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  1. 40 points
    I have waited a long time for this day ! 4 Indian fast bowlers, terrorizing the opposition batters with pace, bounce, accuracy and movement ... and winning a test away from home. 20 wickets were taken for the test, 60 wickets for the series ... opposition batters were hit on the head, body and fingers. Bumrah ... pace, bounce, accuracy and seam movement Shami ... pace, bounce, swing and seam movement Bhuvi ... accuracy, swing and astuteness Ishant ... tall and economical workhorse with decent pace Lots of new fast bowlers coming up ... Saini the best prospect for tests. Good days ahead for Indian fast bowling fans ! Cheers ! A lot of credit goes to Kohli too ... Kohli ko pace pasand hai !
  2. 31 points

    Bumrah no. 1 in odi ranking

    Not as world class as Amir's at Lord's.
  3. 21 points
    Hahahahah shamsi knocks one up in the air and Pandya takes a beautiful catch and he's slating the catch and you can hear in his voice the tears as he's gutted the Indians HAVE DONE IT. wooo feeling sooo good
  4. 20 points
    Lead from the front with the bat through out this tour. Just amazing how he performed in every game and lead from the front with this mediocre batting otherwise. This is what we have lacked in the past. We should have at least one an ODI series in South Africa, but we could never since we did not make the best of our batting abilities in the past. Kohli's leading from the front with the bat as captain was a big difference, with spinners being the bigger difference. What a captain. Great bowling by Chahal and Kuldeep also through out the series. Just needs to make few changes by dropping certain players, and he can be tat closest thing to perfect captain we can ask for. Well done Kohli and team India.
  5. 18 points
    His contributions to the Indian cricket team as a player was unparalleled. Now he is going out of his way and producing young players who are national squad ready. The work he has done with the u19 and A-squad teams will never be forgotten. Kudos to this man who has actually contributed immensely even after retiring, unlike so many other legends who have either just contributed as commentators or have taken up some high paying administrative role (Some cheerleader have also gone on to F us by becoming an undeserving national coach).
  6. 18 points
    There are no dead rubbers in test cricket numbskull, every test on its own is worth more than an odi series, winning a test match especially in such hostile conditions and on the back of our fast bowlers is something to be very proud of and deserve all the celebrations.
  7. 18 points


    Elgar's exaggerated facial expressions were straight out of the Sri Lankan school of cricket playbook.
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  9. 17 points
    It's ok, Michael Holding is just in the first of the five stages of grief. He is in Denial, he can't believe what's happening, just like that guy who questioned on a live TV program, "How can she slap??????????" That's what he's asking right now- "How can Kohli slap????????????????" We'll see Anger soon, when he punches Manju (who was anyway trying to suck up to him, but that's another story) Next will come Bargaining- that's when Srini Mamu will negotiate a million dollar contract with him to become CSK's mascot Accepting Mamu's offer will make him temporarily Depressed, leading to his losing his Caribbean accent. But he will discover Acceptance, become a diehard IPL proponent, wear a lungi and commentate in Tamil on all England matches alongside Nasser Hussain.
  10. 17 points

    Kuldeep and Chahal - Fan Club

    Hope Chahal has stopped doing this Its probably the other way now.
  11. 17 points
    Hello Everyone :) Since today is Bhuvi's Birthday i decided to post this compilation. A single video was taking a lot of time so had to split them. Bhuvneshwar Kumar 5 Wickets v PAK 2012-13 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4 Wickets v ENG 2012-13 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 6 Wickets in ICCCT 2013 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 10 Wickets in Celkon Cup Tri Series 2013 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 2 Wickets v AUS ODI Series 2013 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4 Wickets vs West Indies 2013 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4 Wickets v NZ 2014 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 2 Wickets in Asia Cup 2014 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 5 Wickets vs England 2014 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 2 Wickets vs WI 2014 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 1 Wicket in Tri Series 2015 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 1 Wicket in ICCCWC 2015 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 2 wickets vs Bangladesh 2015 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 5 Wickets vs Zimbabwe 2015 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 7 Wickets vs South Africa 2015 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 1 wicket vs England 2017 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 7 Wickets in ICCCT 2017 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 2 wicket vs West Indies 2017 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 5 Wickets vs Sri Lanka 2017 [Away] Bhuvneshwar Kumar 5 Wickets vs Australia 2017 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 5 Wickets vs New Zealand 2017 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 5 Wickets vs Sri Lanka 2017 [Home] Bhuvneshwar Kumar 2 Wickets vs South Africa 2018 @beetle @New guy
  12. 17 points
    3 Indian fast bowlers averaging less than 29 in test cricket now ... never happened in the past Bumrah 25.21 Bhuvi 26.09 Shami 28.90 http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?bowling_pacespin=1;class=1;filter=advanced;orderby=bowling_average;qualmin1=10;qualval1=wickets;team=6;template=results;type=bowling
  13. 16 points
    This was the world's most popular phone: This was one of the most popular songs: This is what a computer looked like: This is how guys wore their jeans: This was one of the most famous athletes: and finally... This is what still happened to them in world cups....
  14. 16 points

    Yuzvendra Chahal is an idiot !!!

