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    WTF is this series???

    This series is like what I'd imagine sex to be like with the same partner after 60 years of a relationship. You're doing it, you don't know why you're doing it even as you're joylessly doing it, and you, your partner and the rest of the world are thinking - 4 GAWD'S SAKE, Y U DOIN' IT BUB?????
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    WTF is this series???

    This is the Rahane series. Exclusively played to ensure he can keep his place till 2019. I am sure we will soon play a series with. Srilanka were MSD will confirm his place for 2019. Just not sure who we can play to help of Yuvi.Maybe Namibia ?
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    WTF is this series???

    Woke up from a nap and they are still playing but playing for what? Why is Yuvraj randomly bowling? apart from Kuldeep nothing makes sense in this game at all. Pointless series and the worst match I have seen ever and I have seen a lot of crapfest games like minnow games in the Wc etc but atleast they have points and some meaning...this is brutal
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    If only we had a bowler like him available in the CT. Oh wait...
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    Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    Dhoni has now scored the slowest 50 by any Indian batsman in the last 16 years. All those comments by him about playing freely has just been hogwash.
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    Captaincy change or Selection panel change - Let anything happen Indian Cricket won't change! If Dhoni used to hate changing teams, Kohli hates having newbies in team and brings back all the oldies. If Dhoni used to give excuses of 'Process', Kohli is giving excuses of getting in 'experience' in the team. If Dhoni used to give long rope to his favourites, Kohli is giving new rope to his buddies. Why nobody has any vision? Why is every captain running as if a horse on blinkers, can't they see anything outside their closed group?
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    Guys, do not for a moment think this is Ravi alone pulling his weight. Absolutely not. He is doing it, and feel emboldened to do it, because he has Kohli's blessings.
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    Flight already booked for the next WC
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    express bowling

    Sourav Ganguly's views on younsters

    An excerpt from an article in the Telegraph -- " Sourav Ganguly said on Saturday that youngsters should be given a chance in the Indian cricket team if at all there are plans of dropping some of the seniors. Mahendra Singh Dhoni's 54 off 114 balls during the fourth ODI against West Indies last Sunday, which India lost by 11 runs, drew flak from the critics. Captain Virat Kohli, though, after the series win on Thursday backed the former captain to the hilt. "Where are the youngsters getting a chance? I feel in the fifth ODI we should have played Rishabh Pant. If we do not give these players a chance then how will they get international exposure? "First, let them get enough experience. Then we can think of phasing out the seniors," the CAB president, who turned 45 on Saturday, said. " https://www.telegraphindia.com/1170709/jsp/sports/story_160976.jsp Basically the same thing we are saying at ICF.... but good to see a big name speaking about it as opposed to the diplomatic statements by TV commentators supporting Karthick.
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    These selectors have received a lot of flak but these are easily the best A teams in a long time. They have identified the right players for the right formats No trundlers.... no passengers.... almost all the talked about players selected
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    Tendulkar convinces shastri to apply

    Bloody mazaak bana rakha hai! Ganguly convinced Kumble to apply last time and now Tendulkar convinces Shastri to apply. Next time Laxman can have his way. Why the hell do professional coaches even send the resumes to these unprofessional people . So disappointed with the unprofessional behaviour of these ex cricketers. They have been given a responsibility considering their status as legends in the game and they go around plays dost dost. No wonder the bcci babus and politicians can have such a tight hold over cricket in India. If the news is true ...then it is time these three unprofessional maharathis are relieved of their responsibilities.
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    So Good!
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    The selection of starting XI of the Indian team has gone from being odd to shocking to simply ridiculous. The best Indian ODI bowler Mohammad Shami struggles to get a match but Ashwin who despite his Test heroics isnt a very good ODI spinner keeps playing so does Jadeja. Then to top it all Rishabh Pant a 19yr old young explosive wicketkeeper batsman is kept waiting in the dressing room.When a player gets injured Pant doesnt get a chance but a 32 yr old wicketkeeper Batsman who has played 71 odis and 23 tests and avgs just about 27 in both is given a chance.He is a tried and tested failure but he gets in the team Pant doesnt. Its has been said that one of the reasons the coach and captain didnt get on was that the captain wanted his own team and didnt want any interference in team selection.Is this the team selection that Kumble was opposing? This is pathetic from the captain Virat Kohli.
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    Tendulkar convinces shastri to apply

