni was the sedate partner but eventually a respectable target was reached.Similarly in a must win game against SA,again we were in trouble ,yet again he played a key role in a match winning partnership with Rohit and yet again he played second fiddle.This quality is still intact and was on display yet again yesterday. I have been reading this nonsense a lot since yesterday that because Faulkner was there Dhoni was able to catch up in the Ind.To all those critics,if you have followed Dhoni's career, this has been the generally the case.He most of the time targets such bowlers and tries to gain maximum out of them.But its not the case that he cant hit other bowlers when he wants to.Yesterday that six over covers was refreshing to see and there is also a clear change in technique as well as set up when he bats these days , meaning there is an effort to evolve. Now on to the Negatives that invite criticism: As mentioned earlier, his tactics playing sedate partner in partnerships and trying to be there till the end to maximize the runs till 50 overs ,brings one question to mind.Why his partner has to show some intent always and he becomes stagnant in the process of remaining there till the end.This question mark will remain with him ,because he has done that throughout his career.And I don’t think we will see any improvement in this regard with his batting especially while setting up totals.There was this thought that once he relinquishes captaincy he might change his attitude and play a bit more adventurously but obviously that was false belief. In a way he thinking of the team first that he should be there in the end and add extra 20-30 runs but with deteriorating abilities he fails to execute perfectly. The most irritating part about his approach, is the proclivity hold back a bit longer than he should before going for the slog.Yesterday I thought he would open up post 45 overs mark atleast but he didnt and even Bhuvi helped him immensely during that period.The fact that he started going for runs only from 47 overs onwards is something thats not up to the mark and he needs to be more proactive in this regard specilaly on flatter wickets. Thirdly,it was nice to see him finish and chase those mediocre totals in SL but I have this big question mark on his art of batsmanship,when we will be chasing 300-350 kind of scores in near future.There is no scope of sedate batting at that time , there will be greater need of intent.Partnerships will still be the key in chases as always but his proclivity of playing dots and just being there can be a major handicap those situations.Major increase in RRR will eventually lead to wickets and such a situation should not forced upon any batsman. Obviously these are my assumptions what could happen in bigger chases with Dhoni but hopefully its not the case. Overall, to sum up he is an ATG ODI bat and still deserves his place in the side for his batting as well.He has these negatives attached to his art of batsmanship ,which will always be brought forth when he fails to execute.There is also this discussion going on about batting at no.4 may be ideal for kind of batting he does these days but I like him coming at no.5 but not below than that.
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    What finds these.. Kudos to the selection committee and the management for having trust in them in a big series..
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    #30 for the king Holds the record along with ponting(in half the number of innings) ATG!!
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    We are seeing in the 1st ODI vs Australia how Coulter-Nile is bowling wicket-taking lines and lengths , bowling out-swingers and picks up 3 wickets in his 1st spell. It is the best way to control runs and win LOIs. We saw the same thing in CT 17 final. In CT 17, we chose all the specialist bowlers based on low economy rate. Only Bumrah had a high wickets per match ratio.... and we lost. There was no Shami or Kuldeep. It was good to see us realize this mistake regarding the spinners. Kuldeep has come in and Ashwin and Jaddu rested / dropped. We are trying multiple wrist spinners too. But we need to find pacers who can take multiple wickets in their first spell with a certain regularity. Shami fits the role perfectly when in the team..... but he can't be played often enough as he is injury-prone and we need him for test matches as a matter of priority. Bumrah has improved in terms of bowling aggressive lines and lengths in his first spell.... as we saw in Sri Lanka. We need to find another new wicket-taking pacer for LOIs..... someone who bowls those wicket-taking lines and lengths in his first spell ( targets the top of off-stump and channel punctuated by surprise bouncers ) instead of defensive lines and lengths.
