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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    Welcome to the club Aussies. We are not alone anymore.
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    Sandpaper Trolls !!

    One Australian sent a suggestion to Cricket Australia "If you actually want to punish Smith, Warner and Bancroft, replace their Toilet Paper with Sandpaper for next one year. Then they will realize what Tampering is".
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    Today all Pakistani fans be like. Oye Australians aaj pakde gaye humaritarah.
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    Dhoni: I am going to retain Jaddu instead of Ashwin. Kohli: Meh, that's nothing. I am going to retain Sarfaraz Khan instead of KL Rahul. Fans: MC BC BosDK %@$#%@$@^@!^!@%@^@@
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    To all the bambis !!!

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    Imagine if it was Dhoni...entire ICF would have marched towards BCCI headquarters led by Laaloo demanding life ban
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    We are not far from the day when opposing captains start going for a review if Dhoni is given out.
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    Chennai asked for Cauvery and Karnataka sent Vinay Koomar instead
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    In 2008, still bitter from the phainty delivered in the 2007 World T20 Semi Final, RP Singh delivered a first innings spell against the Aussies that left them reeling for 130 odd for 5 (IIRC). All their established batsmen were down and out and Andrew Symonds and Steve Bucknor mounted one of the most impressive counter attacks seen in the history of the game. The Indians, determined to fight it out and take it all the way, epitomised by the partnership of Sachin and Bhaji in India's first innings were looking good for the ascendancy. The Aussies were up in arms that their sworn enemy/nemesis Harbhajan Singh was giving it back to them in the most graceful manner, with the bat. Unable to take their beating like men, the Aussies conspired to put Bhaji off his game by taunting him and then accusing him of racist taunts. The custodian of anti racism, an apartheid borne South African Mike Proctor presided over the case and ruled in the Aussies favour despite scant evidence. Aussies were outraged, there was uproar and they were at their sanctimonious best. Gora lobby in the form of South Africans, English weighed in to lend credence to the baseless Aussie allegations, thinking that they were doing their bit to maintain white privilege within the game. Little did they realise that they were playing their part in creating a monster. Determined not to be peturbed by the weight of international opinion and emotion, Harbhajan and Sachin, with full backing of BCCI, Shastri and Gavaskar, fought the fight, even risking their personal reputations in the pursuit of upholding justice and principles. Ponting's, Symonds careers and reputations were never the same since. Despite this the ICC continued to rule in favour of the Aussies, Gambhir/Watson incident being another prime example. As time went along, Aussies were so entrenched in their sanctimony and innocence, they developed a fearless approach towards bending the rules. When Steve Smith attempted to seek the coaches help from the stands with a DRS review, Kohli took a stand, again at the expense of his own reputation. In the end, Kohli was more discredited by the incident than Steve Smith! Fast forward to 2018 ball tapering fiasco and the truth has finally come out. Bhaji, Tendulkar, Kohli, Shastri, Sunny and BCCI fully vindicated in their stance. This monster has been building up since the days of Steve Waugh and only Indian heroes have been the ones doing anything about it, sometimes at the expense of their own reputations. Ex Aussie culprits like Waugh retire and portray a holier than thou attitude. The genesis of the problem lies with people like him. Win at all costs mentality. His hypocrisy has been brilliantly summed up and exposed by an excellent article by Osman Samiuddin. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22961057/sanctimony-steve-waugh ROW, time to follow India's lead!
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    Great for Pakistan...looks like a super lalloo WI side led by Jason of all people but hey bright side if they lose it will be to someone named Mohammed Win Win
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    Chahar is not only a promising bowler, he’s Street smart too, it appears.... Another volunteer for Mrs. Dhoni’s Grocery Delivery team...
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    Hardik Pandya...

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    The true Delhi fan sad story.

    ^ Dan Christian’s main skill is to cut a deal with the Aussie coaches of the team... The coach gets 25% of Dan’s per match earnings and a lump sum at the end of IPL for retaining him in the franchise... Dan has perfected this skill...
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    Kings X1 bid upto 10.5 for him but he won the game for them for free
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    Pace attack of Bumrah, Shami and Unadkat would be good variety. Bumrah & Shami be like: great pace, poise and class in bowling. Unadkat be like: all smoke, steam and noise and huff and puff
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    'I told her I would prefer her to convert but she has to do it on her own ' There you go, usual emotional blackmailing employed by the more polished Muslims. Best of luck wearing burkini and abaya the rest of your life girl, may be Amla's wife can give you good company the rest of this tour, that is if Usman bhai allows you to step outside home........
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    Did he have a choice? The brilliant camerawork showed more than just ball tampering by Bancroft. It showed how coordinated it was and that pretty much every Australian player, coach and staff member knew about it
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    He's even tampering his personal set of balls
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    He has no class. Even after seeing the world if you act classless then it is in his dna. Can't be helped.Ghatiyapan ka koi illaj nahi.
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    thanky you buddy feelign awesome now
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    Well the way the U19 stars are being treated is shockingly poor. First Shubman Gill came way down the order as if he is some tailender now Mavi hardly gets to bowl. Kkr now is full of India discards like DK Uthappa Vinay Ko Maar Chaiwala and they seem to be threatened by these new upcoming stars who may displace them from their retirement home and hence not giving them their chances.
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    Don't think anybody is surprised by his 25(28).
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    Looking forward to seeing the pace duo of Unadkat and Kulkarni bowling in tandem. Stand by for some fireworks and hope the selectors are watching...
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    Mayank Markande