    C. Shekhar Luthra @shekharluthra·18m Isn't CAC member Sachin @sachin_rt convincing Ravi @RaviShastriOfc to apply for Team India coach post amounts to 'Conflict of Interest'?
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    Beginning to really despise this ****. Matlab poora intezaam kar diya hai ke koi youngster ko establish hone hi nahin dena hai.
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    “A coach is a mentor to a team. He is a friend and an elder buddy. He has to actively contribute to building up the morale and harmony in the dressing room. Motivating and guiding the players off the ground is the responsibility of the Coach. The captain is the leader and the gladiator on the ground. Any team is always built around the leadership qualities and professionalism of the captain. He is the face of the team. The coach has to provide backroom support."
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    What is your cricketing profile?

    Currently playing in cricket leagues all around USA. I am mainly a medium-fast bowler(you can call me a trundler too). I am around 80-84 miles these days, at times could be more but I haven't been clocked recently or really checked the speed in a while, so not sure. Former Captain of Montgomery College Cricket team. I have been a 12th man or no.11 batsman a lot for my clubs in the last 10 years. Have carried drinks a lot as a 12th man and that gave me good lesson to improve my game way early in my career. I have moved higher in ranks and become a better bat and still working hard in the nets and getting better at batting. However, I haven't stopped concentrating on my bowling. I am still a bowler who gives it all and that is what I love to do the most, just to get out there on 22 yards and just bowl fast and concentrate on the line and length. Currently, I am still trying to chase my dream to play for USA as Bowler who can bat.
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    This is getting more stupid by the minute. In real life this type of incompetency will lead to firings. They are making mockery of the whole process.
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    He enjoys Dhoni level of powers! Dhoni didnt have such powers till 2011 WC win but Kohli is calling all the shots already Ridiculous. Sounds insane when you take into the fact that he is a mediocre captain at domestic level
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    How unprofessional CAC? (srt sg vvs)

    The whole committee has been a farce from the start .And start I meant when Kumble was selected itself. First Laxman despite being a business partner of Kumble ,kept it secret during last selection process . Then Ganguly skips the interview process just when Shastri was to be interviewed . Then giving Kumble giving One year contract because Kohli insisted . And complete failure to sort out Kohli-Kumble issue well in time before CT despite having ample time. Trying to negotiate and discuss with them then during Champions trophy.That too just before the final And then calling for applications again just because Ravi Shastri can become coach.Basically being bullied by Shastri into giving him the coach job. The whole committee has been a joke.
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    1) Never mix pizza with cold milk. It gives me tremendous gas 2) Drinking throughout the night means stealing happiness from tomorrow. It's just not worth it 3) Netflix and chill feels as good after marriage as it did before 4) Spider man homecoming was a pretty decent movie 5) I have to get off my ass and go to the gym. 1 month gap is too long
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    "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan

    These people cant live without chanting India's name day in and day out. They are obsessed like jilted girlfriends even when India said we dont want anything to do with them.
  24. 13 points

    "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan

    umm no. we wont play bilateral with terrorists. bye
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    Legend Harsh Goenka strikes again

