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    ~ Miss Warner ~

    Congrats India!

    Congratulations to India on a well played and well deserved series win This has been such an interesting series to watch, I went into it with pretty low hopes, but I am very happy with the fight Australia showed, it's nearly an impossible task to win a test series in India but we gave it a good crack. I'm not gonna lie, apart from Smith and the odd one off innings here and there by Renshaw, Marsh, Maxwell & Handscomb our batting was poor, Smith was obviously sensational but the rest of our batsmen are what cost us the series in the end. I am very happy with our bowling effort though, they toiled hard and kept India to some totals that not many bowling attacks can manage. But in the end, the Indian team were too good, even with Kohli not performing they managed to win the series, I seen a lot of people bagging Rahane after the 3rd test but honestly I thought his captaincy was sensational in the final match, his management of the bowlers was perfect. Thanks to the Indian fans on here for the banter over the series, it's been fun! I think honestly the cricket rivalry between Australia and India is nearing the same level for us Aussie fans as Australia v England, which is great for cricket, Twenty 20 cricket is the flagship of the sport these days but test series' like this one really show that test cricket is still the fundamental top form of cricket, at least for me it does anyway. Anyways, thank you all for the hospitality, and congratulations to India, well played indeed! See you all next time we battle Peace!
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    I went to the Afghanistan v Ireland match in Greater Noida and got some pics clicked with the cricketers :D
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    Congrats India!

    Yes my congrats as well. Im dissapointed in how we finished up the series. But that is more to do with our shortcomings, poor focus and lack of commitment with the bat. Your mob played seriousley well after that first match and fought your way back to a very well deserved victory. Looking forward to another emotionally charged series in 18 months. This was a cracker of a series and i expect the next one will be too.
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    Etched for eternity this shot
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    As the new IPL season begins, here I am without a team. Considering my value as a fan, I have decided on making myself available to the team whose fans bid highest for me. Following are the advantages of having MTC as a fan for your side 1) Can make funny articles, stories to support your team and increase the moral of fans of your team at all times. 2) Can troll other teams and fans. Sarcastic articles, attacking the moral of other team fans even when they win, etc are right up my alley. Past experience includes being the founding member of both AVKC and anti-AVKC clubs. Threads like the one on CSK cheating, etc are also in my resume' 3) Can pretend to be offended and outraged over small things. Can whine to mods when required. Lots of fun to be had 4) Am generally lucky for any team and teams I support usually win 5) IPL season gathers, and now my trolling begins. It shall not end until my boredom. I shall take no modship, hold no awards, father no children except the trolls already here. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die on ICF. I am the cool guy on the forum. I am the crazy fan on the net. I am the troll that guards your team against other trolls. I pledge my humor and honor to your team, for this match and all the matches to come."
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    India become WC Champions! - 6 Years its been!

    6 Years back to the day when Wankhede witnessed amazing scenes Scenes that will be etched in memory of every Indian cricket lover.
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    Test Cricket is destroying IPL
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    Umesh clearly underperfomed so pant can replace the old man Tony. Shatranj ka khel khela Yadav ne. That's how you defeat your enemy. Well done Yadav
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    Guys trolling is on hold for a few days. Wife gave birth to a cute little girl yesterday, busy with that. All money taken to be refunded in full
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    Late Cut

    Tough and dedicated

    How tough is this team? Half the team was playing with injuries including Umesh, Rahul, Vijay, Jadeja, Ashwin... Such a tough group who deserve applause for not just playing but performing at such a high level.
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    India become WC Champions! - 6 Years its been!