    Half the credit goes to dhoni.
  15. 16 points
    I am amazed at the PR machinery that works behind these stars. Dhoni's role in the team gets so many definitions . Earlier he was kohli's consultant now they have added the two spinners to his consultancy clientale. These two spinners probably learn from each other and plan with each other. They work hard and dhoni gets the credit. Now his irritating bak bak behind the stumps ( loud enough for the bike to catch it ) is the reason he has to stay.amazing.
  16. 16 points

    Michael Holding - Anti Indian commie

    love the way your commentators kiss our asses
  17. 16 points
  18. 15 points
    Someone please ban this guy . Krishna was a consultant ... Not in the playing 11. Let him join shastri and the others in the dressing room.
  19. 15 points
    1) Rohit should never play an overseas test for India. He is not a test standard batsman in outside the subcontinent conditions. 2) Rahane unless he is woefully out of form should be a permanent fixture in overseas tests. 3) Play 2 practice games before the 1st test. 4) We need an average plus keeper who is a test standard batter for the long term. 5) Hardik Pandya is NOT a test standard bowler. He can bowl a few overs. His batting is 50-50. We should play an extra batter or Jadeja/Ashwin in his place at all times in overseas conditions.
  20. 14 points
    ... and shastri the first coach
  21. 14 points
    "bowl as you are bowling." Great advice by Dhoni the genius. Only he can come up with such encrypted msgs. Even Nazi Enigma was easier to decode.
  22. 14 points
    Not a single Pak batsman scored over 18. I hope they know the meaning of 'Under 19' Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  23. 14 points
    This test win>>>>>10 IPL titles. You can have an open top bus parade for a tuchch IPL title, but can't celebrate a bit after beating the world no 2 in their own den on a doctored pitch? Happy that our boys give so much importance to the real deal, this is the 1st of many more for this young team.
  24. 14 points


    South Africans love pace and bounce my ***. These goras happy dishing it out but when they on the receiving end they retreat like cowards. Don't give me that umpires decision BS, Dean Elgar was milking every opportunity to highlight the nature of the wicket between deliveries
  25. 13 points

    Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    He was angry because even pandey was playing better than him.
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  27. 13 points

    Bumrah no. 1 in odi ranking

    Bumrah is truely world class bowler . Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  28. 13 points
    A walk down memory lane: 2014 World T20 semi-final: knocked them out of the tournament 2015 Test series: first full series as test captain at home, whitewashed their #1 ranked team 3-0. They're still "scarred" from that defeat, lol. 2017 Champions Trophy quarterfinal: knocked them out of the tournament 2018 Test Series: Beat them on a rigged wicket at the Wanderers, allowing India to retain their number 1 ranking: 2018 ODI series: beat their #1 ranked ODI side 1-5 (?) in their own backyard. India has dominated a consistently top ranked side in ALL formats in recent years thanks mainly to this man. King Kohli, Afreeka ka baap:
  29. 13 points
    I had put up a list of T20Is sometime back . I have the list of ODIs as well .
  30. 13 points

    Kuldeep and Chahal - Fan Club

    Masala KulCha
  31. 13 points
    Hostile Indian fast bowlers have sent half the SA team to the hospital And they are preparing slow pitches now ( unnatural in SA ) to save themselves from our fast bowlers
  32. 13 points
    Sorry, Our favourite hero's making his comeback this summer.
  33. 13 points
    Fairly sure CSK was allowed to pick Lungi for the memes it would spawn.
  34. 13 points
  35. 13 points
    I think he really is a gay. ( Not that I have anything against gay men). Heard him saying how he checked out Bumrah's shirtless pic on IG and saw his 6 packs!
  36. 12 points
    10 matches 12 innings 269 runs 22.41 average 1 century Tests 2 tests 78 runs average 19.50 ODIs 6 ODIs 170 runs average 28.33 SR 82.92 T20 2 T20s 21 runs average 10.50 SR 210.00 His dream of scoring 200 in this series is complete now.
  37. 12 points
    Shame he never showed that same passion when he was skipper on all those embarrassing away thrashing’s . As back then his face expression never changed
  38. 12 points

    The great Nidahas Trophy 2018

    Hope the selectors give chances to some fringe like Manoj Tiwary, Abhinav Mukund, Sehwag, Pragyan Ojha, Ambati Rayudu, Nehra, Bhaji, Dinesh Karthik, VRV Singh. Look towards the future
  39. 12 points