    First MSD now Virat....this guy is the voice of the people https://twitter.com/hvgoenka/status/879561190652780544 Harsh Goenka @hvgoenka Pl apply for Indian cricket coach. Qualifications: Organise travel schedule Fix hotel rooms Be obedient to BCCI and Indian cricket captain.12:45 AM · Jun 27, 2017 161 Retweets 468 Likes
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    In your world jews/ bush did 9/11. Mohali semi fixed and if you die killing kaffir you ascend to heaven for numerous virgins but back in the real world ...
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    I am glad he did that. England has a better culture and is more tolerant of critisim. The only player with some balls who could do that in Indian cricket was Bedi and they traet him like a pariah. Shastri, Tendulkar , gavaskar should be ashamed of themselves. Instead ofg advancing cricket these shameful people have made this stuff a personal domain.
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    Lovely from Hussain. Doesn't hold back. Our pu8sy legends have no guts to speak up. That includes Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, and Sehwag. Shame.
  29. 12 points
    All one can say is feeling sorry for Dravid being dragged into this mess unnecessarily. Otherwise total mess
  30. 12 points
    Bring in Prasad as Dravid's buddy.... he can be the assistant to the assistant fast bowling coach. Bring in Agarkar as Zaheer's buddy..... he can be the assistant to the assistant to the assistant fast bowling coach
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    Whats this obsession with Dhoni ? Pant was playing his first game and there is no reason either to judge or compare his innings with any one .
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    @Mosher@Rightarmfast@rkt.india @Laaloo @speedheat @vishalvirsingh @Vilander @Vk1 @Cricketics@tweaker@MK55 @Bleed-Blue @Hell Raiser @msplash9@Ironhide@prudent_kreeda@RAZPOR@Ankit_sharma03 Fastest balls by Indians in international cricket ( as officially recorded ) This one only mentions the speeds registered from the 1999 WC, from which time speed-guns were regularly used in matches and shown on TV This one includes the 157 k touched by Srinath in 1996/97 http://abcnewsgo.net/video/yJ7B_QnX1ots They left out the 151.1 kph / 93.9 mph bowled by Shami in 2016 against NZ in the 2nd test match. http://www.espncricinfo.com/india-v-new-zealand-2016-17/engine/match/1030215.html?view=hawkeye ( check " Bowl speeds " 2nd innings ) Fastest balls officially recorded for Indians in international matches Srinath 157.0 k / 154 .5 k 1999 WC onward Aaron 152.6 k Ishant 152.5 k Umesh 152.5 k Shami 151.1 k Nehra 149.7 k Sreesanth 149.x k Bumrah 148.1 k http://www.bcci.tv/icc-champions-trophy-2017/match/15 ( hawk-eye / bowl speeds ) RP Singh 148 k Zaheer 147 k Agarkar 147 k Hardik 146 k Bhuvi 145 k Munaf 145 k VRV 145 k
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    There is only one floater in the team
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    Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    How many matches have Jadhav and Pandya got chance to finish games? Jadhav rarely gets to bat and he does his job most times. Same with Pandya. On one hand dhoni fans defend pitch was slow and on the other hand blame rookie Pandya for not finishing with run a ball required. Jadeja is a specialist bowler not finisher.Why should we blame them for not finishing? Isn't kohli continuing with dhoni and Yuvraj for their experience? Why not expect them to do the job? If you want Pandya and Jadhav to start finishing games give them more match practise. Stop coming ahead of them to bat and let them get more experience of building innings and pacing innings.
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    Another successful Last over chase !!!

    Please send out a search party for @velu Last spotted at this location
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    Tendulkar convinces shastri to apply

    Why it is not ? You are a member of the committee that decides who will be the coach. Now you ask another person to apply basically he is saying his vote will go for shastri. He will be biased by selecting shastri over others.
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    Pakistan started playing cricket in 1952 and with the Champions trophy win, they finally have all the trophies (World Cup, Champions Trophy, T20 WC & Test Mace). It took them 65 years to reach this feat courtesy various captains. But our boss MS Dhoni did all of them alone in 6 year span
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    Stop talking rubbish. Last hope blah blah......Why do you reckon he's the last hope ? Cricket finishing in India or did god make a prohpecy that he's stopped producing players or the Indian coaching at the grass root level has retired post Kohli ? Attitude like your's is exactly the reason that these players have become diva's and bigger than the game and throwing tantrums And your remarks are worse even further because of your eagerness to label and demean anyone who isn't a fan of your man crush Hate Kohli ? - You are Dhoni worshipper Hate Dhoni ? Kohli worshipper Stop this with groupism , enough exists in that country already
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    Kohli's arrogance and immaturity was known to everyone. But the perception was he keeps it on the field against opposition. But it is slowly dawning he is same off the field also. Completely back Kohli on brainfade incident of smith but saying he is not friends with Aussies in press conference is childish. Over the top drama on and off field is becoming common recurrence now. He needs to calm down. He is such an awesome batsman but he is not showing maturity. Maybe he should get married. Lmao.
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    Bharat Arun - crony or coach?