    Thank You Dhoni
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    Manju, you came from a generation where many were willing to bend over backwards (and bend over, period) to foreigners. I saw it, I know it. This is a generation that doesn't. I don't want a return to the days when even Kapil Dev could be barged by some c*nt and not retaliate. Phuck that. Manju, you're a grown man. At least now stop behaving like a timid, passive aggressive teacher's pet. And if you can't do that, just shut the f*ck up. You have no clue.
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    Have been a big fan of his for years now and wanted him in the Indian team ahead of likes of Rayudu and Rahane. But the chap never got his due despite his stellar domestic performances where he averages 50 in List A with a SR of 100+ !!! You only need to compare his SR and average to other players to know the guy's special. I'm glad he finally made it to the team and is getting a platform to showcase his skill in IPL due to absence of Kohli and ABDV. Else he would still be coming in at 6 and getting barely a few balls every innings.
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    We have won a test match against Australia on a fast, bouncy track, which was more like an Australian pitch. We defeated New Zealand on a green Eden Gardens pitch We won 2 tests in the West indies, along with the series, for the first time ever. We have 4 settled fast bowlers now in Shami, Umesh, Ishant and Bhuvi and a new pacer-all-rounder in Pandya. There are good young fast bowlers waiting in the wings .... in Aniket C, Thampi, Nathu, Aaron, Shardul, Navdeep, Khejroliya etc. Most of our batters are good at tackling pace and bounce now.... in Kohli, Rahane, Vijay, Rahul, Rohit. Even Pujara can play a lot of deliveries on bouncy tracks. We have found a new wrist spinner, Kuldeep, who can succeed outside Asia. Jadeja has become much better too. Main thing is.... our bowlers have been able to take 20 wickets most of the times we have played on non-spinning tracks. I think we are ready to win test series outside Asia. Please discuss
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    MSD - King of the jungle

    Dhoni fans now
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    Hats off to Delhi think tank!!!

    What thinking, what planning and what great innovation! I guess if you give them a Ferrari, they will use it as a rickshaw cart
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    Bangladesh reject tour invitation to Pakistan

    Sarfaraz : "Bangladesh are afraid of playing us"
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    No more Yuvi, Dhoni, Rahane in the T20 Team

    You have the likes of Iyer, Rana, Pant, Krunal Pandya. Rahane is awful in T20s. Yuvi is inconsistent. Dhoni well even though he was the '2nd' best batsman in recent times, his numbers are deceiving. Some ICFers will tell you he provided a good support in the Asia cup. Yeah 48 runs in 4 innings and most runs were scored after Kohli had already pretty much won the match.
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    Yep, he has achieved everything he can and hence should retire in peace
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    NEW DELHI: Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli was awarded the Padma Shri award today by President Pranab Mukherjee at a ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Hockey captain P R Sreejesh and Rio Olympic heroes, wrestler Sakshi Malik and gymnast Dipa Karmakar, were among eight sportspersons who were awarded the Padma Shri this year. Rio Paralympics medallists Mariyappan Thangavelu and Deepa Malik, discus thrower Vikas Gowda and blind cricket team captain Shekhar Naik have also been honoured. The eight sportspersons were among 89 Padma Awardees announced by the government on the eve of the Republic Day. There were no sportspersons in the list of Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan awardees. http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/virat-kohli-recieves-padma-shri-at-rashtrapati-bhavan-1675446
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    Why do most discussion/threads eventually end up in Dhoni or Dhoni vs Kohli??? ICF is turning into the green forum. You only have to replace Dhoni with Misbah and Kohli with Afridi or Sarfraz and you won't be able to see the difference. We talk about Kohli not letting things go and yet here we have bunch of folks talking about Dhoni when he's retired from Tests for more than 2 phucking years!!!
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    Manjerekar is a ghatiya insaan. Can't take him serious. Rahane didn't perform nothing special in most of the home season and all of a sudden he is a better captain. Kohli backs Rahane up and that's why he wasn't dropped when Nair scored a triple century. Everyone in the media wanted Rahane out and Nair in. Manjerekar changes his opinion like a chameleon.
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    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Massive improvement in his accuracy. Bowled his heart out this season. Never let the pace dip which is a testament to his fitness. Made valuable contributions with wickets at crucial moments in the game. Unsung hero IMO. Can't wait to see Shami and Umesh bowling together in the next test we play.
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    Good, finally take a stand and show who is boss. We should also organize a mini ipl during that time to poach players and piss icc more
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    In this age, when even the poorest of the poor can afford a smart phone, there are apps that inform people of the Azaan times and have inbuilt alarms. One doesn't need Azaan from loudspeakers as a call to prayer. The loudspeaker in a place of worship or during a procession, is simply a channel to enforce piety on those who belong to that the faith and a show of strength to those who don't.
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    Poor Dhoni trolled by his own team member in public. Umesh can relate to that.
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    A lot of bleating goes around about how close India-Pak have been even since 2003 and h2h records are disingenuously used for this. However India have totally raised their game in the big tournaments which are the grand slams of cricket. In the last 5 years starting from 2011, India have won 2 ICC trophies which is equivalent to what Pak have done in their lifetime. Significantly, India went through Pakistan in both these tournaments (unlike Pakistan in 1992 and 2009) and both runs were dominant with the Ct run being unbeaten(no rain saving them there with the opponent needing 70 odd to win..). Thoughts?
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    Home Season Fielding Statistics

