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    Yasir Shah suspended for doping

    Anybody living in a country like Pakistan will have BP problem
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    It is pathetic that Pakistani fans are craving for Amir's return to international cricket.Where does it say just because he served his ban he is entitled to come back into the team.I applaud Hafeez and Azhar Ali to show some character and integrity by not wanting to play with a match fixer. I am not surprised by majority of Pakistanis wanting this guy back into team, as Pakistani cricket team/90%Fans never placed importance on things like morality, character and values.Cheating has been ingrained in their culture. BCCI has its evils but one thing I applaud BCCI it never let any match fixers play for Indian team again. Amir deserves a second chance to earn his living but it cannot be representing country whose honor he sold it for money.let him play these first class cricket and T-20 leagues if they want him, but playing for a nation should not be an option.Why are these guys who are craving for his return not craving for other two players.
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    Azhar Ali offers to resign over Amir. Everyday some drama and entertainment from the Paki cricket team. Its a gift that keeps on giving http://www.espncricinfo.com/pakistan/content/story/956213.html
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    You cant make this stuff up
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    Aam Aadmi Party Thread

    I told PM Narendra Modi, I am like your child, please guide me. He remained silent': Arvind Kejriwal http://zeenews.india.com/news/india/i-told-pm-narendra-modi-i-am-like-your-child-please-guide-me-he-remained-silent-arvind-kejriwal_1839501.html
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    Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    True, Well u have to pateint with bowler whom u spot talent with. We have to understand these bowlers dnt have someone like Imran, srinath zaheer, steyn Mcgrath to guide them on field n not even a bolwing coach like donald , streak n bond. Neither they can go 4 help to many ppl in india . N also We have a captain who scares bowler by saying we dnt bowler with pace. I mean even if ur disappointed y wud u say that in public ion post match . Our bowlers need time, Speciall their bodies r nt as strong as of Sa aus Pak nz n sl bowlers. Aaron n Umesh have recieved a lot of criticism . PPl have forgotten umesh got injured wen he was top of his game after Ind-eng ahemdabad test. N aaron had many stress fractures . To their credit they both havent lost speed. They dnt play consistently that affects. Aaron has started putting wrist in his action thats improvemnt, n umesh the way he use that slingy action for reverse was commendable. We have to give them time. If they make it big they can inspire a culture of fast bowling in India N xactly as u said no point backing someone who bowls 130-135 becoz pace cant b taught. control can
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    had virat captained I wud have expected nothing less than a 3 -2 scoreline. .Australia winning. There is a huge diference in captaincy skills and energy confidence that virat shows n wat msd shows. MSD captaincy n his batting has declined and that's the truth. Secondly Msd has nevenever been a good captain for pacers and hhas always captained spinners well. No captain wud fly 4 spinners to Australia Uv will also fail...il be the happiest iif he suceeds. Chances are very high that umesh will do well though not a super success. Umesh is our best bet as on today in Australia Nehra is a sure shot success in t 20 if he is fit.
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    Why ohh why do people get MSD into everything... Just accept the stupid fact we don't have Quality Pace bowlers who can get the job done. Hence we will lose like shit SIMPLE AS THAT You just can't expect Batsmen to score every fucking time.. That Yadav is complete Joker who is only good at leaking runs Nothing new here Blame MSD even if bowlers doesn't perform.. Somethings never changes Hopefully one day people will realize his importance once he retires.. Fact of matter is IND never had a quality WC / C / Finisher in the whole History We will actually win 1 ? LOL Wonder if that's by 1 wicket or 2 run Hopefully not a whitewash
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    Watch WI pull of a Stunner and win They are fooling us till now :D
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    +ve's The 14 yr old child went missing on Sunday , boarded train at around 1:50 PM on Sundayfamily reported missing to the Police who alerted RailwaysRailways pulled off a miracle and identified her from Tens of thousands of faces from the CCTV cameras , and by 6 PM the very same day faxed her photograph to Jasidih Jharkhand.She was rescued by 8 PM by RPF and GRP (Govt Railway police)Girl was rescued in 6.5 hours after she went missing (if i am not mistaken) -ve's Girl was gang-r@ped inside a military coach which was locked from inside.There were numerous army personnel traveling in that coach , they could not spot a 14 yr old being r@ped ?All of them are complicit in the crime , in my opinion .
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    I completely agree with the scoreline predictions you have come with. My only concern is our 2nd ranking, which will go if we lose the series 4-1.
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    Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    Bumrah's Spell "Bumrah ne Gumrah kr diya" Srsly Hindi commentators r pathetic http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/1739/vijay-hazare-trophy-final-delhi-v-gujrat-j-bumrah-5-wkts The guys has got pace, Diff action, Yorkers , Can hurry the batsman. Doesnt look quick but is that decives a lot of batsman Most imp He has Wkt taking abilities HE shud b in Odi setup . Shud have been on the plane to aus Yuvraj also tweets about him yuvraj singh ‏@YUVSTRONG12 58s59 seconds ago Well done Gujarat @parthiv9 @RpSingh99 for outstanding performances! And specially the young and fast jaspreet bumrah boy to watch ahead
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    adi B

    Yasir Shah suspended for doping

    Shame really,I liked him.how much time will he get? 4 years is minimum according to the new wada rules but if he proves that it was genuine and admits his mistake,will he get a cut down? All being said,pakis will never improve on the ethical side of the game,the bad boys of cricket basically!!
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    What I don't understand is how did the TV allowed the crass fight to go on instead of cutting it
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    Commentators discussing how Broad has not been the same batsman after he got hit by Varun Aaron. He is probably a bit afraid to bat. Reference to Javagal Srinath hitting Meryck Pringle in South Africa also came up. ( Pringle did not play that effectively after that ).....as in both cases the batsmen were wearing helmets with visors and still got badly injured by fast bouncers....in both cases by Indian fast bowlers. Another such case was Lanka Silva hit by Javagal Srinath again. He too had a helmet with visor and got hit on the face.
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    This is hilarious. They should make a reality tv series with Pakistan cricket. Great entertainment for everyone.
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    Pakistan drama and dramebaaz at it. Great Pakistani Laughter Club are back to entertain one and all.
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    Mahaa Raavana

    Yasir Shah suspended for doping

    A better point to discuss rather than these BS about terrorist attacks would be, the immunity given by BCCICC solely for the indian players for out of competition dope tests.While the players from rest of the world are subjected to random tests scheduled and monitored by WADA,bcci and its bunch of princesses have the luxury of providing their samples when and as they feel like due to so called "security" concerns. On a separate and a completely unrelated note,new coming SL pacers look like they might get blown away by a sharp gust of wind,but the indian pacers of the same age such as Yadav,Aaron,Shamy,Goni look like gods from Greek mythology with their very impressive muscle mass.

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