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    Long time ago before the Border Gavaskar trophy begin we were calm and composed human beings enjoying the beauty of nature. Then a coward kangaroo came from behind and pushed our captain into the sea of humiliation. Turns out kangaroo was using special shoes that did not make any sound while they hopped. Also he was using a mobile GPS referral system controlled from his zoo to give exact location of our captain and take right decisions. This transformed our captain into a wild bear. Dangerous if provoked. Meanwhile the cheating kangaroo transformed into gorilla since his cheating was the talk of the jungle news next morning. A fight ensued between them: But ended up being a draw. Bear is disappointed and livid with the result. He goes back to the place wher he was pushed to take an oath of complete revenge in the next match. Below bear taking his oath : He is ready now and roaring to go against all odds with a need for speed: To be continued after the action days....
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    King Tendulkar

    Shastri excellent point on pujara

    In summary pujara stellar Indian test bat in ultimate format . Yet some young talentless pup in ipl will earn more then him need to reward likes of pujara more . Test cricket is ultimate and incentive must be there bcci needs to look at this and reward test stars
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    express bowling

    Steve smith is a cheater

    People saying on Facebook that , to Steve Smith, DRS means Dressing-room Review System
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    Virat will apologise with his fingers.
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    What's all this Team India nonsense?

    Maybe starting with Bismillah eh rehmaaney raheem would have over powered everything else.
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    Indians always win the spellbee
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    2017 Elections Thread

    You have not stopped being political analyst yet. I remember your thread 3 and half years back predicting number of seats in 2014 elections and your quote "Even Sonia's dog will be able to defeat Modi". Politics is not your cup of tea sir :).
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    Quite surprising how ICC chose to completely sweep this under the rug as though nothing had happened ? I bet if India did something like this, there would be a furor from Aussie media. Indian media is pretty worthless as usual.
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    CNN's Believer - a documentary on Hinduism

    When scroll thinks the show is bigoted, nothing more to add really. https://scroll.in/article/831510/cnns-believer-does-reza-aslan-really-know-what-hindus-believe Glad to see we haven't bombed CNN office or issued death threats to Aslan unlike a certain other religion. That is the spirit of Hinduism. If you portray us negatively, we will counter you with facts and civilized debates, not chop off any heads. If CNN and Aslan did something of this sort with Muslims the reactions would have been very different.
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    Bahut ho gayee Cricket, ab Dangal hoga.
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    "They are calling me a serial cheat, when I'm just a cheat."
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    I want Dravid to be coach of our A team and U19 teams. It is not easy to find a player of his calibre willing to do those jobs Priceless.
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    Yehi Chahiyeh India ko. Right attitude. 21st century captain. No Gandhigiri needed. Those who talk shyt, reply them back.
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    Kohli's use of pacers on Day 2 was the difference

    I didn't really agree with the decision as I wanted to jadeja to bowl but his decision didn't really backfire. Our pacers were brilliant there. Umesh was deadly accurate. The hype is real
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    Can't wait for this years ipl

    No more conflict, http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/player/1083493.html Maniacs New favourite player
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    express bowling

    Smith is "RATTLED"

    We should go for standard Indian test pitches in the next 2 tests and our test team will have a much better chance of winning dominantly. Raging turners are bridging the gap between our spinners and theirs and making bowlers like O'Keefe look like Jadeja and actually handing advantage to Australia.
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    What? What? Want me to spell Sorry? Here's how I spell it... MC/BC/DKBose/....
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    Nothing wrong with that. He was always a consummate team man, a delight to watch when on song and contributed a good deal to Indian cricket. If he does not want to go through the grind any more, can't blame him. Don't keep bringing him up in selection discussions; just shake hands, wish him well and move on.
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    New guy

    Had cricket ever brought tears in your eyes???

    Was opening for the Bihar U-13 team in a local match. This ball from a trundler hit a crack and came in from nowhere. One of my balls also chose the same day to peak out of my crotch guard. Well, curiosity killed the cat, etc. The wind went out of me and the next thing I knew, I was squirming on the ground in agony, my eyes tearing up in sheer reaction. I also remember apologizing to my father as I was sure the family name would die with me. I was incapacitated and my brother couldn't talk to a girl to save his life. Thankfully my balls recovered and now their first reaction at any sign of danger is to hide inside my body. Yeah so that was the time, tears in my eyes, etc
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    The Umesh Yadav Metamorphosis