    vs England Fielder Count Kohli 5.5 Saha 2(+1 stumping) Parthiv 3(+3 stumpings) Rahul 1 Nair 1.5 Ashwin 1 Jadeja 1 Rahane 2 Vijay 1 Bowler Total Wickets Lost(Drops + Stumpings) Ashwin 7 Umesh 7 Jadeja 4 Shami 3 Jayant 1 Mishra 1 vs New Zealand Fielder Total Vijay 1 Umesh 1 Gambhir 2 Rahane 2 Ashwin 1 Bowler Total Wickets Lost(Drops + Stumpings) Ashwin 2 Jadeja 2 Shami 2 vs Bangladesh Fielder Drops Kohli 1 Bowler Total Wickets Lost(Drops + Stumpings) Ishant 1 vs Australia Fielder Total Wickets Lost(Drops + Stumpings) Vijay 3 Mukund 2 Nair 2 Kohli 2 Rahane 2 Saha 2 Ashwin 1 Bowler Total Wickets Lost(Drops + Stumpings) Ashwin 4 Umesh 4 Jadeja 2 Ishant 1 Jayant 1 Bhuvi 2 Overall Fielder Stats Fielder Drops+Missed Stumpings Nair 3.5 Mukund 2 Umesh 1 Gambhir 2 Ashwin 3 Jadeja 1 Kohli 8.5 Vijay 5 Rahane 6 Patel 6 Saha 5 Rahul 1 Overall Bowler Lost Wickets Bowler Lost Wickets Ashwin 13 Jadeja 8 Umesh 12 Ishant 2 Kumar 2 Jayant 2 Shami 5 Mishra 1 Vote in the Poll
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    Manju is a complicated person with multiple issues . This is just his love for everything mumbaIndian.
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    Wade Asks Jadeja What Does M****Ch** means?

    Funnily enough when I switched it on this morning, with 22 to win, the Aussies were completely silent. Lyon was bowling and their wasn't even a noooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice Gary to be heard
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    Bhuvi and Yadav discuss bouncing the Assies