    Started his career as a fast bowler and was good at bowling the back of the hand slower balls. Soon he realised he could bowl a googly and bamboozle batsmen. That's how he convinced his coach that he would bowl leg-spin. That's Mayank Markande's
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    Better odds for this buffoon to enter India as a jihadi like his cousin and get pumped by BSF bullets than ever being selected by an IPL team. Or am I underestimating SRK's love for his Peshawari brother?
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    Time to retire Dronacharya awards and replace it with Dhonacharya awards. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    I was not feeling well and Dhoni told me to eat Kichdi. Now I am feeling better and I would credit Dhoni for that.
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    Amazing step by BCCI

    BCCI has been doing lot of systematci upgrade for a decade and we are seeing the results of those our players especially bowling. Emerging pacers are no coincidence or just discovery of talent. Our domestic set up has been focused on this aspect for long time.
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    It's Ravi Shastri, and that's how he rolls, breaking new ground, innovating, bringing six sigma continuous improvement processes to the world of coaching. After a lifetime of on and off-field sporting excellence, Ravi Shastri now inspires successive generations of Indian cricketers with his hard won arcane knowledge, namely that batsman should bat better, bowlers should bowl better and everyone should field better, pancho.
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    Team a India is the real top and honest team playing Cricket today. Proud of them the way they played in SA and gave a good fight.
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    As per Chahar Advice 1 ... Not to bowl to their strengths. Was Chahar planning to bowl to their strengths if he did not get this advice ? Advice 2 ... Bowl a good line and length Was he planning to bowl a bad line and length without this advice ? Advice 3 ... Stay cool Yes ... This is a reasonably helpful reminder in pressure situations.
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    Sanju Samson played a scintillating knock of 92 not out off only 45 balls. Hit 10 sixes and 2 fours. The most pleasing part was the way he could hit pace bowlers for big sixes too. Very impressed with his power and timing and his intention to play a big innings.
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    Mumbai Indians Cheating Tracker

    MI vs RCB at Mumbai, 17th April 2018 Hardik Pandya was given out caught behind off Woakes by the on field umpire. It was reviewed by the batsman and the third umpire overturned the on field call and said it was not out. Even the replay showed little spike and secondly there is no evidence to the overturn the call. It cannot get clearer than this.
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    Dhoni chamcha's after today!
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    MI after first game : Played 1 Won 0 Lost 1 Gavaskar: Come on boys. Convert 1s into 2s and 2s into 3s MI after second game: Played 2 Won 0 Lost 2 MI after third game: Played 3 Won 0 Lost 3
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    https://www.news18.com/cricketnext/news/ipl-2018-ms-dhoni-wants-more-than-six-for-shots-going-outside-the-stadium-1714755.html What about negative runs for lunging? Anyway I will let @LORD_analyst @Laaloo @speedheat take it from here.
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    now i feel how all the genuine indian fans felt when dhoni was batting in T20s
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    Here is how it works Dhoni has an odd good game and team wins- The master is back,Dhoni has been changing his hitting technqiue,this is the turnaround for Dhoni etc etc. Dhoni has an odd good game and team loses- Dhoni is clutch,only guy who steps up in adversity,Dhoni stopped the balls behind the wickets Dhoni stinks it up as usual and his team loses-Everyone else fked up why blame him,Dhoni at least ran fast or took a catch even though he was only the wicketkeeper etc etc Now if that wasn't bizarre enough Dhoni stinks up as usual and his team wins-The player who wins the game usually comes out and says He helped us get 50% of the wickets,I have learnt 50% of my game from him,I got inspired by his calmness etc etc. This is serious BS going on here.
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    Forever Indian

    Vinnie Kumar the legend

    Vinay Ko Maar asking fans to take a chill pill on twitter: Vinay Kumar R @Vinay_Kumar_R Hey guys take it easy, it’s just a game. Where were you all when I defended 9 runs against RCB and 10 runs against Mumbai Indians!! Sometimes things do go wrong so CHILL....
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    Fear of getting shot is not an excuse dim wit
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    I will commit suicide if this clown ever makes it to our test team again. Can't believe Captain Cool gave him a debut in Centurion 2010 when our no 1 ranking was on the line against an ATG SA unit. That along with Vinay Kumar at Perth and unfit, out of practice RP Singh landing the ball on 4 bounces to the keeper in the 1st over in 2011 Eng...some memories which I can never get out my head no matter how hard I try.
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    Some of my relatives converted to Christianity and another relative girl of ours met them as a prospective DiL. They made her sit an entire day with a local pastor and this girl returned to her home after a solid 8 hour brainwash, in tears from sheer boredom and headache. Later she told us how the pastor preached that, "Krishna is a thief, he slips into your home from your backdoor and steals milk and curd whereas Jesus is a gentleman, he knocks your front door and asks for some bread and wine. Now you choose who is better?". :p
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    Sandpaper Trolls !!

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