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    Growing up in the 70s and 80s, it wasn't too easy being an Indian fan. While we had our superstars, and our moments of greatness, we simply seemed incapable of consistently dominating everyone we faced. Especially bad were our struggles in LOI cricket, which demanded aggression, athleticism and agility that very few of our guys had in abundance. And then came the 90s, most of which I missed. Again, but for a few shining stars, we didn't have the firepower to strike fear in the hearts of our opponents, especially the boorish, aggressive, dominating Australians. Fast forward to today and it is exceedingly heartening to see how complete Indian cricket actually is. Some of it has to do with other teams not being as good as they were, but there is no denying that we are fighting-fit unit. Just take these past several months. We have played consistently good cricket across formats - dominating the Windies, demolishing the Kiwis and putting the Poms in their place. We have specialist teams for each format, and have multiple guys who are the best in the world in their roles. We are aggressive and - for the most part - fit and athletic. We also don't take crap or back off from other teams' aggression. But, most of all, we seem to have incredible bench strength - there is a talented group of newer guys who seamlessly slide into the roles of injured seniors - plug and play. No Shami? No problem. Plug Bhuvi in. No Ashwin and Jaddu? No problem. Yuz to the rescue. No Rohit Sharma? Whatever. Let's put in the guy who can score a triple hundred. Saha is hurt? Bring in Parthiv - yeah, his keeping is suspect, but boy did he bat us into good positions when needed! Need all-rounders? Ashwin in tests, Pandya in LOIs. Need older guys to step in and carry the load - Yuvi and Raina are doing it. We don't depend on 1 or 2 super stars, but each guy stands up and performs when his number is called. And don't forget Kedar Jadhav who is just getting started, and Rishabh Pant who hasn't even had a go yet :-)!! This team also seems to be genuinely having fun. I know, I know, it's easy to have fun while you're winning. But it's also easy to win when you're having fun, and the synergism between enjoyment and winning is truly showing. No one seems insecure; the guys seem to know that, although the competition for each position is hot, they will be given a fair run before being replaced. There is an air of confidence. Two things struck me the most: (1) the genuine team-spirit that Dhoni and Kohli displayed during the ODIs and T20s. While some here were complaining about Kohli just being a rubber-stamp guy etc., it simply didn't seem that way to me. It appeared that MSD was genuinely helping out with the field, especially when VK was away from the action because he placed himself at crucial long-off/long-on spots, and that VK was genuinely seeking advice from MSD. (2) VK's true leadership in deflecting praise away from himself for successful tactical moves, and the true joy he seems to derive from the individual success of each person on the team! This is in complete contrast to my early days as a fan, when it was always egos clashing: Gavaskar vs. Kapil Dev, Kapil Dev vs. Prabhakar, and of course Azharuddin vs. integrity. I am thoroughly enjoying watching this Indian team play together - as a unit, for the common purpose of winning - koi hum se jeet na paave chale chalo chale chalo!!
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    Look what Dravid did

    Dravid got so many Indian youngsters under him and along with some other Indian senior players, has formed a formidable team combo. You do not have to be a Delhi Daredevils fan to like this team which has so many Indian future prospects. You can not root against such team which has so many future Indian players. Let's bless this team. Hail Dravid Mohammad Shami Shreyas Iyer Rishab Pant Karun Nair Sanju Samson Navdeep Saini Khaleel Ahmad Jayant Yadav Pratyush Singh Shahbaz Nadeem Milind Chama Amit Mishra Zaheer Khan
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    B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    He was a little embarrassed when I recognised him infront of his family. I told him its great to see a an indian fast bowler clocking 140+ consistently. Also asked whether any IPL teams had contacted him and he said none yet. Then showed the op of the thread , he said thanks for the support and glanced through first few posts . He was with his family , so I did not want waste much of his time and wished him luck. But genuinely looked like a very humble guy from a middle class background. I am rooting for him more than ever now.
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    express bowling