    http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/4573/umesh-bhuvi-discuss-bouncing-out-the-aussies Not bad son.
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    9/16 correct before Kohli caught Smith cheating 1/12 correct after that incident Surely ICC should investigate Kohli's claims now.
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    OK ICF twitter handle has tweeted this at Ben horne..... Hope gollum the post is OK with it.
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    Former India opener Navjot Singh Sidhu claims “statistics are like miniskirts; they reveal more than they hide”. Another former India opener Aakash Chopra claims “numbers Do Lie” in his new book. My take: Statistics don’t reveal. Statistics don’t do justice. Statistics need context. Case in point. Wriddhiman Saha. Fun Fact: He is India’s fourth-highest run-scorer in this home season. Wriddhiman Saha celebrates his first innings century against Australia in Ranchi. (Photo: Reuters) It may be hard to believe, but Saha actually made his Test debut way back in February 2010 – on that occasion as a specialist batsman. When he deservedly got a permanent place in the Indian Test XI as a wicket-keeper, there were arguments that his batting wasn’t quite cut out for Tests, despite a batting average of 44.48 in first-class cricket. The questions on Saha’s abilities emerged in the backdrop of him replacing the long-serving MS Dhoni, who had scored nearly 5000 runs in Test cricket at an average nearly 40. But in the last nine months, the keeper from Bengal has justified that he is not only an excellent wicket-keeper, but also a batsman who can score runs even at the Test cricket grade. Point to be noted is that Saha has accumulated those runs while generally batting at number seven or eight. (Photo: Liju Joseph/TheQuint) More interestingly, in this home season, only two Indian batsmen – Kohli (5) and Pujara (4) – have scored more hundreds than Saha. But in the context of the match situations, two of Saha’s three Test centuries could be labelled priceless. Saha scored his maiden Test century at St. Lucia on the tour of the Caribbean; on that occasion, India, having been put in to bat, were reeling at 126-5 with the cream of the batting back in the pavilion. But Saha combined with Ashwin, and the pair rescued India to a competitive first-innings total. India went on to win the Test quite convincingly. (Photo: Liju Joseph/TheQuint) The 32-year-old has only grown in confidence since. He has since added two more centuries to his kitty and his batting average has more than doubled. Saha’s second hundred came when the Indian batsmen had the opportunity to make merry on some fabulous batting conditions against Bangladesh; Saha made a busy-looking 106 – one of three centuries in that Indian innings. (Photo: Liju Joseph/TheQuint) Most recently, Saha’s third hundred came at a very crucial juncture in the match; Australia had scored 451 batting first and India were six wickets down still 123 runs in deficit. Saha combined with Pujara; the pair added 199 runs and not only took India past Australia’s first innings score, but well beyond. Saha, The Keeper Saha has played 23 Tests as India’s designated wicket-keeper, and his numbers on the batting front compare favourably to some of India’s previous wicket-keepers. In terms of runs, only Farokh Engineer (who also opened the innings), MS Dhoni and Nayan Mongia had scored more runs in their first 23 Tests than Saha currently has. In terms of Test hundreds though, Saha stands a clear winner; after 23 Tests, Engineer, Dhoni and Mongia had scored one Test century each, while Saha has three tons to his credit. (Photo: Liju Joseph/TheQuint) Saha doesn’t get credit for his wicket-keeping too – that’s because he is so good behind the stumps. India have played on some spinner-friendly (and demanding conditions for wicket-keepers) at home this season; yet, you will seldom see a mention of Saha missing an opportunity behind the stumps. Despite keeping wickets for more overs than the opposition wicket-keepers, Saha has conceded fewer byes than his opposite numbers. This, despite the fact that Saha has had to keep wickets to two of the world’s best spinners and keep wickets on fourth innings surfaces in six of the nine Test matches he has played in in this home season. While keeping wickets in the fourth innings at home this season, Saha did not concede a bye in three innings and conceded 14 byes in three other innings combined – that’s a total of 14 byes conceded in a total of 447.1 fourth-innings-overs. Aren’t those some incredible numbers? (Photo: Liju Joseph/TheQuint) Given his timely contributions with the bat and his safe glove-work behind the stumps, it is perhaps time, Saha got his due. https://www.thequint.com/infographics/2017/03/22/wriddhiman-saha-wicketkeeper-india-vs-australia-test-series
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    True tribute to the great one by CHOKING...
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    Nitish Rana

    Gambhir fought DDCA for the right guy. Should become Indian selector after retirement.
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    Look I am a big MS fan but we must accept he is almost finished now. Its very unfair to keep Rishab Pant out of the team. I would give Dhoni this IPL and if he still does not strike form till the fag end of the tournament, we must select Pant for Champions Trophy. Afterall we all support Indian team and country is bigger than player. Having said that, there is no 2nd thought that MS Dhoni is the best keeper and captain we have ever produced. After Sachin, if anyone has given most to Indian cricket its Dhoni. Players like him comes once in a generation. Anyone who disagrees with it is either a troll or pure hater. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    Waiting for Super Bhabhi's rebuttal to this.
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    Wolf in sheep's clothing: Javagal Srinath

