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    Dear Posters, Over the past few weeks we have been in touch with OPPO India, the sponsors of team India who were impressed with the enthusiasm, knowledge and passion of ICF posters for Indian cricket. Once we began talking we soon discovered that both ICF and OPPO had the objective of supporting team India in pushing the boys and girls representing our nation to do their very best. Both our organisations want fans to be involved directly with the team they love. To this end, OPPO India has invited ICF staff members to the launch of the team India jersey on the 4th of May 2017 in Mumbai. To mark this iconic event in the history of ICF , site admins Trichromatic and Malcolm Merlyn (alias Sunnyji) are present in Mumbai for the very same, where they will interact with multiple individuals from the Indian cricketing fraternity. They shall be also attending the Oppo F3 Selfie Expert Phone Launch taking place at the same venue. We hope this will be the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership between ICF and OPPO in our following of the Indian team through their ups and downs. Finally we would like to reassure that your ICF will remain a non profit internet forum where you can rant, troll (within reason) and comment on the happenings in the world of cricket. It is our desire that you join us on this journey. Team ICF thanks both Trichromatic and Malcolm for taking out time and representing ICF. Yours truly, Team ICF
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    Why even bother with domestic cricket?

    If likes of Rahane and Yuvraj are going to be regulars no matter what why bother with the hassle of going through the charade which is domestic cricket? Selectors may as well pen down the same XI or 16 man squad without bothering about the performances. The Indian squad selected for CT is one of the weakest team in the tourney and even managing to get to semis would be an achievement for this squad. And I suspect the only reason India manages to get to semis, if it does, would be thanks to bowling coz batting is over the hill, living off its past reputation with no power hitters in sight. Kohli saved us in 2016 but if he doesn't find the same vein of rich form I expect this batting unit to struggle to get to 260-270 consistently. As for selectors, it must be a nice job to be paid for a nice long vacation where you know you won't have to do anything. Not even one left field selection or even one youngster picked shows how they are sleeping at the wheel. Likes of Pant have every reason to feel let down and disappointed and if the selectors were in the mood for 'Tried and Tested' players, Raina would've been a better option than Rahane. Raina has done well in England in the past and at least provides some sort of power hitting which the current lot is incapable of providing. What a let down and I wish India had boycotted CT than seeing this squad
  3. 18 points

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Rishab Pant

    Missed out on 100 but what a knock. What clean hitting while chssing 200 runs for his team. Kept hitting every bowler and maintaining the momentum for Delhi. Absolute brutal knock. Someone said Stokes knock was good earlier, this was just as good and even more Brutal. A young guy scoring sixes at will is just amazing to see. Please, we need to get him to ODI side also now. Stand Up for Rishab Pant
  4. 18 points
    Every captain is biased and has his set of favorites. Even the best of captains have that. Problem arises when there is a conflict of interest. For e.g. when a player management firm owned by a captain is managing some players who feature in his playing XI regularly without any merit.
  5. 17 points
    New guy

    Dilemma of the Dhoni fans

    So sad is the plight of the Dhoni fans nowadays. Someone who is losing respect by the day. Whose stocks are falling worse than Robert Vadra's. What do they do? 1) Attack other/retired players. But, but, but Sachin? Bro, he retired. But Kohli? But we are talking about Dhoni? But..but..but Sachin? Kohli Cringe level - 3 Dhonis 2) Invent a fantasy fan-fiction for themselves So Dhoni ha been kicked out of captaincy. His stocks are down in the team. Well pretend he is still relevant and important. Smith gave a pitying smile to Dhoni? That means he respects Dhoni! Dhoni is the man behind the scene? Write tons of fan fiction about how this is totally true you guys Cringe level - 3 and 1/2 Dhonis 3) Create a 100 threads about Dhoni themselves and pretend others are discussing him No one cares about a has been. There are so many exciting new talents to discover. Young players who are excelling with bat and ball. Every genuine fan is busy discussing them. So what do Dhoni fans do to make it look like he is still relevant? Start a 100 one liner topics about him. And then say, but but, see he is relevant you guys. Cringe level 21 ball 17 Dhoni knock in a T20 match 4) Rely on trolls and spammers to help them This is the most pathetic part. Since Dhoni fans are in short supply, poor guys feel outnumbered. So what do they do. Beg in front of trolls to support their player so that they can have strength is numbers. Quality of quantity is something they would never understand, poor guys. Having these guys on your side would mean you already lost. Cringe level 22 Dhonis 5) We do understand your plight We really do. We are the fans of players who gave so much to their country. Players whom we grew up with. Players who laid the foundation of where our team is at today. There was a day when you guys were taking pot-shots at our favorite and their fans just because Dhoni was doing good. You were not kind. You didn't care about anyone else. Now the shoe is on your foot and it pinches. But we are kinder and classier and we really do understand what it feels like. Just take it easy and time will solve everything once Dhoni retires Cringe level None
  6. 17 points

