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    He's nearing 30 yet you want to treat him like a spoilt 3 year old in a fantasy world
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    Comparing per year expenditure with estimate of the project cost of bullet train... wah troll.in
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    Did he ever hit 16 6s in a 50 over game ? or has he ever taken a hat trick at the competitive IPL level ?
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    aw you are back How many days it took you to compile this come back
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    Wowwww.......i wonder y do u want india to play with 10 players Talent- Stop calling him talent Talent is not only about playing quality strokes its about application n gud defence n both rohit lacks big time Talking about chances, Pujara was dropped for 4 test after aus 3rd test yet he comes n scores 140 above in 3rd test Sl n that to at opening. So its an xcuse. The one who wants to do will do . didnt mishra do well in Sl after being away from test . Didnt Jadeja comeback in Sa Series. HAsnt umeesh yadav been dropped during SL-Sa series. HE did well on wkts tht didnt suit him. N for wat do we give him His wanted position n 7 test matches on row. Didnt others earn it. Rahane was dropped after one bad test . Virat after one bad series. This guy is still in squad. after avg 22 in last 14 test. Y such special treatment. For disappointing again n agian The guy threw his wkt in 3rd test in eng foolishly , 4th test after been given a life wat the hell was tht shot. Wat wrong has someone like Karun nair n shreyas iyer done. U can have all the talent n shots in the book but if u dnt knw how to apply n stand on crease. Well no point N his biggest failure is he still callled a talent after 9 yrs of int cricket N virat Rahane who came after him are int diff league
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    There is no real difference in speeds of lee, mcgrath, pk in aus and India.
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    Indian fast bowlers and Bhuvneshwar Kumar.
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    Kohli..mooh Kholli

    Shouldnt that go both ways ? if this f--k is unwilling to accept criticism then when most 'non- international cricketer indians' call him best in business, that too shouldnt doesnt mean anything. I cannot believe this , these bastards are what they are because of us fans and they get away with speaking any kind of garbage. He is turning out to be worst than Ganguly on exit path. This is his state when he is winning, i can only imagine how he will be when we lose.
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    Mumbai to Ahmedabad - Bullet Train

    Absurdly wasteful : "the government of India will spend more on this one line than it does on rail safety, Swachh Bharat, schools, highways or health ." Misplaced priorities of a man obsessed with self-glorification ? In march 2015 , the Modi government decided to scrap plans for a universal healthcare scheme due to a “constraint on India's financial resources” !! yet, you did not hear about this on MSM did you ? http://scroll.in/article/775333/one-chart-that-shows-just-how-absurdly-wasteful-modis-mumbai-ahmedabad-bullet-train-line-is
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    There is just too much talent that is going waste and also we have invested too much in him in tests. Also he has not been given a consistent run...after coming out of the SL test series where he was our top run getter,he was dropped for the first 2 tests against S.A....he is being chopped and changed too often but yeah he needs to grab the chance he gets even though at times he gets the dubious decision :(. So here is the solution....Let him know he gets 7 tests on a trot or 14 innings which ever comes first....he gets to pick his position he wants to play in and then a final judgement will be made. This will give him the added confidence and will make him the world beater we always knew he would be...Look at LOI's, he is already the best in the world in those formats. What do you guys think

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