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    Hello everyone! Our staff members have decided to do away with the "Downvote"option or Negative reputation as you might call it. We believe that this option was heavily misused on this forum and most often created fights on the forum than anything. The upvote option will continue to exist. Thank You
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    I beg to differ. What pressure to perform.No one expects Abhishek Bachan to be like his father. They just expect some good movies .Despite getting a so many opportunities , he has proven to be a non star. Which means he did not have it in him and is in the industry only because he is a celebrity kid. No one expected Rohan Gavaskar to be Sunil Gavaskar. Even if he had been an averagely talented cricketer, he would be fine . But he was not even average. If the son of Rajeev Gandhi had half a brain, he would have been a successful leader , given the hold of his family over Indian politics.But alas! It is more a case of unworthy celebrity offsprings being given chances. The worthy celebrity offsprings manage to make a mark irr9espective of the so called pressure and spot light. For most people , getting an opportunity is the most difficult part which the celebrity kids don' t even have to bother about. They get their tailor made debuts , practice with stars and get opportunities to bowl to stars. Arjun Tendulkar will get all this . The advantages, the easier chances.He will get into teams with one or two good performances while some unknown kids will have to perform consistently for seasons . If he is good , then no problem. Even If he is average, he will make teams that others will have to shine to get in . Even if he is below average, he will make it to MI for years . If the sons of bcci officials can be permanent members of some teams and even sons of politicians get into teams, why not the son of a cricketer. I feel there is hardly any disadvantage in being a celebrity offsprings. It is more a case of ' what have they got to lose' .
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    Skipper Kohli has transformed Prolonged Dhoni’s Misery: Ganguly Now that looks better.
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    Bumrah has all the grace and agility on the field of a drunk giraffe
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    Austin 3:!6

    Why India is not in World XI?

    Trophy for this tournament: Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Kya velu...now your headings are getting pretty ordinary.This happens when you make a hundred threads a day. Dhoni not out for the entire tour!!! How about.... They just couldn't get him !!! The ultimate peheredar!!!! Catch him if you can!!! Million dollar wkt !!!! C' mon man....it is not a chore.get creative!!!
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    Isn't it an amazing time to be an Indian fast bowling fan ! We are without our 4 fastest bowlers in this ODI series ..... Umesh, Shami, Aaron,and Ishant ..... and we have 3 other pacers all clocking highest speeds of 145 k to 148 k. We are without 2 of our 3 best ODI pacers in this 4th ODI ..... Shami and Bhuvi ..... and our other 3 pacers are all bowling wonderfully. Cheers to all my fast-bowling-fan friends here !
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    the guy on the other end made 50(42), hit one less boundary n no six What start, dhoni didnt enter when it was 225/2 . he entered when it was 274/5 One more wkt and we were into the tail and forget 350 to then Did any of the centurion batted till 45 overs or end or we have -5-7 wkts left How many gr8s have u seen batting the same way whole life, tendulkar s/r fluctuated a lot, ganguly dipped, sehwag n yuvi s/r went up runs went down Sheer lynch mobbing nothing else, if u got blame him be fair addd the other guy batting at same s/r on other end
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    Australia's last 12 ODIs away from home (latest to the right) L L L L L L L NR NR L L L
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    After his technique tweak it looks unpossible to get his wicket !!! https://68.media.tumblr.com/38ef63ac17d735ad7183613bef6359cb/tumblr_oocb3j7wxV1umk4ogo1_400.gif
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    Chahal and Kuldeep have brought freshness to Indian team. Bye bye Ashwin and Jadeja.
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    ICF Official Thank you thread

    Hello Icfers , First, and foremost as member of ICF staff ,I would like to thank each ,and every member of ICF for making "ICF GREAT Again " ,and I'm sure your enthusiasm will make "ICF Greatest" in future . I would like to extend my thanks, and Gratitude towards all the admins ,mods and war zone members ,who have worked tirelessly in shaping up icf where it is now .It's because of them cricket fans across the world, specifically India have come under the hood of great ICF i.e Indian Cricket fans and Yes ,Particularly ,Special thanks without Hug [emoji14] to Sunnyjee aka @MalcolmMerlyn.he is one and only member of ICF who has achieved the status of being a legend in the history of ICF .WIthout whom the forums would have been no where after new software upgrade a year back .His work in the field of ICF forums is unprecedented [emoji144]. Special Mentions : Jalebi for helping out with Banners,and graphic content for ICF :) .ICF would look bland,and insipid without your help . @jalebi_bhai @sourab10forever Sourabh for bets fantasy :) Cheers ... Keep arguing, posting ,trolling (not so much )....., etc and Have a pleasant stay as ICF family :) @Trichromatic @Malcolm Merlyn @G_B_ @sourab10forever @varun @King @jalebi_bhai @Cricketics @Laaloo
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    Can't understand your obsession with Dhoni... i bet you have more posts referencing him than other posts... it's getting irritating beyond a point for neutral fans...