    Pakistan collapse to 81, Windies Win 2nd test

    When Pakistan collapses like that, I can only think of one dance
  7. 16 points

    Saha almost 2 100s in IPL-what about MSD???

  8. 15 points

    Dhoni : The Real Sub-hundred Specialist

    12(12) 5(11) 11(14) 5(8) 28(25) 61(34) 21(11) 7(11) 21(17) 26(33) 5(9) Only 4 Out of 11 Matches he has a SR of above 100(Only 2 Above 120) Not talking about averages,not about Highest Scores..... F*ing Strike Rates. The one thing that even the most slow T20 batsmen manage to do easily-Score at even just more than run a ball.And we are talking about MSD-The so called best finisher in the world. The Krishna of RPS. Comes in the 15th over or so. Makes a mockery of Run-chases requiring 12+ RPO by Defending. The Other batsmen around him have to literally strike 3 runs every ball to make up for him. Moreover, there is no intent. He is coolly defending the balls in the 17th-18th over. Being Such a senior member,he has probably played the worst String of innings in the history of IPL. I sometimes doubt how this guy managed to do so well for India as a leader when he doesn't have the guts to recognize that he is screwing his team and that his days are over. I mean he should have at least done something. Maybe walkout 1 down or even Open (If there is no replacement available that is) . Stupid of RPS management to not have a WK backup option. If RPS do manage to not qualify as top 2(Esp if it comes down to NRR) then it will be this man to blame. And the big question-Does this guy really deserve to go to England? If he is in the team only for his valuable inputs that he gives to VK(Not denying it)...Better hire him as a consultant or a mentor. It is an eye sore to see him in this state.
  9. 14 points
    This was the mysterious (and outrageous) headline that greeted me when I looked at the phone first thing in the morning. Immediately, I thought this must be some boastful Australian droning on about the record of their team in world tournaments etcetera etcetera before the Champions Trophy. Imagine my surprise then seeing that it was actually Misbah who came up with this nugget after the series win against West Indies. Now I am hardly upto date with the developments in Pakistan cricket but have they not been whitewashed twice before this hard fought win over an anemic Windian third XI? What exactly has this P@ki team achieved that makes, let's say Kohli or Smith, jealous of them?
  10. 14 points

    Dhoni Fans....