    B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Thanks for all the kind words. : ) It must be said that if the Indian cricket fraternity had the kind of love for fast bowling as lots of good quality posters in ICF have.....we would have developed a fast bowling culture `15 years back. Mosher, tweaker, rkt.india, Rightarmfast, laaloo, Vilander, King Tendulkar, MCcricket, vishalvirsingh, Ironhide, ShebbySB, Bystander, Cricketics,, OpeningBatsman, MultiB48, msplash9, Bleed-Blue, speedheat, MK55, Ankit_sharma03, Gunner...... almost all of them are good quality posters and all love fast bowling more than many international cricketers of our country, past and present. : )
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    What the hell...he was touted as being the savior just a week back...anyway good for him that he got involved in corruption....red carpet will be rolled out and he will get ample opportunities even with mediocre performances once his ban is done. Corruption or bans are usually the stepping stones in Pak cricket
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ethnic_groups_in_the_United_States_by_household_income Indian American : $101,591[2] Taiwanese American : $85,566[2] Filipino American : $82,389[2] Australian American : $81,452[3] Israeli American : $79,736[3] European American : $77,440[3] Russian American : $77,349[3] Greek American : $77,342[3] Iranian American : $76,074[3] Slovene American : $75,372[3] Lebanese American : $74,757[3] Croatian American : $73,196[3] Latvian American : $72,690[3] Lithuanian American : $72,605[3] Austrian American : $72,478[3] Swiss American : $71,418[3] Bulgarian American : $71,331[3] Romanian American : $71,230[3] Scandinavian American : $71,190[3] Italian American : $70,726[3] Japanese American : $70,261[2] British American : $70,037[3] Chinese American: $69,586[2] (including Taiwanese American) Serbian American : $69,372[3] Belgian American : $69,342[3] Scottish American : $69,269[3] Welsh American : $68,874[3] Polish American : $68,843[3] Chinese American: $68,672[2] (excluding Taiwanese American) Slovak American : $68,611[3] Danish American : $68,558[3] Czechslovakian American : $67,991[3] Swedish American : $67,908[3] Norwegian American : $67,403[3] Syrian American : $66,965[3] Czech American : $66,856[3] Hungarian American : $66,483[3] Ukrainian American : $66,430[3] Finnish American : $66,063[3] German American : $65,570[3] English American : $65,436[3] Palestinian American : $65,345[3] French Canadian American : $64,883[3] Portuguese American : $64,525[3] Irish American : $64,322[3] Albanian American : $63,649[3] Canadian American : $63,443[3] Slavic American : $62,866[3] Pakistani American : $62,848[2][4] Nigerian American : $62,086[3] Scotch-Irish American : $62,055[3] Indonesian American : $61,943[2] Dutch American : $61,508[3] Egyptian American : $61,344[3] French American : $61,262[3] Turkish American : $61,187[3] Armenian American : $60,561[3] Ghanaian American : $59,545[3] Vietnamese American : $59,405[2] Yugoslavian American : $58,668[3] Korean American : $58,573[2] Guyanese American : $58,168[3] British West Indian American : $56,865[3] Brazilian American : $56,200[3] Barbadian American : $56,078[3] Arab American : $55,117[3] Laotian American : $53,655[2] Thai American : $53,468[2] Cambodian American : $53,359[2] West Indian American : $53,310[3] Cajun American : $65,015[3] Trinidadian and Tobagonian American : $55,303[3] Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac American : $51,921[3] American : $51,122[3] Pennsylvania German American : $51,061[3] Jamaican American : $50,935[3] Cape Verdean American : $48,408[3] Hmong American : $48,149[2] Haitian American : $47,751[3] Jordanian American : $46,855[3] Moroccan American : $45,128[3] Nepali American : $44,677[2] Bangladeshi American : $44,512[2] Afghan American : $43,838[3] Subsaharan African : $43,682[3] Bahamian American : $42,000[3] Ethiopian American : $41,736[3] African : $40,931[3] Arab/Arabic : $39,395[3] Burmese American : $35,016[2] Iraqi American : $32,594[3] Somali American : $22,368[3]
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    Just a bad day guys