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    Why India is not in World XI?

    I read this article by Ugra and was bewildered - http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/20668282/sharda-ugra-why-there-indians-world-xi? Is it really such a difficult thing to answer? Let me a total randum dude and not an expert try to answer 1. Security concerns - Indians are definitely likely to be a much bigger targets for terrorists. The SL attack was also initial planned for the Indian team. When Indian tour was cancelled they decided to continue with the conspiracy and target SL team instead. 2. Diplomatic reasons - India and Pakistan are engaged in low intensity warfare for months now. Govt. is not really keen to carry on any relations with a state we are not in very friendly terms with 3. Things have not really improved - There are no indication that from the last time govt' decided to not tour / play with pakistan things have really improved. State sponsored terrorism continues at the same levels. Ugra mentions PM's 2015 Lahore visit but ignores that right after that India suffered terrorist attacks that has made things worse than ever. Talking about our place in world cricket etc.without considering above factors is a very ignorant position to take. Our situation is not all the same as the other countries part of World XI. Their concern is only security related and that also is a much bigger issue for us.
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    MSD Hope he is not peaking at the wrong time . We got another 1.5 years to go for the world cup.
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    How will a suitable replacement be found if no one else is tried for any length of time ? I can understand people wanting Dhoni to play based on his current ability to play with his team in trouble...... but the " no suitable replacement " logic is a poor one.
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    BCCI.tv videos on Umesh -- http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/4558/umesh-special-first-the-bouncer-then-the-edge Setting up Renshaw..... first a hostile bouncer, then an off-stump delivery .... Hayden describes it well http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/4553/bouncers-served-hot-courtesy-umesh-yadav-bhuvneshwar-kumar Hostile bouncers by Umesh and Bhuvi .... Brett Lee excited http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/4572/umesh-yadavs-fiery-spell-to-rattle-the-aussies 3-fer against Australi ..... very good line and length at pace..... needs to bowl these lines more often. http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/4500/umesh-swinging-it-early-in-indias-favour Perfect line, length, swing and pace ..... hitting the proverbial top of off-stump
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    4.6k in tests 8.5k in ODIs 1.8k in T20Is
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    Rishabh pant shud have been flown down for this game. No point in making dhoni play this game Neither he has been good in t20 , neither will he play the next t20 Wc
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    Fastest deliveries in the 4th ODI vs SL Shardul 148 k Bumrah 146 k Pandya 145 k
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    M S Dhoni (India) - ODI Cricket Performance Analysis by Batting Position Position Inns NO 100s 50s 0s HS Runs Avg S/R Ca St Opening 2 0 0 1 0 96 98 49.00 86.73 2 0 3 16 4 2 6 1 183* 993 82.75 99.70 13 8 4 26 5 1 11 1 109* 1223 58.24 94.81 27 13 5 67 17 4 15 1 134 2693 53.86 87.78 65 16 6 115 35 1 27 2 139* 3738 46.73 83.89 88 38 7 28 11 2 5 3 139* 812 47.76 94.97 34 13 8 3 0 0 0 0 20 51 17.00 62.20 2 0 Overall 257 72 10 65 8 183* 9608 51.94 88.47 278 99 And this guy has batted most of his career at 5,6,7 Now how long did others took to reach 10k runs Player Opposition Ground Match Date Debut Time Mat Inns Scorecard SR Tendulkar (INDIA) v Australia Indore 31 Mar 2001 18 Dec 1989 11y 103d 266 259 ODI # 1699 SC Ganguly (Asia/INDIA) v Sri Lanka Dambulla 3 Aug 2005 11 Jan 1992 13y 204d 272 263 ODI # 2265 RT Ponting (AUS/ICC) v South Africa Basseterre 24 Mar 2007 15 Feb 1995 12y 37d 272 266 ODI # 2552 JH Kallis (Afr/ICC/SA) v Australia Sydney 23 Jan 2009 9 Jan 1996 13y 14d 286 272 ODI # 2802 BC Lara (ICC/WI) v Pakistan Karachi 16 Dec 2006 9 Nov 1990 16y 37d 287 278 ODI # 2466 R Dravid (Asia/ICC/INDIA) v Sri Lanka Margao 14 Feb 2007 3 Apr 1996 10y 317d 309 287 ODI # 2522 TM Dilshan (SL) v Pakistan Hambantota 26 Jul 2015 11 Dec 1999 15y 227d 319 293 ODI # 3672 KC Sangakkara (Asia/ICC/SL) v Australia Sydney 17 Feb 2012 5 Jul 2000 11y 227d 315 296 ODI # 3241 Inzamam-ul-Haq (PAK) v India Birmingham 19 Sep 2004 22 Nov 1991 12y 302d 322 299 ODI # 2179 ST Jayasuriya (Asia/SL) v India Colombo (RPS) 9 Aug 2005 26 Dec 1989 15y 226d 337 328 ODI # 2268 DPMD Jayawardene (Asia/SL) v Pakistan Dubai (DSC) 18 Nov 2011 24 Jan 1998 13y 298d 355 333 ODI # 3214 Dhoni in 257 innings and 392 runs away.....well will do it before many top order batsman in that list above Now diff is On many occasions overs would have been finished were he cud have scored more when he was not out ........and most top order batsman generally gets lot more overs If i take not outs from no.5 position- 17+35+11 = 63 chances to score more.......take half or even less for the sake of argument who knws this guy might have been the quickest to reach 10k Says a lot about his consistency .....infact that is one hell of consistency if u check his every year stats Talking about stats- Year Mat Inns NO 100s 50s 0s HS Runs Avg S/R Ca St 2004 3 3 1 0 0 1 12 19 9.50 135.71 4 2 2005 27 24 6 2 3 1 183* 895 49.72 103.11 19 6 2006 29 26 6 0 7 0 96 821 41.05 92.98 33 3 2007 37 33 8 1 7 3 139* 1103 44.12 89.60 31 18 2008 29 26 7 1 8 0 109* 1097 57.74 82.30 38 11 2009 29 24 7 2 9 0 124 1198 70.47 85.57 26 11 2010 18 17 4 1 3 1 101* 600 46.15 78.95 19 4 2011 24 22 9 0 6 0 91* 764 58.77 89.88 17 6 2012 16 14 6 1 3 0 113* 524 65.50 87.63 12 5 2013 26 20 8 1 5 1 139* 753 62.75 96.05 21 13 2014 12 10 2 0 5 0 79* 418 52.25 92.07 7 6 2015 20 17 3 0 4 0 92* 640 45.71 86.84 27 3 2016 13 10 0 0 1 1 80 278 27.80 80.12 13 4 2017 16 11 5 1 4 0 134 498 83.00 82.86 11 7 Overall (14) 299 257 72 10 65 8 183* 9608 51.94 88.47 278 99 Do people still want him dropped for having one poor year .......... Yes his s/r have dropped but all top players face some sought of dip in their game .... I really hope he does it before ganguly, would be tough but really hoping he does before ganguly or ponting
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    I am in favour of starting with Shami Umesh Bhuvi Pandya Ashwin for the first 2 tests in SA After that, we can adjust based on actual performances.
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    Ashwin has made an excellent start to his county stint for Worcestershire. Batting : 36 (50) & 28 (30) Bowling : 1st innings 29.0 1 94 3 2nd innings 34.0 8 68 5 SCORE SUMMARY - WORCS 363 & 295/8d beat GLOUCS 258 & 211
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    And the reason for this trivia is.....
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    Even on his bad day Kuldeep has picked up a hat-trick
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    Respect for MS in Pakistan. And here we are...sigh Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    LOL bad news for @sscomp32 and @GoldenSun
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    Whenever people underrate Pandya's batting skills, he surprises them. If he's given same number of chance as Jadeja has been given, he will turn into ATG.
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    How India got fast

    As the MRF Pace Foundation turns 30, here's the inside story of its transformative effect on Indian bowling http://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/1118419/how-india-got-fast Quite an interesting read. @express bowling
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    Really looking forward to Avesh Khan and Kulwant Khejroliya bowling and doing well. Both are quick, bouncy and tall. If they are able to graduate to the next level, we will get 2 tall quick bowlers to complement our shorter quick bowlers.
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    Kohli is a role model for all Indian athletes, the amount of work he puts in towards fitness is just amazing.
