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    Big hitters are the need of the hour. Raina dhoni and jadeja wont get the job done.
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    We should try out some new big hitters before the T20 WC to find out if we can bolster our batting especially on high scoring flat tracks. Maybe Iyer, Gurkeerat, Pandya, Hooda etc.
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    Nickname for Ashwin

    He said: "Go and educate your kids. Did I come to play cricket after asking you?" Literal translation won't portray the right picture. What he is saying is "chal be...jaa ke apna kaam kar. Tujse pooch kar kelne nahi aaya"
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    Indian Super league 2015

    3-0 Surely enough to hold on for the send leg
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    Well I do not think test matches of overseas test show up on tv except Australia and England's game. but I just found Audio cricket commentry of newzeland vs srilanka test which can listen even in India,where they not showing live matches on tv go to radiosports.nz.za or access from radiosports scroll down and click on Listen from Overseas you have 2 option to listen live if you lived in india game starts at 3 am.early morning
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    Kohli..mooh Kholli

    This is the problem with our media and most of the Indians with severe inferiority complex. See some chutiyas in the top. 90% of the interview is gold but no, they are "embarrassed" for the 10% of the whole interview totally ignoring the other 90%. When India loses overseas, have we ever heard about conditions or anything else. It is always how the players played poorly, how they are only after money, how they are only interested about IPL. When Australia gets whitewashed in India then it is not a big feat but when the opposite happens in Australia, India becomes the worst team in the world and players' integrity is questioned. Sick of the hypocrites
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    Feel Good pictures and other stuff.

    Some of the best pictures i have over the last week was from Chennai Flood where Muslims serving hindus in hindu temples, hindus helping out muslims, Some unbelievable gestures by ordinary people in pictures.
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    Kohli..mooh Kholli

    People focus on one part of his statement but not the larger picture. He shouldn't have made that statement about who can criticize and who cannot, but the rest of what he says is absolutely spot-on.
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    Nickname for Ashwin

    Fatwin..never fails win or lose..Once a fatwin, always a fatwin..He is not slim anyway..
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    Nickname for Ashwin

    His new nickname : "Doc" obviously due to his surgical precision and professorial demeanor ; and not for any other reason.

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