    All right folks. It's time to back our guys. It's been tough day with some bad batting collapse basically. We played some silly shots, some can blame the pitch even. Aussies bowled well too but overall let's just call it a bad day in the office. We do not have such days often so let's cut some slack and back the boys. Let's back the Blues. We are no.1 test side and seriosuly if there is any 1 test side which can come back in this game, then it is that of India. I am backing them to comeback in the game. Let's get behind the team. We got this Come on India
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    New guy

    The era of Kohli-constrictor is here

    Move over Dhoniconda
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    Deepak Hooda hits a 49 ball hundred in SMA trophy

    "Hooda is still very young and inexperienced. He will be selected after he is at least 30 years old" - Selectors
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    http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/cricket/the-greatest-ever-knock-vvs-laxmans-harvest-of-runs-at-eden-garden/news-story/535126ece71f724c3ba97a52fb9062e9#load-story-comments Amazing article just reading that gives me goosebumps.
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    A pragmatic Kumble also laid down his plans for the future- a bid to build “a champion side” and groom youngsters by “bringing them into the work culture” and giving them the resources to succeed at international level. “We want to put together a squad which we want to keep going forward. They all want to be a part of the team and for us to build a champion side — this is the 14th Test out of 17 this season. It’s keeping the team together that has got these results.” Kumble also pinpointed Aniket Choudhary, Basil Thampi and Nathu Singh as prospective fast bowlers traveling and training with the squad with the aim of “engaging them” and “have them in the scheme of things”. “We want options for any eventuality. We had injuries in the past just before the game or on day of match. We want to keep team together and build on who will be a part of the Test arena, barring one or two, for a long time,” he added. However, the Indian head coach was also quick to add, “It’s not necessary that they will be a part of the squad in near future, but looking at the series coming up or even far ahead it’s good to have them in the scheme of things and bring them into the work culture that we all expect and is needed for success at the international level.” http://www.crictracker.com/anil-kumble-praises-virat-kohli-and-co-for-their-consistency-throughout-the-long-home-season/?utm_source=FB&utm_medium=Social&utm_content=News
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    Not content with summiting to the base of Mount Everest in the middle of Himalayan winter, I decided to push the limits of my endurance and climb to the top of Macau Tower, the highest tower in Macau, China. The more you have of adrenaline, the more you need to have of it. There is no turning back from this. This is an activity I don't recommend you do if you have a fear of heights. The heights can induce nausea, dizziness and vertigo. If you love heights, than by means, go for it. This is Macau Tower: And this me climbing to the top of Macao Tower, one ladder rung at a time.
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    B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Here is Thampi's yorker and also a view of his bowling action from the side. Look at this below one and see how he is stretching his arm
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    express bowling

    They are scarred. Will they come back?

    The main thing is not to panic after this loss and not to make drastic changes to either the team composition or the team strategy. They have worked well for us in the last 6 test series. Just address the issues if any and play normally in the next test match with a clear mind. The issues that need addressing are Practice batting against spin in the nets with extra importance. Practice playing Jadeja a lot more, both his arm balls and spinners. Create artificial roughs on one practice pitch. Practice catching a lot, especially close-in catching and create specialists for key catching positions. Kumble needs to give a clear guideline to the players on how to take reviews logically. Not wanting a raging turner. We have done well on flattish tracks and we need to stick with that. Stick to the basics of test cricket like we were doing mostly in the last few test series.
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    The IPL Auctions have shown that the "HYPE" was true and the reality checkers were wrong.So reality checkers have been shown the reality.So next time believe the "HYPE".The potential of Indian fast bowlers have been somewhat validated by the price they have claimed.Good times for Indian Fast Bowler fans.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Guys, if possible tune into Star Sports to watch T20 match between -Kerala and Andra -Kerala Fast bowler named Thampi is bowling with fair amount of Pace. He is hitting more than 140 KPH almost every ball which is rarity in Indian domestic. He looks faster than Sandeep warrior. As I type he has beaten H.Vihari for pace Anyone knows about him. Looks a prospect for national team
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    ICF Hype Brigade 1,ICF Reality Stars 0 !!!

    Why arent' Cricketjoshila and @Malcolm Merlyn online at the same time....Macher Jhol me kuch kaala hai bhai
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    These 2 IPL team owners have a horrible attitude.