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    Superb performance by the great man in this test. If only he had batted out the last day to save the Test. Then it would've been a truly ATG effort. And that's the thing with SRT, there are just too many of these "if only" moments in the prime of his Test career. If only he had scored a 40 odd in the 2nd innings at Barbados. If only he had scored a daddy hundred in the 2nd innings at Wellington. If only he had scored 10 more runs at Chennai in 1999. If only he had followed up his 97 with another decent score against SA in Mumbai. If only he had scored a ton at Harare which could've helped us win against a very decent Zimbabwe side in '01. And so on... For a player of his caliber, he rarely batted the opposition out of the game (his 155* vs Aus in Chennai being a rare instance). He has loads of very good-great knocks where he kept us in the game, or reduced the margin of defeat, or gave us a slight edge but very few where he took control of the game and finished the job. This of course wasn't the case in ODIs where he won games for fun.
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    ICC revenues are for 12 months of cricket, IPL is for 2. I want the IPL to be 10+ teams before this contract is up. And I want the IPL season to start earlier. Ultimately, overlap in timing with the greenbro Pure SattayBaaz League, and crush it. On the subject of our bichde greenbros, Just 2 IPL games ($8.5 mm per game) will earn Indian Cricket board more profits via TV rights, than 3 seasons ($15 mm) of the Phateechar Satteybaaz Langar combined. 2 things that are obvious from that. One, the aukaat of PSK. and Two - PCB officials definitely pocketed a healthy couple of million dollars by underselling the rights. While Pakistani domestic cricketers play with desi made "Gray" balls that fall apart after 5-10 overs, Najam Sethi and his posse travel the world in style, tossing Giles Clarke's salad.
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    7th. By Velu alone. Step 1 : Velu creates a dhoni thread. Step 2 : Rasgulla Likes the OP Step 3 : Rasgulla Posts the first reply Step 4 : Velu likes the first reply Step 5 : the love b/w the two motivates Velu to create another thread. Step 6 : Repeat step 1. Endless loop this...
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    Countdown to Dhoni's 10K ODI run !!!

    9608 runs in 299 games. 392 more runs are needed. @Sidhoni @Sidhoni @Rasgulla @sscomp32 @Laaloo
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    Ganguly ke Dil ka Dard "kash dravid, dhoni ne mujhe aise support kiya hota"
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    Even Lahori Logic and Karachi Calculations make more sense than your post.
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    You crying India Mars mission Collingwood playing world 11 Dhoni goat strike kedar win India on ICF no1 forum of external affairs kapil sibbal alia bhatt.
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    The timing of Krunal pandya injury cudnt be more wrong
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    Its going to be a interesting series. Bashers vs Consolidators The "presence" gives us the edge though.
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    Well team management deserves a kudos for sticking to their plan
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    This thread is discussing the business of T20 leagues. And as such, all leagues CPL, BBL, PSL fall under that subject. And not just the PSL, I want the BCCI to finalize a "IPL Cricket Carnival" at the same time when ECB launches their own version. There were timesin the past when in spite of political turbulence, BCCI and PCB used to work together for mutual benefit. Given that the PCB has decided to change tack and work with the likes of Giles Clarke, there is no reason why BCCI shouldn't take appropriate measures to cut off rival leagues at the knees. If you want to be hostile to India, then be prepared for hostility back. Simple as that. Banjo, you keep sending terrorists and murderers to our country, and hide behind nukes and China, and you want Indian board to give you a home tour and the $100 million Khairaat that comes with that. Fact off. Take that bhikmangi elsewhere. Maybe Giles Clarke will throw a few more "World XI" games your way if Najam Sethi swallows instead of spitting.
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    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Dhoni's not going to be a power hitter anymore. Deal with it. Evaluate him as the steadying middle order bat who will control the middle and give you around 90-115 SR on most days. That's not a horrible player to have in the side. Of course, if he starts piling up repeated innings of 22(38), then he needs to be pushed out. No arguments on that.
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    Bumrah's ODI numbers are gaudily impressive. Strike rate of 29, wicket average of 23, econ rate of 4.8. For any pacer, those are all-star numbers. For an Indian pacer, he will India's best ODI bowler ever if he keeps this up. And I just love his dignified non-celebration when he strikes.

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