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    They can get free taxi rides from Indian drivers. I mean with the amount of times they need to go eat nalli nihari while on tour this is a considerable saving.
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    Proudly pointing it out too. Take that haters! Legend
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    Woh sab toh theek hai but can Afretard explain the below events?
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    Can he make Dhoni disappear from the Indian team though?
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    Momin Abdul Razzaq Lahori never rates Endians highly, what he said today pales before this pearl of wisdom
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    Their bowlers are " getting " centuries at will.
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    Same thing can be said about us when we bash Bangladesh, Srilanka, West Indies and other poor attacks regularly in home conditions.
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    Congrats on the century in Australia

    who will this great success go to first? Yasir Shah? Imran Khan? Shaheen Afridi? There's a young 12 year old challenger in the mix as well. What you thought this was about the great Babar Hajmola?
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    Sehwag should reply "Most of pak cricketers at the end of their career ate pork"
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    Can Yasir get centuries in all 4 innings of a test match. ?
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    This genetic argument sounds straight out of imran STD khan’s playbook. wasnt the same thing said about India not producing fast bowlers?
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    Yasir Shah now has more centuries (7) than Kohli and Tendulkar in Australia .
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    Where is @UrmiSinhaRay? This is the time when she could verify or quash such headlines using her expertise.
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    Kohli says all these nice sounding things, he waxes on about how his wife has been his inspiration, grounded him etc...but it all seems hollow talk, like he's trying to live up to this image he wants to build. His real-life actions, behavior with team mates, selection choices all reveal a man who lacks empathy for juniors and isn't open to other opinions. But he has learnt the politicians art of saying & doing the right-looking things, like gushing that 'I was not even 10% of Shubman Gill when i was 19'. Yet, Kohli became a regular of our ODI side at 19, and has refused to give Gill more than 2 games since he made his debut in Feb this year, despite our ODI team lacking exciting, fresh middle order batters. Hypocrisy much, Mr. Kohli?
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    Vomit inducing squad.
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    Don’t count your chickens till they hatch.
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    They found a way to subdue Steve Smith. Are you watching Endia?
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    Is Shubman Gill dating Sara Tendulkar?

    Also is this 5th or 6th grade? She wished him and he said thanks. WTF. What’s the big deal. I thought celebrities get laid easily, looks like neither Pandya is able to score legally with his chichorapanti and the Gujju genes in him doesn’t let him spend to get laid in “other” ways. Frustrated aatma.
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    That fielding effort though

    Great to see young ageless padosis are keeping the tradition going
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    Pak vs Aus 2nd test at the Adelaide.

    Abbas bowling at speeds Virat Kohli does.
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    Thigh slapped too hard. Self inflicted injury.
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    Our biggest problem in LOIs is that our top 3 never let anyone else get batting practice in low importance and / or easy games. We are not prepared if we suddenly become 20 for 3. All our other batters from 4 onwards just do not have enough practice of innings building in LOIs. This is basically lack of planning and propensity to pad stats by top 3 in easier games.
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    You want 1.1 lakh capacity stadium with 20k people in attendance in its first match?
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    You bet Kaptaan sahab, we are obsessed with consistently winning ICC silverware and tough SENA tours - because Indian cricket has pretty much achieved everything else. In a sport played seriously by just 10 nations, you bet that the country with 1.3 billion and overwhelming financial muscle expects its team to dominate. So start planning for next 2 years instead of dishing out this stale corporatese about "processes" and stuff. We want results - no more 'competitive' 4-1 losses or 'unfortunate' ICC tournament knockouts pls.
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    Young upcoming fast bowlers thread.

    rkt India tracking fast bowlers
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    Twitter messages