    :hysterical Commiserations on your collective KLPDs... Please use this:
  11. 14 points
    i think he was referring to their 81 all out. not many teams are bowled out for 81 by a west indies C team.
  12. 14 points
    My impressions of the new Indian fast-bowlers in this IPL -- Md.Siraj - He has been impressive. He has bowled with genuine pace with a very high percentage of deliveries at 135 k to 145 k. Plus he is a skiddy pacer who hurries on to the bat after pitching. Gets inswing on a consistent basis and the in-dipping skiddy quick balls result in a lot of bowled outs and LBWs. Has a good pacy bouncer and has developed decent yorkers and slower balls in this IPL. Hits the deck hard when needed and his height is ok. The best thing is that he was learning as the tournament progressed. He took 41 wickets from only 9 FC matches this season and is the one bowler to look out for as he knows how to pick up wickets. Needs to be picked for our A team and can play all formats. Avesh Khan -- He is tall and bouncy. Hits the deck hard and bowls a heavy ball. Gets the ball to seam in and is accurate.... makes the batsmen play. He is one of those quicks who hurry batsmen visually. Can bowl lots of 140 k + deliveries in an over. Reminds me a lot of Srinath. He was really unlucky to miss 13 matches this season and should have been played by RCB. He is a wicket taker too and was our best pacer in the last U19 WC. took loads of wickets. Don't know how he is not picked for the MP Ranji team. The selectors must see to it that he plays Ranji next season and he is good enough for our A team too. He is one of the most exciting pace prospects from India and only 20, so he should add pace as he becomes older. Nathu Singh -- He got injured and played only 2 games. But he is a big talent. Looked really good in those 2 games. Bowled 138 k to 145 k, swung the ball both ways, was very accurate and bowled a few good bouncers. His ER was only 3.75 in a T20 tournament. Would have shone even more if he had played 6 or 7 games. Another A team candidate. Kulwant Khejroliya -- The man was conspicuous by his absence. Did not get to play a single game despite taking 13 wickets from only 5 VH Trophy matches. He is genuinely quick and bouncy and a left-armer too. Saw him in a DY Patil match he was bowling some superb and fierce bouncers and yorkers. Basil Thampi -- He has impressed most commentators and his team management due to his ability to bowl quick, inswinging late-dipping yorkers at will. That is a rare skill and he needs to be backed. he bowled 134 k to 144 k , was skiddy and got regular inswing. He has a somewhat round-arm action and a lowish release point and that often robs him of bounce when bowling good length. He has a good, quick bouncer. Needs to improve his accuracy regarding all deliveries. He bowled all the difficult overs even in his first IPL and that speaks volumes about the confidence that his team management has in him. Ankit Rajpoot -- He did not get to play that many games too but did well whenever he was chosen. He is a tall pacer and can hit the deck hard. Gets good bounce. Bowled 132 k to 142 k in this IPL but bowled upto 147 k last time. He gets seam movement with regularity and comes across as a skilled pacer for the shorter formats. Seen him swing the ball in FC too. Has a decent slower ball. Shardul Thakur -- He was good one day and bad the next day. This inconsistency is due to the fact that he tries too many things and often ends up bowling a bad line, either down the leg or too wide. He has a lot of skills, swing, reverse swing, seam movement, good bouncer, decent slower balls and decent yorkers....but needs to use them judiciously. His speeds were 133 k to 145 k. Aniket Chaudhary -- He was not supposed to be a T20 bowler and did not do that well barring a couple of matches. Needs to improve his yorkers. But, he is a test prospect for sure as he is very tall, hits the deck hard, has a great bouncer and can swing the ball too. Bowls decent speeds too, 130 k to 143 k
  13. 14 points
    Since kohli isn't a fellow maharastrian so gavaskar doesn't need to hold back, would have definitely changed his tune for a Mumbai player
  14. 13 points

    ICF fans on IPL forum take a bow!!!

    Another IPL season....another superb year of great entertainment on the forum In the prior years it was CSK vs MI, RCB vs SRH or various rivalries that kept the forum alive. Even at its lowest point last year it was the IPL forum with all the RCB-SRH banter that kept it going...this year it was the Dhoni-Anti-Dhoni banter and the fun whodunit....which side is he on? You get to see some of the most innovative,creative and hilarious posts and every year it betters the previous year.I say hilarious with a caveat because one person's sensibilities may not click with the other but yet it's all about amusing yourselves and in the process coming up with brilliance that will be etched in ICF history forever. I salute the ICF fans for making this the must destination during IPL season no matter what's going on out there on the pitch. I mean what better therapy than to watch Henriques,Aravind etc etc playing for your home team than going full steam on ICF. You guys have made this a great season yet again....take a bow!!!
  15. 13 points

    Just get Pant in the Indian team

    Tests ODIs T20s doesn't matter . Should be one of the first names in all three formats for us.Can't let him waste anymore time playing Domestics or India A. He is our biggest batting talent since Kohli emerged in 2009 ffs.
  16. 13 points

    Afgahnsitan players are classy !!!