    Another nice article on Javagal Srinath apart from the " Javagal Srinath: One in a billion" which can be found here: http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/story/111878.html Posting few lines from the new article: In 1992: "And yet when the series came to a merciful end and we were told it was safe to come out, the highlights packages were full of Srinath. He was everywhere: running in silkily, sliding into a lovely, wrenching side-on sling of an action, almost like a proper fast bowler. There he was, pitching it up, making the batsmen play, taking wickets at a rate second only to Donald. There he was, sending Meyrick Pringle to hospital with a monstrous lifter that beat Pringle's hook shot and burst between visor and grille. Almost like a proper fast bowler." In 1996: "We were almost right. Spin dominated the first three innings. The South Africans clawed ahead; found themselves set just 170 to win. And then, out of nowhere, they were 0 for 2: Srinath had trapped Hudson in front and nicked off Darryll Cullinan next ball. It was all over inside 39 overs: South Africa rolled for 105, and Srinath supreme with 6 for 21." In 1997: "One man, however, went with his head held high. Srinath's wicket tally was second only to an utterly dominant Donald - 18 to Donald's 20 - and he had taken almost twice as many wickets in the series as the new local hero, Shaun Pollock. I had to admit it. The guy was almost a proper fast bowler; making the new ball swing in or seam away; getting the old one to cut back; finding the outside edge, beating the inside edge." "By 2001, though, when India returned for another series, I was sure he was done. It felt as if he had been bowling at South Africa for decades. I was midway through high school when I first saw him. Now I had left university and had a job. But there he was - "Oh it's him!" exclaimed my mother - still gliding in, still pitching it up, taking five hard-fought wickets in Bloemfontein; 6 for 76 in Port Elizabeth, snuffing out Gary Kirsten and clean-bowling Jacques Kallis." You might have seen an honest toiler who could nip out a few here and there. But I saw a strike bowler who dismissed South Africa's batsmen at a better strike rate than Warne, Murali and McGrath. I saw a man coming back over after over, Test after Test, year after year; excellent to the end. Only six bowlers have taken more Test wickets against South Africa, ever. No seamer of the last 50 years has taken more. Yes, I saw a proper fast bowler. http://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/1086094/wolf-in-sheep-s-clothing
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    Overall H2H is 85-67 in Pakistan's favour including all formats. There I reminded you! Always ready to help our needy brothers across the border :D Now I'd like to remind you a few more things: In the most important part of the H2H, India have an unblemished record vs Pakistan. It is all well and good to have a H2H record on the basis of coca cola, pepsi, lahori dal cups but it is what you do on the big stage that counts. It would be like leading the H2H vs someone at ATP250 level but pissing themselves at the grand slams. Moving on, India have won TWICE the number of World Cups as Pakistan (and didn't have to rely on rain bailing them out in either edition) and did it a full decade before Pakistan did. Moreover, India have won 2 Champions Trophies (1 each in the SC and England) whereas Pakistan have won 0. India have won 6 Asia Cups to Pakistan's 2. India have also won test series in more countries, have a better record IN Australia/SA in tests. I understand it feels good to graduate from Lahore grammar school and throw around numbers but context is important otherwise you will end up like Bilal7.
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    Raina deserved some empathy and respect guys. He has been one of the fittest and quickest on the field. A selfless player who batted according to the situation. Played several if not too many match winning knocks. His value on the field has been immense too. Illness can hit anyone and its not necessary that immediately after that people will be fit and raring to go. Yuvi spent years in treatment to come out of Cancer and he did become fit again, although he lost his game quite a bit. So lets give Raina the space and time instead of being critical.
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    Should not play the rogue nation's team. If we give in to this, we will be seen as soft on all the terror activities sponsored by this Terror republic of Pakistan.
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    4th Test: India v Australia | Dharamsala

    I am back to ICF and cheering Team India to victory with some great fellow ICF'ers. Great feeling!
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    Nope.Just play your natural game and win.Just finish the job in a professional way. No need to showboat lose wickets,create unnecessary nerves and panic.That too when series on the line. No one will give a f about Aussie media once the series is over tomorrow frankly.
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    King Tendulkar

    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Really think kohli and Kumble take massive credit for this . Really backed fast bowlers. kohli always refers to his seamers as "fast bowlers " . Cultural change today we saw it epitomised by ashwin drop of yadav . Yadav went nuts . Empowered
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    They are humble and know realities. They don't beg atleast unlike some boards.
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    Pollard and Tino Best angry at Manjrekar

    Pollard - 6967 runs, Average 30.42, SR 151.78 233 wickets, Average 23.68, Economy 8.08 rpo Rohit - 6214 runs, Average 33.05, SR 131.40 29 wickets, Average 28.17, Economy 7.80 rpo Both are same age (29), started playing cricket around the same time. Pollard mostly bats at #6, Rohit mostly bats in the top 4. Arguably Pollard is a better T20 player than Rohit.