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    Umesh outperformed Kohli and Rohit in this innings. Umesh outperformed Kohli and Che in Ranchi. Umesh outperformed 8-9 Toyger batsmen here. Hence proved we should play only 3 players at Eden: Umesh, a keeper, Dhawan. Basic Baseball 101. Regards Hee-Haw Sent from my SM-G350E using Tapatalk
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    A poll of "Who do you think has been the better opener for India?" is shown. Results: Agarwal 61% Rohit 39% Sanju Manju: "Surprising, I'll have to say I fall in the 39%"
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    India vs West Indies 3rd t20 at Mumbai

    MoM should be chahal for not playing the game today
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    India vs West Indies 3rd t20 at Mumbai

    This Pollard looks like a beast and bowls like a cockroach
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    Can someone please explain Uncle that you do not become officially Muslim on Twitter. It will be very painful process to get your thing cut in this age.
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    Don’t have to and it’s not necessary. We are one of only two Hindu majority nations left on the planet. And our share of Hindus is declining. If a foreign Hindu says they are persecuted at home, that alone is sufficient, since the larger social goal of India is to maintain its hindu majority identity. We are the last of the completely indigenous, home grown, socio-religious-culture group left on the planet, that hasn’t seen its core ethos altered by foreign missionaries and isn’t a hunter gatherer stuck in a middle of an impassible jungle. We don’t have to justify our survival in the long term anymore than a Jew needs to.
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    Bow down before King Kohli!!!

    Kohli the LOI captain may have fair share of flaws... but it is naysaying that Kohli the batsman is the very best in the world!!!! He is making this chase look too simple..>> India is very lucky to have a batsman of his caliber playing all three formats......
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    Speaking english does not make you a superior person. It is just another language.
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    Favorite streak of poyyyzz

    Leave aside their other minor streaks like 14 consecutive ODI losses against RSA or 12 against NZ recently....let's get talking about the big ones, and there are many. Even Undertaker got emotional when I showed him the list of streaks held by poyyyz, bola ki mujhse na ho payega Nadal lost his hair when informed of the same Streakers of the world have pledged to drape themselves with Pakistani flags as tribute to the master of streaks Unable to bear this humiliation, Pakistan Parliament resolution Henceforth this shall be the new flag to represent Pak cricket team And not this PS: My choice will be 0-14....couldn't draw a test spread over 20 years, 5 series , aided by rain and what not. Test is best, so beizzati in test is ultimate humiliation
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    1.3 billion population More or less a one sport country Huge middle class, economy on the upswing Decent enough cricket infra, coaching system India a magnet to attract cricket knowledge/expertise from outside its border BCCI richest cricket board by an order or magnitude, from that flows enormous power/influence...unlike in hockey where we were bullied into accepting astro turf Lots of $$$$ in this sport, lots of fame for those associated Well established domestic system, largest league of its kind, lots of media exposure Great legacy, lots of local heroes for inspiration from all 5 zones tbh Largest talent pool in any sport, doubt even Chinese TT has similar luxury of human resources Been in this sport for almost a century now 50% of teams from the worst sports playing region in the planet i.e. South Asia...next Olympics will confirm that for the millionth time Outside this region cricket is not close to being top sport...means best athletic talent in Eng, WI, Aus, RSA, NZ aren't captured by their cricket ecosystem Cricket losing its popularity in SENAW countries, esp among those who constitute bulk of talent eg the white pop in RSA, upper class in Eng After all this if the loyal fanbase can't demand excellence exactly what is it that Kohli and co are offering?
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    adi B

    Pak vs Aus 2nd test at the Adelaide.

    So even frickin yasir Shah has a 100 outside SC but our kaptan cool couldn't buy one in his entire career lol
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    Lekin ye Pakistani players butter chicken aur biryani khane se baaz nahi aayenge!
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    Ghanta it was fair decision if it was against Pakistanis. To counter their age fudging,Match fixing, ball tampering, Shakur Rana, this decision looks fairly ok to me.
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    Shami after 46 tests Average. 26.96 SR. 49.08 This is genuine strike bowler stats now.
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    Indian army saved 90,000 pak POWs from being butchered by bangladeshis. Your "saving" is someone doing their jahb
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