    Just saw Mohammed Nabi's interview , humble and down to earth Saw few interviews of Rashid khan too , he is also very much likable !!! Officlally repalcing WI with Afghansitan as my 2nd favorite team !!! Its hard to hate them !!!
  17. 13 points

    Afgahnsitan players are classy !!!

    Honestly, it is hard to hate any associate nation other than Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the least likable associate nation.
  18. 13 points

    Should Kohli be removed as captain?

    Better than starting with Vinay Kumar in Perth against Warner.... Or a certain WK of the number 1 test team bowling in 1st day Lords test, 2011... Or limiting Ashwin to 2 overs and giving last over to Kohli in a WT20 SF.... Or not declaring with a lead of 600 runs in a test match in NZ only to run out of time in the end.... Or overseeing 2 300s and a 294 in a space of 3 years considering India had conceded only 2 300s in the 75+ years prior to that.... Or sending UV before red hot Raina in WT20 finals in 2014... Or scolding and abusing Sreesanth because he was too aggressive when we were on the cusp of our 1st test series victory in RSA... Or making public the need for raging turners against England in 2012 after we had smashed Poms on a traditional deck in Ahmedabad.... Or sidelining all quicks and promoting trundlers like Unadkat, Vinay Kumar, Dinda in our XI.... . . . List can go on and on and on and on..... Taras khaa raha hoon tum logon pe
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    Nottinghamshire have responded to James Pattinson’s Australia call-up by landing the signature of Indian international batsman Cheteshwar Pujara. Arriving in mid-May, the 29-year-old is available to feature in home and away Specsavers County Championship fixtures against Gloucestershire, as well as matches against Glamorgan and Derbyshire, at the SSE Swalec and Trent Bridge respectively. “We have looked around the world to find the right player,” said Nottinghamshire Director of Cricket Mick Newell. “The most important thing was to sign someone with the quality to make us better, rather than limiting our options by saying it had to be a bowler. “We have depth in our squad with regards bowling and - particularly as we’ll be without Alex Hales during that period - we’re more than happy to welcome a world-class batsman to the Club.” “I’m ready for it. I’m already working on my skills and preparing for competitive cricket,” added Pujara. “I love playing county cricket and Trent Bridge is a great venue. I’m really looking forward to my first experience there as a home player. “The aim is to win as many games as possible so the team stays on top of the points table.” http://www.trentbridge.co.uk/news/2017/may/notts-capture-pujara-for-red-ball-stint.html?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
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    Rising Pune Supergiant’s team owner showered praise on skipper Steve Smith as the team takes on Rohit Sharma-led Mumbai Indians in the final of IPL 2017 in Hyderabad on Sunday. Pune, who finished seventh in the previous season of the Indian Premier League, made an unbelievable turnaround this year to become the first team to qualify for the finals. RPS, who invited a lot of criticism after MS Dhoni was removed from captaincy before the season commenced, are now a win away from clinching the IPL trophy under the new skipper Steve Smith. Team owner Sanjiv Goenka lauded the Australian captain saying his mind is ahead of Dhoni’s. “MS is one of the greatest minds I have interacted with. And he is the best wicket-keeper in the world. The one mind ahead of Dhoni’s is (Steven) Smith’s. My brief to Smith was – ‘win the championship’. It’s difficult to believe the way he has planned some dismissals; the tact and firmness with which he has dealt with tricky situations and the win-or-nothing attitude he has been able to infuse into the team (and) get them to gel as a unit,” Goenka was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times. “You need to win eight (or) nine games to make the playoffs and Smith told me that between him, (Imran) Tahir and (Ben) Stokes, we would win seven. And players of the calibre of MS will always give you something. We had more match winners this time, players who would need five (to) six balls to settle down instead of 20. And we had not factored in Rahul Tripathi, Washington Sundar and Jaydev Unadkat. Tripathi and Sundar are going to be serious players on the Indian cricket scene,” concluded Goenka.
  21. 12 points