    Ishant Sharma sharing ideas be like this:
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    This whole VK power trip saga is making cynics out of a lot of dedicated fans. And rightly so. Its a perfect storm of a new captain, a righteous ex-coach, and BCCI babus running around like headless chickens due to the SC fiasco. That has truly exposed the level of politicking that's going on.
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    Kohli is living in a parallel delusional world. If he can't even notice the basic fundamentals that are wrong with this team there is little hope for the future. I fully expect the 2019 WC team to be the oldest ever selected.
  44. 10 points

    Reason why Kohli is to take the blame

    This is how it should work within the cricketing management system Selectors-Pick the best 15 available. Analyze the performance of existing players. Give more chances,drop or reward based on performance. Fill the gaps with domestic performers or identify talent who can be the future of the country. Jadhav,Kuldeep,Pant,Pandya,Bumrah,Chahal,Thakur,Karun Nair,Manish Pandey,Mukund-Yes Selectors have done well here as all of them have gotten a shot to be in the indian side in recent times Yuvraj-,Karthik,Nehra,Gambhir- Backward step The rest pick themselves even though question marks arise on Jadeja,Ashwin,Rahane etc. only in LOI format but even then those are debatable but not entirely out of the blue as they are the best players for us in tests. Coach- The coach decides the team combo in a perfect world atleast that is what the coach should be for. We can blame some of the X1's that have been played in recent times on the coach as I believe Coach is responsible for everything that happens after the selection process- From selection to right until the toss happens it is the coach's domain after which captain is the king and should be the king but.......... We don't have a coach anymore That leaves us with only 1 king of the jungle- The captain. Let us put aside rumors like Kohli wanted to play Mishra over Kuldeep in the Aus test or how he over rode Kumble's decision to bat first against Pak because there is no concrete evidence.........but right now with what is going on in the WI tour, clearly there is only 1 boss who is in charge. Jury is out on how the captain has managed his side and on his on- field decisions-so you tell me-Isn't Kohli to be blamed here? Basic cricket 101. Selector picks the best 15-rate how they have done. Coach-Plays the best x1 within that 15 Captain-Gets the best out of that X1 that is picked in the end. Isn't that how it is supposed to work? Right now we have no coach and selectors have done a half-assed job but still they got some selections right if not most. So what is the captain doing? If he is getting influenced by seniors than that is not a valid excuse,in fact that makes it even worse about his leadership. Is Kohli really the guy to lead us to promised land as we once believed? I still hope so,but so far not promising Discuss
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    Biggest culprit is kaptaan kohli,for showing zero vision and taking the team backwards,i honestly liked dhoni as a captain even in his last few years better than this guy.
  46. 10 points

    Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    Not even Dravid played an innings like this. Rishabh Pant can't bat like this for sure. The only guy who wasnt criticised for his innings in the CT final was Dhoni. I guess that's what people expect from him now.
  47. 10 points
    lots of quality advise upcoming for Kohli.
  48. 10 points
    My theory - A lot of those mature team selection and tactical decisions in the test series were actually Kumble's. Lately, as the communication broke down, we saw more of the real Kohli at work. What I did not like about his captaincy - 1) Favoritism with the selection of Yuvraj and Ashwin at crucial junctures. Especially Ashwin in the final. While 70+ posters at ICF could predict that the spinners are going to get tonked against Pakistan, and likes of Shami and Umesh would be much more successful, Kohli could not 2) Poor tactical decisions on the field at crucial junctures
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    Long live the Chesistance

    Kumble has only brought good things to the team. Backing Pujara, including Kuldeep in final test, rapping some of the players on their knuckles when they havent been their best, among other things we would never know. Shastri will only be there as a cheerleader and stroke these superstars egos by bellowing some hyperbolic BS. That's probably what Kohli wants though.
  50. 9 points

    Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    54 Runs scored by India between the 21st and 40th overs, including just one boundary. In those 20 overs, the most productive over was of five runs, the 39th over. Dhoni had faced more than half the deliveries in that phase and scored at the lowest strike rate - 36.92 (24 runs off 65 balls). Only thrice since 2001, India scored fewer runs in that phase in an ODI. West Indies had scored 88 runs in that phase. http://www.espncricinfo.com/west-indies-v-india-2017/content/story/1108222.html