    How good has Umesh Yadav got? Author gets it slightly wrong - that should say spraygun, not scattergun. But numbers bear out what we have seen this season - the big strides that Yadav has taken as a test match pace bowler. 2 years ago, I would have posted harsh diatribes for the times when he was picked over a fit and available Bhuvi (I'm a massive believer in Bhuvi). But for the last 6 months or so, I have grudgingly accepted the merit of playing Yadav ahead of Bhuvi on tracks that don't offer much movement. Umesh has bowled a fudgeton of overs for Team India this season, and done it well. Let's hope he gets a good number of wickets in Dharamsala as just reward for his hard work this season, and contributes to a famous India Victory.
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    Smith:ICF posters have 100's of posts discussing me Dalai Lama- @zen and @Muloghonto have 1000's of posts discussing me. take that ya bitch. Drops Mic
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    Ishant Sharma's Performance In India Since 2009

    And this guy keeps the best swing bowler in country out. Before this season i would have said yadav but yadav has earned his place and showed the consistency we all want from him.
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    Jadeja ka Jalwa

    Another test, another Jadeja 50 and the trademark celebration. He may be ordinary with the bat in LOIs, but is definitely handy in tests. World #1 bowler at the moment. Arguably in the mix for #1 fielder as well. Gets a lot of hate for his limitations. Never enough credit for what he brings to the table. Now for him to run through these lefty kangaroos and wrap up the series. For a change, he may take the Man of the Series away from Ash this time.
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    They will pay the penalty Aussies . Just like against majestic Brazil football team in their pomp , they could be casual but don't score early against them and go one nil up as you wake the big bear up. aussies screwed up . We gonna wake up now and unleash hell on them . The bear is wide awake now . that o Keefe is gonna be owned now. He had his moment on a 10th day track . Now he gonna be mastered , prepare to toil . end of series there will be only one team with crisis and inquest and it won't be the big grizzly bear ps we drew first game v England and also same nonsense was talked . End of series kohli had England skippers head on a platter for consumption
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    Sure poor use of DRS and under bowling Jadeja were tactical blunders. 100% agreed. But look at the body language and intensity of the players. I thought Aussies would run away with the game by end of day2. I imagined drooping shoulders and pathetic loser attitude but I was proven wrong. the focus and grit and intensity was off the charts. pick a name for the best master strategist captain ever and there will be 10s of instances of muck ups by them. I have seen tons of instances of drooping shoulders under Dhoni,Ganguly,Dravid or Azhar the most successful captains from India. This team is something else...from what looked like a hopeless situation on the beginning of day2...it looks like we are still with a shot. For all the blunders this is really a heartwarming quality which shows great promise.
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    This was savage day of cricket by India . Boys were pumped and right in Aussies faces . Really aggressive kohli literally was grizzly bear he wanted blood . Boys just followed in behind
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    What target can we defend in 4th innings ?

    Lead under 180= Australia strong favorites Lead 180-200 = Australia slight favorites Lead 200-220= About even Lead 220-240= India slight favorites Lead 240+= India strong favorites
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    Well beer is waking up but little slow
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    Aussies have poked a sleeping grizzly bear! Mistake

    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum and yes im an aussie. I signed up because i wanted to understand what happened at pune. And who better to listen to then those who know their pitches best. After reading a few threads i figured i should probably say hello. And stop hiding in the shadows. Introduction out of the way i might as well participate. :) I don't think we woke the sleeping bear. I think you did. That was a very uncharacteristic performance from your mob. And unlikely to be repeated. But comments from people like harbhajan were not helpful to you. Not that it necessarily affected your team. But you never abuse australians like that and expect them to lay down. It usually gives aussies motivation that they may not have had otherwise. For the record i believe we came here relatively prepared and had a high priority on this. I also believe our expectations were not high. But now that you gave us a sniff. We will likely fight quite hard... and in all likelihood... lose. But we really only need one more chance after being essentially "gifted" a game due to various reasons* *if you try to tell me we didn't EARN that victory. I will disagree.
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    Seriously selecting Kuldeep in such a crucial match took some guts. I dont know who was behind it whether it was Kohli or Kumble or Rahane but man oh man, we would still be fielding if it wasn't for him. Before the match, if kohli was out, we knew it was going to be Iyer to replace him. There was talk of Mukund replacing the injured Vijay. And if Shami was deemed fit, he would have replaced Ishant. But Kuldeep selection was gutsy. It paid off brilliantly so far. I was a bit skeptical because playing 5 bowlers has come back to haunt us but Kuldeep has paid more dividends than maybe what Iyer could have offered. Let's go and put up 450 on the board guys.
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    ~ Miss Warner ~

    4th Test: India v Australia | Dharamsala

    at lunch when it was 1/131 I said it could likely be 5/200 at lunch... I DEMAND APPLAUSE
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    The Coach said, “His priorities have changed after he became a family man. I have noticed that he has not been concentrating on his game. He has become a reluctant cricketer. He just played three Ranji matches for UP this season and didn’t turn out for Mushtaq Ali and Vijay Hazare tournaments.” http://www.crictracker.com/suresh-raina-chances-of-making-a-comeback-are-bleak-says-a-former-ranji-coach/ If the guy has put on weight and still has same issues with his game means he is not working hard.
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    The Never Ending Thread