    I thought the young kid would be an @ss, but its the older guy who's the moron. Just dismissed the work ethic of guys like Ishant and Irfan. I think that's grossly inaccurate and harsh. As the Guj team owner politely pointed out - some players are a better fit for other formats, and form is a consideration. Absolutely no need to insult players that you didn't think fit your team needs. The Pune owners in general have demonstrated their idiocy consistently. From their team "name" to uniforms to team selections earlier and this time around - the captaincy decision - stupidity and tastelessness on the "branding" front, and lack of cricket understanding and reactive thinking on the cricket front. Easily the worst team in IPL. I personally believe if one of these IPL teams signs up Irfan, they will get a motivated player who will be pissed and determined to prove a few folks wrong. He's an under-rated bat in this format in particular, and an experienced handy bowler as well.
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    Respect for Goenka.... what products does his company manufacture, will buy it right now in an overpriced Indian store.
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    B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Basi thambi has been asked to reach Pune to bowl at team india's nets session . Also attended the trials for RCB and Delhi Daredevils this month
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    The ICF Mile High Hype Thread

    Rather than hype, I would call it good healthy discussion. What is the point of this forum if new young talent cannot be discussed? All the players mentioned have the potential to succeed, does not mean that they WILL succeed. But no harm in discussing them. I would have never known of Basil Thampi if not for this forum.
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    Just like how a 'brotha' gains street Rep by going to jail in his teenage years
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    Aniket Chaudhary ,Left arm fast bowler

    Nobody has better hang time than Dinda. He can leap, adjust his headband in the air and then bowl jaffas.
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    An excerpt from an article on sports.keeda.com India vs Bangladesh, 2017: Indian pacers use Speed Shotgun ahead of the one-off Test The Indian pacers were introduced to a new technology called the Speed Shotgun. What’s the story? Ahead of the one-off Test against Bangladesh, the Indian pacers were introduced to a new technology called the Speed Shotgun by the skipper Virat Kohli and coach Anil Kumble. A member of the Indian team management confirmed the use of the technology. “Yes, it was used during training on Monday to assess the pace at which the Indian bowlers were bowling,” he said. In case you didn’t know... It is no secret that India’s new skipper Virat Kohli likes to have pacers who have raw pace and has often spoken how a genuine pacer can get a wicket even on a flat deck. Ever since taking over as captain, Kohli has backed bowlers who can hit the 140km/hr mark on a constant basis rather than having a medium pacer who bowls a consistent line. This is evident from the way he uses Umesh Yadav ahead of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who has done well in the past. The heart of the matter The Speed Shotgun machine is a machine which helps to keep track of the pace at which a bowler delivers the ball. It is aimed at the pitch from behind the stumps as a bowler runs into bowl. The members of the support staff were seen standing behind the nets with the machine aimed at the pitch. The machine tracks the speed of the ball once it pitches on the wicket. " Full article https://www.sportskeeda.com/cricket/india-vs-bangladesh-2017-indian-pacers-use-speed-shotgun
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    B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Yep. Bowling fast Here is his last over. Check the speed
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    Jayant Yadav-Is he a long term solution?

    Better test batsman than Rohit
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    Virat Kohli is a bowler's captain, says Umesh Yadav