    IPL Withdrawal Symptom

    Am beginning to suffer from IPL withdrawal syndrome already. It was fun to follow a game everyday and double-headers over the weekend for the past month and a half. Now I'm so used to it that it seems a bit off putting when there are no matches IMO I wouldn't mind a 4 month IPL season followed by a 1 month break, then rest of the intl matches or tourneys for 6 months and another 1 month rest period followed by IPL
  22. 12 points
    A lot of people have flaked us for hyping talents .........well 1st we never hype. We spot and get excited and thats the least we can do as we are not in selection committee . We have been getting excited about few of talents in the recent time and most have come good this IPL..... I guess only Rahul tripathi was the one who was on No one's radar , as to earlier season were many unknown talent to us use to surprise us Batting talent- Pant, Kishen, Rana have been highly spoken and they came good All rounder- Shankar who impressed all Bowling- thampi, siraj, nathu, sanghwan, avesh , rajpoot ,Aniket all have been highly talked about and all have done well . Even a spinner like kuldeep who we have been highly pushing for almost a yr. Even Rahul Chahar showed the glimpse of his bowling n fielding Few who failed- Hooda, Vishnu(only for t20) Who were not given a chance- Sayan ghosh, jaggi, kulwant, Navdeep , M ashwin , K gowtham, (Sandeep, rahul shukla werent picked at auction) I hope these also do happen in Semi finals n finals - kulwant gets a chance , Rajpoot gets to play further games , Jaggi to All n All very satisfying IPL ......we can all pat our backs MSK talking about identifying 15 bowlers who all bowl above 140K Aniket, nathu n thampi called to train with national squad...... These are signs that we are on right track
  23. 12 points

    Lahori Logic

    their logic works sometime
  24. 12 points

    Saha almost 2 100s in IPL-what about MSD???

    The opposition "fears" him and yet they try to keep him at the crease as much as possible. As an opposition, gameplan if you cant take wickets is to make sure Tony bhai spends a lot of time at the crease. He will clog up the run rate and also run out well set batsmen in the "PROCESS".
  25. 12 points
    So CSA/CA knows BCCI's only weapon is "IPL" and they have all ganged up and wants to destroy BCCI as much as possible when they are low. Thank you Supreme Court from screwing.
  26. 12 points
  27. 12 points
    Bc rahane has an odi average of 32 and strike rate of 78 and this is after 73 ODIs, which is a huge sample set, on top of that he is in pathetic form, how can the selectors justify this selection? Are they blind? Rahane would have tough time getting into our 90s odi team
  28. 12 points
    And this is what you call a neurotic obsession. It is not enough to be successful for themselves, they have to inflict damage on India. Has anyone from IPL and BBL or other league said that they exist to inflict damage on their rivals?
  29. 11 points
    Unstable Joe

    Question to Dhoni fans

    So, I thought I heard Dhoni chamchas say that Tony is the 'real Krishna' behind RPS's success? So, you mean he choked in ANOTHER final. Or was Smith the real leader who took this mediocre team to finals? And Tony bhai had nothing to do with it? So which is it going to be, Dhoni fans? Dhoni leading from behind and choking in ANOTHER finals? (5/7 final losses) Or Smith leading the team to the finals in his first IPL as captain and Dhoni having nothing to do with it? @velu @BeautifulGame @Ultimate_Game @Yoda-esque @Shunya @Sidhoni @sscomp32
  30. 11 points

    Real Captain , Coach and manager of RPS !!!

    Dj says "Rohit" crowd says "Maggi!" Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  31. 11 points
    It's the opposite actually, if you do well in one series then you are given a long freaking rope until you hurt the team badly, that really is the worst part, best example of this is you yourself Ishant
  32. 11 points

    Saha almost 2 100s in IPL-what about MSD???

    Saha has already overtaken him in tests obviously but apparently our LOI specialist never came close to scoring a 100 where as our test specialist keeper almost gets 2 discuss
  33. 11 points

    Best innings of IPL 2017 from Stokes ?