    Add lord and GB and he can be the male draupadi.
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    express bowling

    Saha Deserves the applause

    That Irani Cup 200 not out gave Saha a lot of confidence to play big knocks 2 test centuries after that
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    Saha has played 4 tests in seaming conditions so far and has registered scores of 104, 58*, 54 *, 40 in them
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    Can ''India'' follow the footsteps of SA/AUS

    Can a toyger stop pretending to be Indian?
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    It's not long ago they were saying these pitches even things up by bringing their spinners into the game. Should be focusing on using it to their advantage again like in the first Test.
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    List the busted myths

    I was going to wait to post this until after we win the series just in case I look like a fool if we lost, but then decided that I look like a fool anyway, so here goes. A dozen busted myths: (1) Indian team is meek and easily mentally disintegrated. (2) Indian team relies on one or two individuals for all their wins. (3) Indian cricketers care only about their individual records. (4) Indian fast bowlers lack fitness, stamina and brains. (5) Indian cricket needs foreign coaches because .... well, they do. (6) Pujara is too slow and must be dropped; we don't care he hurt his knees, just drop him. (7) Rahane is terrible at home and must be dropped. (8) Wriddhiman Saha must be dropped. (9) Ashwin is losing it; we don't care he has an injury, he's overweight and must be dropped. (10) Kohli is a great captain, Dhoni was horrible. (11) Dhoni was a great captain, Kohli is horrible. (12) Catches win matches :-)!!
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    Delhi cricket needs someone like him to straighten up the politics and the mess. If you watched the interview and heard what he said he clearly says he showed anger but not how the coach told the media. Delhi cricket is a huge mess and players have gone to an extent where they have punctured selector's car tires for their politics because there has been many reasons. Anyone who has played in Delhi and knows how it works with DDCA will appreciate what Gambhir has done for youngsters over the years by being outspoken. Some of the current players playing are all because of Gambhir because he wanted to do his way by giving all chancces and not based on nepotism shown by selectors earlier who would put their club players into Delhi team. Gambhir made sure that culture is gone. The article which came out earlier was absolute tabloid journalism. There is a reason why great servant like Sehwag also parted ways with DDCA.
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    I have written about this several times in the past that most of the posts are to get a reaction from the poster rather than genuine criticism of the player. Having said that, there is no denying that people like Diaper and Yodaesque appeared a touch gleeful when India were under the pump for the first 8 days of the series so far and this visible from their posts. In Yodeseque's case, post count rarely exceeds 6 words so this is easy to verify. Sidhoni worships Dhoni and very touchy about him but definitely doesnt want India to lose. His touchiness is exploited by others. Velu is a genuine troll but he's funny at times and generally here to have a good time, so he's alright. And finally, Slickr is right that Tendulkar was treated like this by most of ICF Dhoni fanbase (incl Sidhoni) and touchy Tendulkar fans reacted in a childish manner (Newguy/MTC being the touchiest). Going even far back, the same happened with Ganguly on ICF's earlier avatar. This cycle will continue with Kohli and others for sure. Till then, everyone should grow a thick skin and chill out.
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    Kohli's use of pacers on Day 2 was the difference

    Kohli made a blunder by underbowling Jadeja and overbowling Ashwin in the 1st innings. Nothing wrong in how he used his pacers. He rallied the team brilliantly on the 2nd day and the team responded to him brilliantly. That intensity was great to watch and thats what kept us in the game.
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    Brilliant from Saha. Catches win matches they say. No former or present Indian keeper would have come any close to that one. Absolutely outstanding work.
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    Some MSD fans seem happy with an Indian loss

    Some serious delusion in this thread. Dhoni is easily amongst top 4 Indian ODI cricketers of all time (Kapil, Sachin and Virat being others) and a strong contender for a slot in the top 10 in an all time Indian cricketers list if both Tests and ODIs are included.
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    Some MSD fans seem happy with an Indian loss

    Yeah let see the comparison. Ponting took over world champions and won again. Dhoni took over a took knocked out by Bangladesh and won the world Cup. Daft comparisons.But then really shouldnt have been surprised . Comparing with Beckham seriously
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    express bowling

    Vijay Hazare Trophy 2016-17

    Varun Aaron 10-2-20-4 He has picked up 9 wickets in the 3 matches he has played so far with a low economy rate.
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    Agree with the OP. But KT would have posted a suicidal note and whined and cried himself to bed had Dhoni lost the game. Hence, hypocritical and lame post. Would make good politician.