    An unbelievably special series win

    This series win has been quite spectacular. And it feels so much sweeter for so many reasons: - The odi series' in SA that we have been to before when we have been bowled out for 150 odd numerous times, its been embarassing and not even worth watching it has been that bad in the past. - The ease that we have done it. Not just the 5-1 scoreline but the wins have been utter thrashings, its like we are playing minnows. - The haters - Michael Holding, Paks etc Unbelievable series win in SA, and yes we have faults of course we do but are we a sensational ODI team? Yes and the rankings (on this occasion) do not lie. Thoughts?
  40. 12 points
    When you are not drunk.
  41. 12 points
    unexpected honesty from our cheerleader. hope they do take this issue seriously and kick out the old greybeard(s).
  42. 12 points
    Gavaskar struggling for words as he can't blame either of them as they are from Mumbai
  43. 12 points
    well, credit then to Pakistani players who maintain themselves till 45,50 (real age) to continue playing international cricket...
  44. 12 points
    Breaking my busy schedule to post here, some of these posts make me cringe so hard, absolute nonsense spouted here. Every state in India has its own strong area. Bengal has historically produced our greatest footballers (and yes we were a pretty good team back in the old days). Bengal has also given us good swimmers and tennis players. Can I ask why Uttar Pradesh hasn't produced quality footballers or tennis stars? Mumbai/Delhi/Karnataka have given us our best cricketers. Punjab has given us hockey stars and athletic (esp throwing events) prospects. Kerala has given us our best sprinters and volleyball players. Tamil Nadu has given us our best tennis players, squash players, car/bike racers and chess grandmasters. Haryana has given us boxers and wrestlers. North East has given us talented boxers, footballers and weight lifters. Adivasi belt (Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Odisha) has given us our archers and sturdy field hockey defenders. Andhra has given us badminton stars. Gajab log ho yaar tum sab. Just because Bengal hasn't produced cricketers you take a swipe at Bengalis? You take the name of any state and I will list out sports where they have sucked. Every region has its own strengths and we must respect that. Coming to OP I have been through the junior CAB tournaments and can give 1st hand account. Cricket isn't a popular sport here, ofc Bengalis love their cricket and Eden Gardens is a passionate crowd but you check out a weekend game of the Kolkata derby (Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal) in Salt Lake (bigger capacity than Eden) and you'll get what I am trying to say. Bengalis are mad about football, in my school till 6th standard 10 out of 300 students in my batch would play cricket while rest would play football. In later classes no one played cricket, 300 students would play 4-5 parallel football matches with anywhere over 20 per side. No wonder Bengal has been the conveyor belt for Indian football over the decades. Mumbai has won Ranji trophy 41 times, cool , Bengal has won Santosh Trophy 32 times, Karnataka+Haryana+Gujarat+UP+Bihar+many other states combined 0 times, uspe naya thread nikalun? And for posters who try to take subtle racist digs at some states, football is much more strenuous than cricket and half the Indian states don't have the aukaat to win a Santosh Trophy. Bengal has won a few Ranjis and Hazare's so we don't need to prove anything to anyone. Till the late 60s we were the among the top 3 in Asia and that golden generation had more Bengalis in the starting XI than we have had Bombay cricketers in Indian Cricket Team during Bombay's peak years. Chuni Goswami who captained India in its Asian Games gold medal (defeating Japan and South Korea back to back in semis/F no less !!!) and Asia Cup silver had a side career in cricket, he was a Bengal Ranji regular who captained West Bengal to 2 Ranji Trophy finals. Funny part is he took cricket seriously after retiring from football, that is the general level of priority for Bengalis w.r.t cricket. Most of the Indian cricket ATGs don't deserve to be named in the same sentence as Chuni so kindly eff off and take your pity glasses elsewhere. I can do a similar analysis for so called inferior cricket regions, all states have their specialty and without them India will be much poorer in sports. Take out Andhra and SS won't telecast badminton, take out Tamil Nadu and our chess status will be equal to Bangladesh's, take out Kerala and some Eastern European women athletics records will shine favorably compared to Indian men's national athletics records.
  45. 12 points
    Sachin has the best autobiography ever, usually I struggle on long flights to India and back..10 pages into the Sachin autobiography I was passed out without the help of any substances
  46. 12 points

    Oh god Lungi playing for CSk

    CSK fanboys of ICF after hearing real Lungi will play for CSK
  47. 12 points
    Am I the only one who thinks Gill is Fatima Sana Shaikh's doppelganger?
  48. 12 points
    Saf whined when they got turners in India even though they got scores of 200,121,135 in 2 of the fattest pitch (delhi and Bangalore) ,now whining about a home made grassy pitch where the opposition has no problem lol.where do they want to play?mud?
  49. 11 points
  50. 11 points
    saffers were one down for 100 odd runs.. i went to hanuman temple and then to shani temple .. offered tulsi leaves to hanuman and seasame seeds to shanishwar .. when i checked the score , saffers were all out @Cricketics @SLICKR392

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