    Came in at 10/3 soon it was 42-4. Then 2 partnerships with tailenders. He shielded them as well as kept the momentum of the innings going and chased down 162. So far best of this IPL imo
  34. 11 points
    Dhoni has been trying to screw Pune almost all the matches. Why would he be impressed?
  35. 11 points
    Our ICF crew memebers @Trichromatic and @Malcolm Merlyn making us proud in Mumbai today by representing us at the OPPO Jersey Launch Well done to our whole Indian Cricket Fans crew members for working with OPPO behind the scenes to get to this day. Congrats ICF and special thanks to all ICF members who make this site a great success Many more things to come, stay tuned.
  36. 11 points
    TLDR versions of Dhoni fans database of replies/excuses for potential scenarios 1) Smith captains and RPS wins IPL: Dhoni, the selfless Krishna, led Smith the noob to glory. Kohli sucks, Tendulkar sucks etc. 2) Smith captains and RPS is a losing finalist/missed knockouts: MSD showed what a genius he is by taking Pune to finals /potential qualification but wanted to show Goenkas their place so lost on purpose. Hail MSD the master strategist! 3) Smith leaves IPL for national duty, Dhoni captains and Pune wins: 100x version of 1) 4) Smith leaves IPL for national duty, Dhoni captains and Pune loses: 100s version of 2)
  37. 11 points
    Put Goenka in charge of India and he will make many such calls IMO
  38. 10 points
    Most Indian don't know what is called graceful retirement
  39. 10 points

    #MisYou - Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan retire...

    Younis Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq are set to retire after the third Test against West Indies in Dominica. By the end of that game, they will have played 118 and 75 Test matches for Pakistan respectively, making this the highest-profile joint retirement since Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne and Justin Langer called it quits after the 2006-07 Ashes series. Remember the titans - 15 of their most memorable moments http://www.espncricinfo.com/pakistan/content/story/1093559.html Who is Pakistan's greatest Test batsman? http://www.espncricinfo.com/west-indies-v-pakistan-2017/content/story/1097424.html 'A dictionary on how to conduct yourself as a cricketer' http://www.espncricinfo.com/pakistan/content/story/1096969.html 'You have full faith in a guy like that' http://www.espncricinfo.com/pakistan/content/story/1097309.html A batsman who defied age, a captain who defied odds http://www.espncricinfo.com/pakistan/content/story/1097309.html A fourth-innings colossus http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/story/1096962.html Rescues and rearguards http://www.espncricinfo.com/west-indies-v-pakistan-2017/content/story/1097254.html 'We were the seniors, we wanted to lead from the front' http://www.espncricinfo.com/pakistan/content/story/1097292.html
  40. 10 points
    All youngsters should learn to not look and watch the ball all the time but concentrate on completing the run. Here Dhoni forgot the basics of running and kept watching the ball and the fielder. You don't have to keep watching the ball, but look to complete the run. great thinking by Shami to throw at Dhoni's end. watch here and see how bad Dhoni was as he kept looking at the ball.
  41. 10 points
    Hand over all the terrorists, ISI Army murders - phir kya, we will play cricket in middle of Antarctica too
  42. 10 points
  43. 10 points

    MishraJi the finisher

    greatets finisher ever
  44. 10 points

    The Tewatia thread

    Tootak tootak tootak tewatiya hay jamalo
  45. 10 points
    That's the problem, even with a bad team we can beat phateechar teams like Pakistan and make the semis and people will think that we had a successful tourney. We haven't won an away series in a long long time and we failed to win a single match in south africa and nz and barely won 1 against australia C attack, these are bad performances but we keep selecting the same faces. But I am still hopeful for the champs trophy
  46. 10 points

    Rahul Dravid in conversation with Pant & Samson

    Was the last comment about not worrying about the 100 for some body else?
  47. 10 points
    Q: What is the most proficient form of footwork displayed by batsman Ms Dhoni? A: His walk back to the pavilion.
  48. 9 points
    They also posted this, now chamchas will say thakur runs the ipl show
  49. 9 points

    In the spirit of Indian Cricket

  50. 9 points
    MASTERSTROKE by Goenka I say... He exactly knew what was the problem & rectified it...