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    Pakistan team

    Guy who is still playing 80’s cricket Guy who goes after everything, scores big and then has 5 **** games Good player, could be a bit more aggressive Guy with multiple botched surgeries who’s crap in the field, at his best will get 50 and give away his wicket Captain who can’t keep, can’t bat and is in great shape...the shape of a potato Senior citizen who is only in the side due to his bowling which will get banned again in no time at all Can’t field, is a spinner who doesn’t spin it and is a hard hitter who can’t hit the ball Good leggy, good fielder but **** with the bat for a guy who bats at 8 Not sure what’s worse his celebration or his pace Mediocre bowler whose made a career out of a spell he bowled to an ageing Watson where he didn’t even get the wicket A convicted felon whose stats are crap but is still around for some *ing reason
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    Found it. Here is the article and below extract - http://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/1055869/the-fly-in-the-ointment The highlights reel spins its way to Bridgetown 1989, where Shastri was at the receiving end of one of the greatest sledges ever. It was on a venomous Kensington Oval track, against an attack led by Malcolm Marshall, Curtly Ambrose and Courtney Walsh, abetted by Ian Bishop, the most recent addition to the overstocked arsenal of brutal pace. Facing a 56-run deficit in the first innings, Shastri came out to bat with India 0 for 1 (Sidhu). Marshall, in the midst of a masterclass in the lethal beauty that is true pace, produced a ripper that bored into Shastri's groin. The fielders crowded around Shastri as he writhed on the ground. Desmond Haynes bent low and, in a voice of infinite concern, said "Ravi, that girl you were to date tonight, can I have her number? You are no use to her now, maan!"
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    Because he flashed and flashed hard.
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    Why India's match is so late?

    this chutiya lawda commission.
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    I would cut him some slack as his drop in form coincided with his pregnancy
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    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    This is going to happen: Today Rahul Gandhi gave his resignation to Rahul Gandhi which was rejected by Rahul Gandhi because Rahul Gandhi said resignation is no solution to problems created by Rahul Gandhi.
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    Bhaji, I think he's had that licence since the last 14 years.
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    Ganguly’s commentary sounds something like this The other commie- Dhoni is a great cricketer Ganguly- when I was captain I spotted him, backed him, gave him confidence and groomed him The other commie- Great length by Bumrah Ganguly- When I was captain, I introduced pace bowling and this length to Indian cricket The other commie- The weather is beautiful today Ganguly- When I was captain, we had special strategy to handle such weather
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    Name and shame the chuckers

    that is smart ploy from haffez... to chuck only in icc trounament
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    Lets keep a tab of performances of these 4 bulwarks of modern day batting. Forget the past records, this is what matters, lets see who comes out trumps among them to clinch the title of undisputed king. Player Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Match 7 Match 8 Match 9 K.O. Total V Kohli 18 82 100 J Root 51 107 21 179 S Smith 18 73 69 160 Williamson DNB 40 79 119
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    Great news on a historic day. Go take your 72 hoors, you jihadi pig. BMKJ
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    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Mehbooba Mufti loses from Anantnag.
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    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Such a relief this . Some idiots on Social media almost made you believe that there are fools who still vote for Ghandhis,Kejriwals and Mamtas . Proud of kannadigas too , the state elections are different , even I dont like local BJP politicians ..but this is a Vote for Modi and am really happy we dont follow rest of "secular"south India
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    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Arnab so excited that he just called Sunny Deol Sunny Leone
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    This is called PARIBORTAN !!!!!! pahle hum PARI jaisa thaa… ab BORTON jaisa ho gaya.
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    Cricinfo are pathetic

    Apart from statsguru, any Indian still following cricinfo in 2019 isn't simply a chewtiya or param chewtiya....he/she is ati uttam chewtiya. So yeah I am judging taste of posters here... I gave up on that latkhor website circa 2014-15....suggest all my countrymen to do the same. Why faltu ka migraine, cricbuzz app is excellent and waise bhi who cares about match report essays or cricket analysis, literature, poetry? Woh sab ke liye main hoon na ICF pe , aur hum log milkar sab cricketeron ki utar bhi dete hai without crossing limits and maze se. Bhadas nikalne ka bhi best platform yahi hai. So bottomline is you won't miss much if you stop chasing cricinfo like flies chase poop. CB app+ICF+watching live (time permitting)....best combo. Indian fans have the numbers to make big corporations choose wisely, a real pity they lack coherence, unity, purpose. Best revenge on this so called cricket website is indifference. Ab baaki sab Modi dekh lenge NDA-2 me kyun ki kuch bhi bolo, aayega toh Modi hi. Exit Polls incoming
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    KL Rahul Says Will Do Anything For Team As India Look To Solve No.4 Conundrum LINK WC is coming India's hopes are dipping While fans fear phaintas incoming TM thinks 'what we missing?' MSK says number 4 TM agrees we want more 'Dracarys' shouts whole of India in unison KL Rahul says I am ready for the mission So long we saw lazy Charizard And now we will unleash angry Drogon This is the single biggest development in the lead up to the WC, one that is sure to strike fear in the hearts of the rival teams. Because once KLR is motivated he is a force of nature, as imposing as the Himalayas, as mighty as the ocean waves, as fierce as a volcano, as devastating as an earthquake, and you can keep the comparisons coming. Our main threats England and Australia have officially been put on the warning list, now we go hunting.
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    Girls: Which hole you gonna finish in Ravi: All three results are possible
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    World cup memes Thread

    We will see plenty of memes in this wc, not sure if there is a thread for wc memes yet. To start with
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    This WC is going to be the worst.

    why are you so negative brother. I think you need to get laid or something.
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    How are you going to celebrate

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    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    ಬ್ರಹ್ಮಾಸ್ತ್ರ Brahmastra @UrvaStore Replying to @SwarajyaMag The writing is on the wall! #BengalWithBJP #ModiAaGaya #ModiAaneWalaHai #MamataBanerjee
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    Maybe you could have this topic for your Master's thesis. It's doesn't look like you would investigate fluid dynamics or oncology going by your threads.

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