    A good fast bowler needs a good captain and India speedster Umesh Yadav is thankful to Virat Kohli for letting him be his own man while devising strategy to get batsmen out. "Virat is a bowler's captain. He is someone who would throw the ball at you and tell you to set your own field. He asks me what my plan is or whether I need a particular fielder at a position. He backs your instinct and plans. Only if the plan doesn't work, he would come up and tell that let's try this. For him the bowler gets to execute Plan A and if it doesn't click, then Plan B," Umesh said. He always had a fantastic outswinger in his repertoire but Umesh is now confident that his incoming deliveries are as lethal and which will certainly test Australia in the upcoming series "My stock delivery has always been the conventional out-swingers at 140 kmp plus speed. But as I have been working hard to develop the in-swinger all these years, it's now finally coming off well," Umesh said. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/virat-kohli-captain-umesh-yadav-india/1/885196.html
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    B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    wow. http://english.manoramaonline.com/sports/cricket/basil-aniket-nathu-in-team-india-scheme-of-things-kumble.html so much for the hype haha... in your face ICF..and well done pace jizz ICF for spotting Basil.
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    Was happy for Mohammad Siraj too. Much lower price - 2.6 cr, but the guy comes from a very humble background. His dad was an auto driver. His family seemed quite shocked.
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    Fastest balls I have seen in domestic matches this season 4-day or 5-day games -- Nathu Singh 143 k Shardul Thakur 141 k Pradeep Sangwan 141 k Ankit Rajpoot 139 k Rahul Shukla 139 k Jasprit Bumrah 137 k Md. Siraj 137 k Natarajan 137 k We did not have chances to see Aniket C, Thampi, Warrier or Saini bowl in FC matches this season T20s -- ( Updated at the end of SMA trophy ) -- Sangwan 146 k Thampi 145 k Aniket C 144 k Warrier 143 k Rajpoot 141 k Shardul 140 k Dinda 140 k Siraj 140 k Sayan 139 k Milind 139 k Gony 139 k We did not have a chance to see Nathu Singh in domestic T20s this season.
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    Quickest deliveries I have seen in SMA Trophy so far Sangwan 146 k Thampi 145 k Aniket C 144 k Warrier 141 k Rajpoot 141 k Shardul 140 k Dinda 140 k Sayan 139 k Gony 139 k
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    Well done Indian team
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    The problem is that all you guys become "OH why didn't we try this" "why don't we have good seamers ever in our country" ..."why are we playing so negative" And "why we don't have pace bowling culture here"" and bla bla And here is a captain who is trying to take an opportunity to use fast bowlers on a placid track so they learn better as clearly Bangladesh is an easier team to try this ploy aginst than Australia, and people are still blaming Kohli of playing a seamer for spinner. Instead of appreciating, you are trying to kill a good thought. Kohli made a brilliant move by playing an extra seamer.
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    This is such an important and such a difficult job. This has to start at the grass-root level and then goes up the ladder to the national selectors and the team management. A strong FC system helps a lot. The NCA and MRF Pace Foundation have played big roles too. A-team selections are very important too. Some points which I feel would help improve the process even more -- Having more A-team series. Playing Duleep Trophy in the form of a league with 5 teams ( Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White etc ) ....with many games. The quality of opposition in both cases would be tougher and cricketers with potential will develop better. Choosing A-teams is a very important step as it forms the pipe-line to the national team. The selectors have done a good job this time and selected young players with true international potential instead of well-known names who have very little chance of representing India in the future. Hopefully, they will carry on their good work in this vein. For A teams----- choose atleast one genuine fast bowler and one spinner who can turn the ball big...... who come across as the best among such bowlers. Our system produces great international batsmen with regularity, but not great bowlers. This is where the selectors and our team management must use their talent-spotting-eyes ..... and choose bowlers who have the potential to make it big in international cricket. Fast track them to the A team and national team rather than let them toil many years in FC. Create a pool of such bowlers and let them train under Dravid and Kumble. We have seen Pandya, Umesh etc. all get better this way. let Kumble and Kohli see such bowlers..... let such bowlers bowl to our international batsmen in the nets and learn. Don't choose A-teams based on last year's Ranji stats only. The selectors have used their talent-spotting eye this time and that is the right way. I hope the team management introduces more youngsters in the national team in bilateral ODIs and T20Is, rather than picking a bunch of experienced players. If there are 2 players of equal capability, choosing the younger player would help build a team for the long term. Having a top international player like Dravid, as coach of the A team, has helped immensely. In the future, hopefully, all A-team coaches will be of that quality only as it is such an important but often neglected position. The communications between the national team coach and A-team coach has been another wonderful step in bringing forth top talent like Nair, Pandya and Jayant....hopefully, this process will continue in the future too among other coaches. Kumble's doctrine of Unity of purpose of all stake-holders is an excellent idea. Please add your points on this issue.
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    express bowling

    B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Basil Thampi gets his 2nd wicket with a hostile bouncer 3 wickets from 3 overs giving only 12 runs He is so impressive Pace + nasty steep bounce + accuracy + inswing + great yorker + great bouncer + slower ball Almost all deliveries in good areas, whether it is the beginning overs or death overs He looks like a " ready bowler " and not a rookie Take him in our LOI team immediately Amol Majumdar can't praise him enough
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    Many of those Muslim countries deny entry to citizens of Israel simply due to them being Jewish but u'll never hear any Muslim protesting. Hypocrites.
  37. 8 points

    Kohli is only the rubber stamp captain in LOIs

    This forum continues to amaze me.All the things you like are attributed to Kohli,all you do not to Dhoni,I mean it's wonderful & convenient.
  38. 8 points
    As if losing the 2014 T20 WC was not enough, as if watching him continually struggle was not enough, as if his pathetic innings today was not enough. Just sick and tired of seeing the same players struggle over and over again. How many more years are we going to waste on Yuvraj???
  39. 8 points

    Indian ball boys on the boundary.

    This has become an international embarrassment that followers of cricket outside of Asia are both laughing and are embarrassed about. Why are these ball boys not educated about common sense when the ball is approaching the boundary? Why is there so many ball boys? What about the OH&S issues of all concerned? I found it both stupid and amusing that a stupid ball boy will go after the ball coming towards the boundary, when a fielder is running at full tilt to stop the ball and often collide into the ball boy. Where is the education in India about instructing ball boys to run the other way when a fielder is running towards the ball and to only get the ball, when it is safe to do so? Logic dictates that if the ball has passed the boundary and there is no fielder in sight, then and only then should a ball boy collect the ball. Utter madness in the way some aspects of Indian cricket is managed. It makes Indian cricket look so backwards.
  40. 8 points
    Forcing? He is the freaking captain
  41. 8 points

    B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    i had talked about this guy a last year. Really happy to be proven right about his pace.
  42. 8 points
    This superficial patriotism is more dangerous than anything else .Chewing gum ke liye faaltu bawal .
  43. 7 points
    1st Test vs. Australia Speed ranges of most deliveries ( excluding slower balls ) Umesh 137 k to 147 k Ishant 137 k to 144 k. Umesh is slowly becoming the bowler we always wanted him to be. In the last 8 months, we have been seeing him combining accuracy with the natural pace that he has and getting reverse swing both ways when available. Results are bound to come when this happens. After his dream spell against Bangladesh, today too we saw him pick up 4 wickets on a flat track for seamers. His 3rd spell was the best, when he bowled some jaffas one after the other and picked two wickets off consecutive balls in that spell. Batsmen are unable to pick up his full swinging deliveries which are either coming in or going away at high pace and sometimes moving off the seam too. Wicket taking is a as much a matter of habit and confidence, as it is of skills.... and I feel that we may see him picking a lot more wickets from now on. But he must always remember to use the surprise bouncers regularly to maximize his returns. Ishant bowled well today. Bowled in the right areas mostly, generated high speeds even during the last spell of the day and got some reverse-swing, mostly inswing. Did not get any wickets but was very steady and kept up the pressure from his end.
  44. 7 points

    Umesh Yadav the best India pacer: Rodney Hogg

    This thread is hilarious. So many great bowlers suddenly turned into trundlers to fit a narrative
  45. 7 points

    Will Kohli Fail in the IPL Again?

    even clowns entertain.... just saying
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    THE 22 YARDS : EPISODE #5 IPL AUCTION PREVIEW : By Sourab10forever AUCTION RELATED DATA : Full list of players for IPL 2017 auction:
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    The ICF Mile High Hype Thread

    This makes no sense at all. You are saying we should not be excited to see players like Pant and Thampi? how many more years and matches do you want the likes of Nehra and Dhoni and yuvraj to lose for us?
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    All hind sight. Pitch had some grass at the start and BD are weaker against pace.
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    Fastest deliveries so far in SMA Trophy Sangwan 145 k Thampi 144 k Aniket 142 k Warrier 141 k Shardul 140 k Rajpoot 139 k
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    RCB already looks hell of an IPl squad

    RCB will still choke. Dhoni won't be there to give advice in desperate panic situations.